Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Mascherano hounoured by Barcelona interest

Asked about the rumours linking him with a move to Spain (read more here), Liverpool defensive midfielder and Argentine international Javier Mascherano (25) has said in an interview with Spanish sports weekly paper Don Balón that he feels honoured by the interest:

"It's a great honour. For me this is a big recognition because we're talking about top clubs here. I feel comfortable in Liverpool but it's always good to know that teams like Barça or Madrid are interested in you. I feel very grateful."

Asked about the rumours linking Mascherano with a move to Barcelona, Barcelona president Joan Laporta said in an interview with Spanish radio station Onda Cero that a transfer won't be easy: "We're interested, it's a great player but it will be difficult to sign him. It's a key player for Liverpool."

British tabloid The Daily Mirror meanwhile claims that Liverpool may have to be foreced to treble Mascherano's wages. The cause of the Argentine's unhappiness at Anfield is the fact that he is paid considerably less than the majority of the squad. British tabloid The Sun also claims that Mascherano is one of the poorest paid first-team regulars and that Liverpool will have to more than double his salary to keep him at the club.

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Anonymous said...
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Albert said...

buy Uche, the best kept secret

Anonymous said...

@ anon: relax dude.. hw would you feel if Barca is interested in you? Disgusted or Honoured? Think...

Anonymous said...

personally, I will be honored with Barca's interest and disgusted by Madrid's interest.
the title indicates that Mascherano appeared in an interview wearing Barca's shirt, but what he did was praising both arch rivals. how do you feel about getting a player who has praised your most hated team in the same period that your favorite team is negotiating with him?

fcbee said...

He didn't "praise" them, he just said "thank you for the interest". That's what polite people do. Don't overreact, players aren't fans.

Anonymous said...

"I will always hate Real Madrid. There is just something about them that gets up my nose. I would rather the ground opened up and swallowed me than accept a job with them. In fact, I do not like speaking about them because it makes me want to vomit." Stoichov was not a fan. he was a player
neither was Cruyff who despised Franco publicly. these were "Honored" to play for Barca. I am not over reacting or anything, quit frankly I think this blog over reacts with the whole Mascherano thing that they make it sound like the guy is selling his organs to play for us. this is my opinion anyway. and I respect yours. so no need to come hard at me haha.

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