Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Next season's team (3)

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona wants to sign five players this summer: a left back defender, a central defender, a defensive midfielder, a left winger and a centre forward.

They give an overview of how the "ideal" squad could look like next season.

Right wing: Messi
Back-up: Bojan, Pedro, Hleb

Nothing will change ont he right wing, although it's possible that Messi will move more to the centre during the coming season after the good results of this tactics last month.

Centre forward: Ibrahimovic
Back-up: Bojan, Eto'o

Guardiola prefers to sign Ibrahimovic (Inter) to replace Eto'o. In case a transfer of the Swede wouldn't be possible, Villa (Valencia) and Forlán (Atlético) are the alternative options. If the club doesn't find a buyer for Eto'o, the striker will stay next season.

Left winger: Ribéry
Back-up: Henry, Hleb

Barcelona still hopes to be able to sign Ribéry. Robinho (Manchester City) and Mata (Valencia) are the other names on the list. Because of his age, Henry will have less minutes next season.

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blaugrana1 said...

i dont get if we cant find a buyer for eto'o are we still getting another striker or no?

fcbee said...

We want to strenthen I forward line anyhow: if Eto'o goes, we plan to buy two guys, if Eto'o stays one. I think that's the plan.

Henry, Eto'o (or new guy), Messi as starters and Hleb, Bojan, Pedro as back-ups, that's just too little! We were lucky with injuries last season (except for the last month).

Nonso said...

What happened to the guy named jeffren from barca reserve team?i prefere him to pedro,he's good with the ball and has good skills.i think its time to give jeffren a chance.i believe he can for a centre forward,villa is the right man.

ochtane7 said...

I asked that same question Nonsa,but no one else seems to remember him.For sure I do,after preseason he left a big impression on me.I really think he is ready.

Anonymous said...

Jeffren Suarez should definitely be given a chance along with Gai Assulin

Ono said...

Ribery and Ibrahimovic? Who wrote this crap?
What, we plan to spend more than 100m. Nice one, dude

Anonymous said...

ibrahimovic starter,eto reserve,i cant belive!!!eto is the best striker in the world!!!and we dont need soo many player,we only need left back zhirkov...gai,thiago promoted,and give a chance to jeffren!!!visca barsa!!!

OLALEKAN said...

who said henry is going to be a back up for ribery?common danm u.henry is the fixed starter even with his age and any other winger that is transfered can be a back up for the greatest titi.

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