Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Barça B - Official: Corcoles and Verdes will leave

Barcelona has on Monday officially announced that Barcelona Atlètic central defender Héctor Verdés (25 - picture) and Barcelona Atlètic right back defender David Córcoles (24) will leave the club this summer. The contracts of both players expired this month and won't be renewed.

Córcoles, who did part of the pre-season with the first team last summer, played two seasons for Barcelona Atlètic, arriving from Valencia B, while Vérdes came over from Xerez last year (read more here).

Barcelona also confirmed the transfer of Barcelona Atlètic defensive midfielder Xavi Torres (22) to Málaga (read more here) and announced that the contract of Barcelona Atlètic forward Urbano (23), who has been playing on loan with Sabadell and Reus this season, expires and won't be renewed (read more here).

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Anonymous said...

Mini revolution for the B Team? They did so well last year. Why change?

barca4life said...

have a look at this article and you'll see we have many promissing young players on the Juvenil A team (the level just below the B team) that are waiting to step up

fcbee said...

You cannot keep guys of 24-25, especially when there contract expires, they need to go and make place for the youngsters who are coming and who would leave to other clubs if they aren't promoted.

Barça B is a feeder team, the only thing they should worry about is to get every year one or two players ready for the first team. If Barça B finishes first or 15th in their group, that's totally irrelevant.

AJ said...

not exactly true, fcbee. gaining promotion would be a huge help in bringing our youths to a higher level. instead of playing in a regional league (Segunda B3) they'll be playing in the national league if they get promoted with matches against teams from Andalucia, Madrid, etc. Generally, this means better opponents and with this, easier to gauge our youths and also more intense level of passage for our youths to first team footie.

fcbee said...

"gaining promotion would be a huge help in bringing our youths to a higher level"

That's too simplistic, AJ. Last year we played in 4the division and still we got Busquets from fourth division in the CL final and the Spanish national team. 2nd, 3rd or 4th division: doesn't really matter.

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