Friday, 22 May 2009

Poll result: Bojan's future

This is the final result of this blog's What should happen with Bojan next season? poll:

68% should stay
29% should leave on loan
3% don't know / depends
1% should leave permanently

Read more on Bojan's future here


raidall said...

for me i hope he goes on loan cuz i like him very well and because i like him i would like to see him play more games to develop.

and if barca buys more forwards without selling some of them then i will see him playing only in the copa del rey or as substitutes in the cl and la liga.

haven't you all see the way pep used him this season and what pep said about him?

and if we buy other forwards pep won't let them sit on the bench for bojan.

let him go on loan to tottenham or blackburn or almeria or deportivo, he will develop very quickly and he will get more games to play just like crosas and henrique.


Iason said...

Yes because Dos Santos played a lot and developed so well in Tottenham. Marc Crosas and Henrique are in easier leagues and are older. Bojon should stay and get better.

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