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The merging paths of Pique and Busquets

date: 19 June 2009

After entering Barcelona's youth academy in 1997, 22-year-old Gerard Pique became a treble winner with the club and a Spain international. The 20-year-old Sergio Busquets has followed in his footsteps.

Similar paths to the same destination you might think, but you would be wrong. Despite being graduates of Can Barça and now club and international team-mates, the pair took vastly different routes to get where they are today.

Pique waved goodbye to Barcelona's youth academy back in 2004, when Manchester United offered the promising teenager the chance to play in England. Peppered with big-name internationals, Alex Ferguson's squad proved exceedingly difficult to break into for the young Spaniard. Despite increased opportunities and a UEFA Champions League medal that same season, the 22-year-old was missing his native Barcelona and jumped at the chance to return to his old club that summer.

And though the Catalans paid handsomely to be reunited with their former pupil, the investment proved worth every penny. "I'm delighted to be back home with my family and friends as that was something I was missing. On top of that, things could not have gone better for the team this season. We picked up three titles and hope to win several next year again," Pique told

While all this was happening, a young Sergio Busquets was going from strength to strength in the club's youth teams. The son of Carles Busquets, a professional goalkeeper with the Catalan giants during the 1990s, moved steadily through the junior ranks, finally making the squad of Barcelona B, then under the tutelage of Josep Guardiola. The coach immediately recognised the defensive midfielder's talent and wasted no time drafting him into the Blaugrana first-team squad after he was handed the senior coaching reins last year.

So how do they cope with so much success? "By just being myself and having the support of my family, friends and colleagues, all of whom help keep me grounded," said Busquets, who had only good things to say about his team-mate and friend.

"Pique is a top player. He's still very young even though he appears to having been playing in that very demanding central-defensive role for a long time. He has tons of confidence and in my opinion has been the revelation of the year. As an individual, he's a bit of a joker and can be annoying at times, but he's great fun and a very good person.

"Hmmm, so I'm a bit of a pain, am I? Well, that's his opinion and I respect it... but I'll remember that comment and will have to see about that," said the defender with a mischievous grin, perhaps already plotting how best to repay his friend the 'complement'.

Becoming serious again, Pique had some genuinely kind words for Busquets. "I'm very happy for him," he said. "We've become great friends and being here together is really nice. He deserves it all. It's incredible though, I took one route, he took another, but we both ended up winning the treble with Barça and in the national team."

Now back on the same path, long and successful journeys appear to beckon for the talented duo.

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Fabiano said...

Two great guys. They have the talent to become true Barça legends.

Don Luis said...

What has happened to Bojan?

We expected Bojan to be where Pique and Busquets are at right now. Bojan looks lost. His chances of being in Spain roster for 2010 has been drained away. Unless he has a magical season and a striker of spain gets injured.

Viva Pique and Sergi!

Ekar said...

"And though the Catalans paid handsomely" huh we paid 5m

"The coach immediately recognised the defensive midfielder's talent" before he was a striker, pretty cool, a striker becoming a defensive mid haha

nice article

barca4life said...

Bojan is 18 will you guys relax, pique is 22 and busquets is 20. Bojan is playing for spain u-21, he will get his time.

jazzy said...

you got to love pique pulling pranks on :)

Marc4barca said...

yea pique is so free spirited i guess that's why they say he is future blaugrana leader, busquets is becoming really good too he just fits in to barca and spain so well.

Anurag said...

pique is brilliant, as a player and a true blaugrana. he has the makings of a true barca legend

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