Sunday, 21 June 2009

Tevez again an option for Barcelona

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Manchester United forward and Argentine international Carlos Tévez (25) is again a transfer target for Barcelona after the player's renewal talks with his club were broken off.

English Premier League clubs Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea are also believed to be interested in the attacker.

Manchester United issued yesterday a statement on its official website saying that Tevez will leave the English champions this summer: "Following contact received from Carlos Tevez's advisors last night, in advance of the deadline the Club set for concluding negotiations, Manchester United announces that Carlos will not be signing a new contract with the Club.

The Club agreed to pay the option price of £25.5m and offered Carlos a five-year contract which would have made him one of its highest paid players. Disappointingly however, his advisors informed the Club that, despite the success he has enjoyed during one of the Club's most successful periods, he does not wish to continue playing for Manchester United. The Club would like to thank Carlos for his services over the last two seasons and wishes him good luck for the future."

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Harsha said...

go... get him barca !

Harshawardhan said...

what would be his tranfer fees? incentives included

jordy said...

he doesn't score! he scored 4 times last year. 4!!!
no no, he'll be expensive to. Eto'o is 10 times better..

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

He is 'owned' by a group of investors.
So there is no transfer price to be payd at Man U!

Buth I prefer Aguero or Ribéry.

Marws said...

like you say jordy he doesn't score. Ibra/Villa are 10 times better for barca

sashi said...

he made very very few starts this season. around 5-8 i guess. all the rest were as a super sub. not a profilic striker but has got a decent goal record and provides a lot. u speak about Eto's work ethic, wait till u watch Tevez running up n down like million times. he'll win the crowd wherever he plays. gr8 player. gr8 buy for around 30 mil. can use him in the left wing too.

barcaaaa said...

sashi: We can not use him on the left wing. He has to play on Messi's position. And he would probably cost 40m euros. This is alot of money.

RUMS said...

You know his quality when Manu supporters were literally crying out to sign him.

And even so when Manu are willing to pay that much and make him one of the highest paid guy around.

If he could be here, i'll say its a good deal.

bees said...

cant we just LOAN him like MU did? :p

SJP said...

his transfer fee would be around 25mil, so he would be cheapest option, would definitely work hard and is a good goal scorer, he scred so many really important goals for united. to base opinion of him this season is unfair as united treated him like shit, which is why he wants to leave. good player but don't think he is what we are looking for now.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

I like Tevez but he has also said he wants to stay in England so it is unlikely he will move abroad. I would still prefer Eto'o as a striker but he seems on the way out.

He could be a good option but I don't think he will be as clinical as other out and out strikers.

Still for the price he would well be worth it as his work ethic would match that of Eto'o.

jordy said...

guys, the fact he wasn't a fix starter in man u doesn't make him good enough for barça!!! we need to aim a lot higher. yes his work ethic is great but eto'o does that while scoring 30 goals. There is no comparising possible! LAst year in the semi finals he only worked hard, not one decent action of this guy. I even bojan is more dangerous..

Anonymous said...

he is amazing Most people don't recogonize his talent . I think he will fit perfectly in our system we will have another yaya in our attack with alot of quality I really hope that we sign him . I prefer him more than ribery and ibra for a reason he has been a fav. player for a long time. he will a super sub. and we need a player with that quality . with support from mid. wow can't wait. really.

ochtane7 said...

For me he is the only true replacement for Eto'o.Barca tend to get a little flat at times and take our foot off the pedal,but a guy like Tevez will keep the fire lite when necessary.

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