Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Rummenigge: "We want Ribery to stay"

Bayern Munich president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge gave an interview to Germain tabloid Bild.

Mister Rummenigge, for how many millions could Bayern let Franck Ribéry go?
We are totally relaxed and very proud to have one of the three best players in the world in our team.

Real Madrid would have ordered Zinédine Zidane to travel to Munich.
That is not correct. Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez and his adviser Pedro Jiménez have asked if we're willing to talk with them about a transfer. We have turned this down since we don't have any intention to sell Ribéry.

Did Pérez made a concrete bid?
No, but other clubs did talk about transfer fees.

Which clubs?
Chelsea has contacted us, as did Manchester United and Barcelona. We're very relaxed about it. Bayern Munich has the key.

Who has made the highest bid for Ribéry?
I cannot talk about fees, because that's not in our interest. And it's not a matter of money. The impression is given that Bayern Munich wants to drive up the price and that we're willing to let Franck go for a certain fee. So I will repeat it another time very clearly: we want Ribéry to stay.

You bought him for 25 million and you could now make a profit of 45 million. From a mercantile point of view, wouldn't it be wiser to let him go?
When you're only thinking about the business aspect, you could consider it. But football is more than business, there's also an emotional side to it. We didn't buy Franck two years ago to earn money but to make our team better. Now we must do everything to keep him in Munich. That's my firm decision.

Ribéry's agent on the other hand, seems to do everything to change your plans...
I don't know about that but they know our point of view. And when Zidane says that he has been talking with Ribéry, then I can only smile a little about that. FIFA rules forbid that. But we won't make a lot of fuss about it. For me it's about Pérez and he knows what we think.

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Leo10 said...

3 best players in the world?? who?

Anonymous said...

"one of the three best"

skanjos said...

wow one of the 3 best? messi,ronaldo,kaka....... also i value xavi and iniesta along 3rd place with kaka.robinho is still better than ribery...sorry but i still think they want to raise his price.

Marws said...

What do you expect? Ofcourse Rummenigge says that Ribery is one of the three best.

It's just like Laporta saying that VV is the best Gk in the world.

Dan R said...

as much as i hate them Krauts... i have to say Bayern Munich is one of the most honest clubs i have ever seen... their management doesn't talk BS and they say it straight as it ...

Tudor said...

Acording to newspaper in Croatian, Sportske Novosti, Txiki Begiristain said that Barcelona are prepared to offer 15 mil euros for Dario Srna. Pep, have you noticed this in any other source. I think if we can get him for that money, than we should buy him....he would cover right and left back position....

pep said...

Guess the Croation journalists didn't get their translation right, Tudor... ;) Txiki (almost) never comments on transfers. Will have the story later.

MiDO said...

To hell with ribery already !!
i think robinho will be better for the LW !!
Plus Robinho is cheaper,younger,more talented and has a wide view of the field (playmaker).
Plus getting robinho would be a punch in the face for madrid !! haha
Forget ribery. Get robinho . End Of STORY !
does anyone agree with me ?

HouseMD said...

@pep & tudor: "sport.es" has a story about Srna and Chygrinski and the estimated price for these 2 players is around 30M together. Croatian journalism is below every respect recently, so no need to be excited about that.

"Sport" also claims that there's no deal between VV and Barca!

@Mido: dude, I'd welcome Robinho's arrival, but I really doubt that they will sell him, especially not for some low price. I prefer Zhirkov or Mata.

barcaaaa said...

skanjos: Xavi and Iniesta are superior to Kaka! How can you be a barcasupporter and say such things??

Messi108 said...

one of the three best players in the world ??
Hez flying high !
Maybe one of the 3 best "Left Winger" in the world.

And for the price that they are asking ??
Top hell with them !!
get Villa ( PRIORITY ) and Robinhio.

jazzy said...

well at least he stays there.
its alright. we can get him next time. wait till his contract is 1 year left and ribery wont renew.
than he will not cost crazy money.
at least he's not going to RM or MU.

Anonymous said...

agree with you "barcaaaa"

LeónDragón said...

robinho, no good option. he still plays like a little child and never matured. he should become a man before thinking bout him

Anonymous said...

The way it goes looks like Barca will land no one but loose Valdes and Bojan .
It is complete stupidity to buy Villa 40mil and loose a very good player Bojan.
Instead go for Rossi of Villareal.
He is a leader and cheaper than villa and will become agreat player.
I am very sure that Barca will seek his services next year when he will be as costly as Kaka or Ronaldo.
I am very dissapointed the way things r going on now.

sashi said...

to hell wit Ribery! agree wit u jazzy. Robinho is better imo... atleast he isn't gonna go to Real. may be we would have a better chance next year but its better to get someone like Mata or Silva or Robinho now.

blaugranato said...

Bayern sux.
I don't want this ugly man who spent already 2 years at this circus club in this crap "Bundesliga".
Buy Robinho or Mata. I don't care that they played for our main rivals. They both would fit perfectly in our system.

david said...

plzzz dont buy ribery... he donest want to be wit barca.. he was sayin he wanted to go to real.. let him go der.. barca should deff buy Yoann Gourcuff... dont u think? d guy is 22 years old and maddddd good ... he can dribble.. can shoot from outside.. just imagine.. him and messi attackin wide!!!!!!!!!!! i hope barca buyz him! or tevez.. amazin stricker.. pluz u know hes goin to give 150% every game.... and it been like diz since ever cuz i been fallowin him since he started in argentina boca juniors... amazin player!!!!

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