Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Next season's team (1)

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona wants to sign five players this summer: a left back defender, a central defender, a defensive midfielder, a left winger and a centre forward.

They give an overview of how the "ideal" squad could look like next season.

Goalkeeper: Valdés
Back-ups: Pinto, Miño

The deal on the renewal of the contract of Valdés until 2014 has closed all negotiations with possible substitutes like Reina (Liverpool), Asenjo (Valladolid) or Diego López (Villarreal). Pinto will stay second goalkeeper. Barcelona considered to sign Moyà (Mallorca) to compete with Pinto, but he looks to be close to Valencia and Miño (Barcelona Atlètic) will be promoted.

Right back defender: Alves
Back-up: Puyol

Barcelona wanted to sign a back-up for Alves, but with Srna (Shakhtar) being too expensive and Bruno (Almería) having found a deal with Valencia, Puyol will act as alternative option on the right next season.

Central defenders: Piqué and Puyol
Back-ups: Márquez, Henrique, Cáceres, Milito, *new guy*

Piqué, Puyol and Márquez are expected to rotate as starters. The club considers to let Cáceres leave on loan. Henrique will do the pre-season with the first team but it's not sure if he will be able to stay. It's unclear when Milito will be back from injury. Because of all of these uncertainties, Barcelona is planning to buy a new centre-back. Chygrynskiy (Shakhtar) is the first option, Bruno Alves (Porto) the alternative.

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Aussie Barca Fan said...

Hmmmm unless we sell some players I can't see up buying 5 decent players with 35 million!

I am still not sure why we need another CB unless one or two are sold.

This article doesn't seem right.
There is no point buying someone if they are not going to add to the squad. Remember what happened with Esquessero.

Guddy looks like he will be leaving. Milioto may also go. Hleb??

Given we are going to be in 6 competitions we need a larger squad but as this taking into consideration the promotion of junior players?

Anonymous said...

I must say that Chygrynskiy is pure class.I would the club to sign him. Great with the ball, his passnings is probably even better than Pique and Marquez. Exactly that kind of CB Barca should sign.

Mahi said...

As per Barca will sell Eto'o and sign Villa for 40ml. (

Søren Mortensen said...

I'm devided on the CB issue. We will play a lot of games this season, so a big squad is needed.
If Puyol will rotate with Alves on RB, Milito going to indendependiendente on loan, Caceres leaving on loan and Henriques season in doubt. Then only Marquez, Pique and ocational Puyol will be avalible for CB. Hopefully Munisia will stay with the team, but depending on what will happen to Milito, Henrique and Caceres, we may need to sign a center back.

lebanese said...

I agree with anonymous, Barcelona would be total fools not to sign Chygrynskij. He is a leader in the defence, great in the air and is a ballplaying defender with great technique.

Chygrynskij, Marquez, Henrique, Pique, Puyol and Dani Alves is a great defence.

Mahi said...

For LB Abidal and Luis Filpe?

inieeeeeeeeeesta said...

can't find good videos of chygrinsky but for what i can see (as in the uefa cup last year) he looks a must-get for that price!
but why are there so many talks about 3/ 4/ 5 players for 30/35 million??? even when we sell eto'o

i think that sum is rubbish.

22122012 said...

I’m from Ukraine and I saw Chygrynskiy play decent amount of times, in my opinion Cáceres better player then Chygrynskiy. The only thing Chygrynskiy can do well is his long passes, his defensive skills decent only for Ukrainian premier league.

deco said...

forward ?
sell eto'o
=> Zlatan,Agüero,Torres,Villa

left wing ?
=> Ribery,Agüero(mayby best choise becaus he can play everywhere, has it al to become a new Ronaldo :P)

defensive mid ?
=> Macherano (not our biggest need, but very good)

central defence ?
=> Chygrynskiy (if his passing is really that good, don't hasitate:d)
i belief in Muniesa, but a defender of 17 years old can not take that mutch pressure

groga said...

Good dream list, deco, but impossible.

Anonymous said...

Chygrynskij is a waste of money. If you want a central defender Bruno Alves would be a better option. Again the question needs to be asked, where is all the money going to come from?? You guys are talking pie in the sky stuff with some of your 'dream' signings.

lebanese said...

Bruno Alves would be a disaster, and he would cost huge amounts of money too, so you anony who ask where the money is going to come from need to stop talking about rip-off Bruno Alves.

The ukrainian who says Caceres is better than Chygrynskij is most likely a Dynamo fan so he is heavily biased.

Anonymous said...

I know we only have so much money to spend but I for one am really disappointed with the Valdes and Abidal situation... For me they have always been the weak links, I think the team deserves better. Hopefully Felipe turns out to be a great buy. Still sad about Asenjo.

Bojan said...

Yes money is tight but here are some simple solutions.

Trade Eto'o for Robinho. Buy Villa with the 35 million transfer budget plus send Pedro and or another player on loan there.

Sell Milito and buy Felibe. Sell Guddy to make up any short fall.

There you have it. A new striker, Left Attacking midfield and LB.

Problem SOLVED!

sashi said...

and there's something about buying a CB. wat u think about that Bojan??? and u think any club will buy Milito? no ways. for that high price tag, not even his mother would buy a player who has been injured for more than a year and probably more. so problem is not solved.

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