Friday, 26 June 2009

Agent Caceres confirms Zaragoza interest

Asked about the rumours linking Barcelona central defender Barcelona central defender and Uruguay international Martín Cáceres (22) with a loan move to Zaragoza (read more here), the player's agent Daniel Fonseca said in an interview with Aragon regional newspaper El Periódico de Aragón that this could be an option:

"I know about the interest, but there's not only Zaragoza, also other teams are interested. I want to wait until he comes back from holidays on 10 July. I can then talk calmly with him and with Barcelona. We're not in a hurry.

Martín needs to play and he will play. If Guardiola cannot find him a place in the team, we'll look at other options. Zaragoza would sure be a nice place for him. Because of the history and the possibilities, it's a great club and I'm happy they have returned to the Liga."

The paper claims that Cáceres, who would prefer to stay in Spain, has also been sounded out by Galatasaray, Celtic Glasgow and Sporting Gijón.

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Anonymous said...

i hope he leaves.
he's like Bojan, he simply isn't good enough for Barca atm.
they should both go to some other club on loan so they get more playtime and can evolve, because they won't get that much playtime in Barca.

Mahi said...

Loaning out caceres sounds good. but no buy option. he has the potential to become a good back.

koko=barca said...

Anony how can you say bojan is not good enough for barca. Where were you when Xavi started playing for Braca. He sucked. But look at him now, he is one of the best midfielders in the world.

Anonymous said...

as I said, in my opinion bojan isn't good enough for Barca at the moment. He could grow up to be the new Messi (which I really doubt) but he simply isn't good enough yet. And Guardiola clearly also thinks so, seeing how many games Bojan gets to start/participate in. He was a regular in the cup and the last league games, when Barca had already won...
At the moment bojan can't dribble, he almost always looses the ball, his passes aren't that good (even though he's had a couple of good assists) and he can't shoot...he shoots alot, but rarely hits the goal and if he does, he usually shoots right at the keeper.
And I didn't say that Barca should sell him, I only want him to go on a loan so that he gets more playtime and can evolve as a player.
And btw, you can't compare Xavi to Bojan. Just because Xavi sucked at first and now is among the best players in the world doesn't mean Bojan will

Don Luis said...

Bojan is not good enough?
Excuse me. If he isn't then why has he been playing in the first team for the past two seasons? And producing.

Are you good enough for Barca? haha man give players a break. At the end of the day they're out their playing, while we're just reading news..

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