Saturday, 27 June 2009

Piqué: "I hope to become a symbol"

Barcelona player Gerard Piqué gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport.

One year ago you joined Barcelona. You've already realized what happened since then?
It's difficult. It has been a fantastic year. We've more than reached all of our goals. The team has again connected with the fans. When you think about all that, you feel proud to be part of this, but you cannot stop. You have to take into account that another year is coming with six titles to play for.

What has been your best memory of this season?
There are a lot. The goal of Iniesta in the 93rd minute will always be remembered, the 2-6 and all the trophies, with the finals in Rome and Valencia. Chosing one thing is not easy, but I'll stick with the goal of Andrés.

It seems that, on the other hand, you didn't have any bad moments.
I sure had some. Losing against Espanyol at home was a serious blow. I remember that, despite the fact that we kept on being leaders, losing a derby is always hard. The 4-3 in the Calderón also hurt, but it's true that I would like to have as few bad moments like that each season.

How do you deal with the fact that you're already something of a Barça symbol?
Well, a symbol is somehow exaggerated. It's true that from the start I connected well with the fans. Being a culé since I was little allows me to understand the importance of FC Barcelona. But that doesn't mean I consider myself as being a symbol. Puyol and Xavi are symbols, they can already look back at a long career. I hope to become a symbol in the future.

Maybe the fans like you so much because they can imagine you celebrating with them at Canaletes?
Before, I often went to Canaletes to celebrate, but now I have to celebrate with the team... At the beginning, nobody believed in us but we surpassed all expectations and we deserved everything we won.

You can now only do better by winning the Champions League at the Bernabéu?
That's a goal. We're the current champions, so we will start as favourites. Playing the final at the Bernabéu is something to take into account, something special, it adds something extra, but you have to go step by step.

You agree that winning 2-6 at the Bernabéu is the same as winning a trophy?
Some people did see it that way. Although it's only three points in a league game, it gave us a mental push so we started the last series of games with a lot of strength. After the 2-6, there was the Chelsea game, that we won in minute 93. There were so much emotions that the team couldn't stop to think about the result in Madrid until now.

You're aware that people will talk about this 2-6 for many years, like people are for example still talking about the 0-5?
History is based on very important events and 2-6 is one of those. I feel proud to have been in the starting eleven and to have contributed.

You pulling your shirt after the sixth goal was the summary of the game.
It can't get much better than that. The goal didn't give us the victory because the game was over already, but it make the result even bigger.

this was the first part of this interview, you will be able to read the second part kin the coming days.

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Anonymous said...

for me, u are a symbol already ;D

El_Capitano said...

Grande Piquenbauer. Best defender in the world!

Xaviniesta said...

i dunno why but amazingly enough its his goal and that image of him up there is what i remember most about the 2-6. lol

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

Great photo !!!

2-6 at Real lol !

With this photo you are already a club symbol !

barca4life said...

Piquenbauer will become the best defender in the world in a few years. He may talk a little too much sometimes but nobody is perfect. He is a legend for me already, with his pranks, with his actions, with his performances. Long after he is gone people will remember what pique did for the club during this season.

Anurag said...

i love pique, hes awesome. brilliant player, loyal player, brilliant person, brilliant sense of humour. for me, last season got over at the 6-2. anything wins that came after it were merely a bonus in my opinion. the 6-2 meant the most to me, because i remember crying my heart out when real won 4-1 last year.

NouBarca said...

A player who won the UCL back-to-back!!! Good on you son

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