Saturday, 20 June 2009

The report of Txiki (3) : 60 million for Eto'o

Catalan sports paper Sport reports that Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain presented the board on Thursday a report about the current transfer market. The club would want to sign three or four players this summer (read more here).

Barcelona thinks the forward line is the line with the most quality in the current squad but that things can always be improved.

Barcelona would like to sign a player for the left wing. The asking price for Bayern Munich attacker Franck Ribéry (26) would have gone overnight from 40 to 70 million euro° (read more
here). Because the club thinks that this fee is above the market price, the negotiations have been put on hold.

Manchester City left winger Robinho (25), who is not feeling comfortable at his club, could only come on loan because he's too expensive (read more
here). Valencia left wing attacker Juan Manuel Mata (21) and Aston Villa winger Ashley Young (23) would be the alternative options (read more here and here).

Centre forward
Barcelona would have valued Eto'o at 60 million euro° and hopes that Manchester United or Chelsea will bid for him. A swap with Inter Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic (27) is still not being excluded (read more

Atlético Madrid forward Diego Forlán (30) would fit the profile put forward by Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola but his age reportedly makes Barcelona doubt about paying his 36 million euro° buyout clause (read more
here). Barcelona would believe that Valencia forward and Spanish international David Villa (27) will force his exit after the Confederations Cup and that in that case he will join Barcelona or Real Madrid (read more here).

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pep said...

70 million euro =

98 million us dollar
62,5 million britsh pound

60 million euro =

84 million us dollar
50 million british pound

36 million euro =

50 million us dollar
30 million britsh pound

OLALEKAN said...

yes good.eto'o = ibracadabra.

refter said...

Eto'o = Zlatan is fantasy I'm afraid. As is 60 million for Ero'o. With one year on his contract, you can cut that in two.

groga said...

Madrid met yesterda with the agent of Zlatan, says Marca. What a forward line that would be... :0

trez said...

60 millions for Eto'o. What has this Txiki been smoking???

ej said...


why not if inte say ibra is 70 we say eto is 60 and swap eto +10m fo ibra .

i thin its logical

Barca-1899 said...

come on and comment on my post...were you live?'

Caribbean Hotspot said...

hey every club is putting high price tags on their players.....why barca can't do the same....someone will pay pay 60million for him i know this for sure....ManU...Manchester city....Chelez

Anonymous said...

LOL trez ;60 mil. would be perfect but it's almost imposible

hieifcb said...

is it possible to renew his contract for like 4 years and then sell him for 100mil? xD lol
or are there rules tht say if u renew you have to stay?

Blaugrana1 said...



Je me'apelle Samuel said...

Yea why not 60 million. He's certainly better than Kaka better than ronaldo, not as marketable though. 60 million would help things out a lot

pep said...

Try not to use capital letters in the future, Blaugrana1. It's not pleasant to read.

Marc4barca said...

The fact that eto has 1yr on his contract his price tag has decreased alot we should be happy if we even get 25mil for him. eto isn't better than ronaldo or kaka for 2 reasons

1. in this football world these days if a striker has no flair then he is just ordinary in the eyes of rival fans and neutrals hence why neutrals like to see barcelona alot cause they like a good football match. if football was all about goals then obviously eto would of won ballon d'or already. ronaldo and kaka are superstars across the world that's why they will get more attention even though they do less.

2. ronaldo and kaka definitely have more in their arsenal than eto and you have to consider what the world thinks have you ever wondered why player of the year voters can't vote for players from their country or club, biased opinions of course and that's what we need, to not become bias. a true fans sees the football world the right way and is willing to admit when others are better unless you really and truly feel eto is better than kaka and ronaldo then i have no quarrels with you.

lol hieifcb i like the idea but that could back fire on us, it might actually stop people from bidding and give eto a reason to stay in which barcelona do not want happen. we can keep him for the first half of the season and bench him for like every match and he will beg to leave considering world cup is next year and he will want to play some matches to keep in shape and ready. players cost much more in the January transfer market.

jordy said...

Pff i hope we resign eto'o for 2 more seasons! If we get someone else, i think he should at least be younger! like aguero or torres. but i do admit, ibra sounds good too. Villa is also a top striker but the prices I hear are madness.I wouldn"t pay more than 30m for him. Someone reported emana as a good reinforcement. I agree on that one, mascherano is to expensive to keep the bench a bit warmer..
as a left back defender, i surely like zhirkov. But i have no doubts felipe is a good option too. robinho,ribery are certainly great options on the wing. on the other hand, i would like a player with the henry profile a bit more. strikers who play wide. straight to the goal and finishing off great passes from xavi, iniesta or messi. Pato can do that perfectly..
I haven't seen much of mata but I liked him against us. and still very young. He scores easily. but if we go for him.we lach space in front. so we can never get the one i like the most, aguero. Llorente is not a bad striker, but I don't think we can place him as our central man yet.
Another option is to get dzeko and let him rotate with henry and bojan. If we could get robinho for the left wing for example, it wouldn't be a bad option! dzeko can finish and has magic in his boots but as wella s llorente we can't let our attack depend on him yet..

rory said...

smart move overvaluing Eto'o in this market. had we valued him @ 25 or 30 (a reasonable price) Man U would have bought him instantly and Barca would be the one big club without a striker (and thus would have to overpay).

We plan to be patient. Maybe eto'o will renew. maybe someone will overpay for him. but now we know we won't sell him too cheap in this market.

plus, eto'o probably sees this as a positive sign of what barca thinks of his value and maybe he feels a bit better and more hospitable to a renewal or to agreeing to a transfer to a squad like man city, etc.

Marws said...

Eto'o isn't worth 60m, but I like the fact that the club says so. Ibra isn't worth 70m eighter, but hopefully now that Inter sees how much we value Eto'o they might reconsider Eto'o + (not so much)money for Ibra. Who knows?

Why isn't Zhirkov mentioned here? I thought he was one of our main targets.

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