Thursday, 25 June 2009

Xavi: "The Liga will be the best in the world now"

Barcelona player Xavi gave an interview to Madrid sports tabloid As.

This year you were chosen as the best player in the two most important games of the year, the final of the Europeans championships and the final of the Champions League: you deserve the Ballon d'Or.
Well, thanks a lot. I won't lie: it would be great to get recognized by getting a trophy like that. But it's even more important to win titles with Barça or the national team. That's what keeps me going. I need my team-mates, I'm at my best as member of a team. In fact, my thing is help others wins than Ballon d'Or, rather than winning it myself.

Don't be so modest. People agree that you're the best player in the world at your position.
Individual trophies almost always are given to players who can decide a game with one single action, players like Messi, Cristiano or Fernando Torres. I can also do that now and then, but I'm better at assisting others. My thing is to connect with others and that's possibly why it's harder to win those prizes.

How is Iniesta doing?
His injury is going well and we miss him.

What is it about Iniesta?
He has everything. He makes a team play and he's also capable of doing what the others do that I've mentioned before. Andrés is also a candidate for the Ballon d'Or. He's my companion, I always look for him on the pitch and he's the one I most like to link up with.

What will Kaká and Cristiano add to the Liga?
With them and Barça, the Liga will be the best league in the world. It's a good thing for everyone. For us, we're going to have more competition now, for the fans, for the press. Next season will be exciting. I'm preferring Iniesta and Messi but Cristiano and Kaká aren't bad either...

Barça will go for another treble?
We'll try to again win trophies. We have three more titles we're competing for: the World cup for clubs, the Spanish super cup and the European super cup.

You would pay for Villa what has been paid for Kaká?
Without any doubt. David Villa bleeds goals and that's worth a lot. He should go where he will be happy although I would like it if he would end up at Barça.

How much is Xavi worth?
There's no price because Barça won't sell me and I don't want to leave. This is my home and my club.

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vascogalactico said...


barcan said...

The last question and the answer hits me in center of my heart....Love you Xavi! With you world is more beautiful:).

Harsha said...

the last answer is the best... "Barca wont sell me, and i dont leave barca !!" ... how many players in the world could say this with utmost honesty?

sashi said...
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sashi said...

love this guy more day by day!!! modesty redefined. he said Barca is his home n club n tats wat all cules say.

NouBarca said...

lol @ sash!!! You just sounded RAFAlicious.... stating FACTS!!!
Love you Xavi

per said...

There's no price because Barça won't sell me and I don't want to leave. This is my home and my club.

Grande Xavi. I love that guy. Would probably marry him if I got the chance. ^^

Angus Glasgow said...

xavi is the best!

is it wrong to admit a man crush on him?

because if it is, i don't want to be right.

best football player ever!

visca xavi i catalunya!

blablabla37 said...

"we're going to have more competition now", more indeed, but not enough i think :).

Sune said...

He's always cool in interviews

Xaviniesta said...

"How much is Xavi worth?

There's no price because Barça won't sell me and I don't want to leave. This is my home and my club.."

i nearly wept reading that

i think sashi is onto something with what he said, cos i also think of xavi as more than a player for barca. like pep before him, xavi is the ultimate cule. the only difference bet him and us fans is he actually plays for the club and help them in actual/more concrete ways. i hope when he retires he will have some other role in barca.

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