Monday, 22 June 2009

Ajax forward Suarez could be transfer target

Catalan sports weekly paper Gol claims that Barcelona is still interested in Ajax forward and Uruguayan international Luis Suárez (22).

Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain has reportedly several scouting reports on Suárez, who has been followed by Barcelona for a while now (read more
here). If Barcelona wouldn't be able to sign one of the bigger names on the list of transfer targets, the Uruguayan could become an option.

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Watch a video of Suárez here:


Mahi said...

Is he a Barca material? Anyone following Dutch league?

Anonymous said...

This Guy is a good option... Only if we can't get David Villa .....

barcaaaa said...

How good is he? Is he amazing, very good, good, not so good, poor, very poor, awful? Could someone who follows him give us his assessment?

Anonymous said...

i say we should go for huntelaar

NouBarca said...

Barca should just sign me and lets end this rumours

Anonymous said...

Hmm ... Well he is OK Player... scores a lot of goals.... Hes young too 22 years Old...

Dont know can he fit intoo Barca Squad....

But Still David Villa First Option...

Anonymous said...

Lol..... No Huntelaar.. he Sucks !!

Anonymous said...

and suarez is even worse

hieifcb said...

hell no!!!
no Suarez! dammit...
I watch eredivisie, dnt like Suarez...
I prefer Elia from Twente.

Anonymous said...

hieeifc could you talk more about him, his weakness strengths, and so on? Is he horrific?

309 said...

another never ending rumors :(

Anonymous said...

becos of moneyladen madrid,txiki is confused.i hear everyday that barca wanna sign new player each day but nothing still.even d renewal(s) are not done yet.i think txiki is on holiday after treble hangover.
i just hope till august he will be able to sign some one at least.
(left back and left winger-RIBERY- at least)

Anyway,why complaining???they gave us wont be like this every year but am a spoilt BARCA FAN.
Anyone like me???:)))


Manolo said...

Anonymous, so what? do u think we should buy 1-2 players and keep the others?

Do u know how it went for Barça after de CL trophy in 2006?
We have to bring in some fresh blood.

And Suarez?
He's a good player for his age no doubt.
But an option for who?
He's more like Aguero or a secondary striker who can play at the side of the Striker.

If Eto'o leaves we should buy Villa- first option and Benzema as Second option!

This is my lates option.
Buy left back
Benzema-Eto'o's place
and a midfielder or two.

If Benzema doesn't improve so good we always have Henry or bojan if he doesn't leave on loan.

lebanese said...

Manolo, why do you want Benzema when Llorente is better than him?

It makes no sense.

Carrer de Corsega said...

He is the poor man's Aguero, the same way Berbatov is the poor man's Ibra.

Manolo said...


Llorente is to big and slow.
He is great with the head but he doesn't have to speed and great strike.

Benzema is younger and got the speed the tech,skills and strike.
He's a truly striker who can be the best striker in the world one day.
Some say he's overrated,I say he's a talent who got much to show.

I think we can lure him to Barça for 25-30 m € + Guddy?

Anonymous said...

I agree, in no way is Llorente better than Benzema. Not now and certainly not in the future. Benzema should be our back up striker behind Villa. He may not be 6'5" but he is very fast and very powerful and will only get more so. He is an ideal combination. We should be able to sell Eto'o and Henry and buy Villa and Benzema without spending more than 15 mil.
Buying Benzema may help us secure Ribery as well seeing as how they are friends.

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