Saturday, 27 June 2009

Possible future friendly game in Kuwait

Catalan sports paper Sport reports that a Kuwaiti delegation visited the Camp Nou offices on Friday morning.

The men said they had an appointment with Barcelona president Joan Laporta. The paper suggests that they came to negotiate some business deal or to talk about a friendly game in the Arab country (read more here).

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Pique said...

I do not think it is safe for our players to go to these countries. Our team is valuable and if someone gets killed it will be a deep tragedy. So why risk it just for money?

Fred_FCB said...

just think of the PR for catalonya... Barca goes to Kuwait, fuels the interest in football even further, perhaps even opens a few doors. Id say it's a win-win. Why?

And, do not forget, the next market for excelent footballers wont be south america, it will be the huge unexplored east.

Besides any selfish/commercial reasons... Perhaps its time to do what our african players already do in their home countries: Promote a love that, no matter what nationality you hold, transcends race and culture.
Barca has a proud tradition helping the less fortunate. Lets expand that vision.

Visca el Barca!

downcast97 said...

Hello Pique, I am from Kuwait. i can assure every cule it is a very safe and modern country. Kuwait is a libral constitutional monarchy with a democratic parliamentary system. We have invited many top football clubs in the past, the like of AC Milan, Inter, Arsenal, Santos during the days of Pele, the Portuguese nationa team and the Brazilian 2006-full-of-stars national team. besides. Believe it there are so many cules, like me :)

hamad_ali said...

i think it's gonna be played at Jaber stadium , they've just finished building it and it looks amazing .
and guys , the middle east isn't a war zone , it's only in Iraq .
and besides , Kuwait is more pieceful than Hawayi .

Anonymous said...

Hello every body , Im from Kuwait , i think it's will be so cool for barcelona to play in kuwait , in the best stadium .
the most og the kuwaities are Barcelonista it's will be so nice.

Shbabeek said...

Pique, What risk you talking about?
Kuwait is totally secure country. Brazil team came to Kuwait last year.
We will happy to watch the team we loved in our Country. Don't think about Kuwait like what you think about Iraq and Iran. Being between these countries are not our fault!

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