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[2008] Nike wants Ronaldo in Barcelona

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Spanish football weekly paper Don Balón claims that American sportswear supplier Nike will do anything to keep Manchester United winger and Portuguese international Cristiano Ronaldo (23) in England or to make him move to Barcelona (read more here).

Nike wants to break Adidas' dominance in the football market during the next years. After losing Messi two years ago to their German rivals, Nike therefore wants to keep Cristiano Ronaldo at a "Nike team" so they can fully exploit his image.

If Ronaldo would move to an "Adidas team" like Real Madrid, the promotional possibilities would be strongly reduced. Nike already experienced the negative effects of such a move when David Beckham joined Madrid.

With the Portuguese winger wanting to move to Spain to be closer to his family and home land, Nike would help Barcelona, who has a contract with the American firm until 2018, to finance the 90 million euro° transfer fee: Barcelona would pay 50 million euro° and Nike would immediately put down 40 million euro°, reducing then afterwards their annual payment by 4 million euro a year over the next ten seasons.

Since the sports supplier also sponsors the Portuguese national team, Nike could then fully exploit the image of the football icon that Ronaldo has become over the last season. The possible election of former Barcelona sports vice president and former Nike executive Sandro Rosell as Barcelona president later this summer could be the key element in the operation (read more

With the relations between Real Madrid and Manchester United being on a historic low, Manchester United, and especially manager Alex Ferguson, would - in case they cannot hold on to the player - prefer to see Ronaldo leave for Barcelona to pay Madrid back for the troubles they have caused the English Premier League club.

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

90 million euro =
123 million us dollar
64 million british pound

Anonymous said...

I hope this will never happen. Ronaldo is a overrated shit. He performs only against small teams. Go to Real Madrid Ronaldo, your bad character is ideal for this dirty team.

ja said...

Ronaldo would be great sining for any club in the world. So, Ronaldo coming to Barca would be improvement for the team. But I dont think that will happen, because He is Real fan.

Anonymous said...

So, we gotta switch to Adidas or Puma .. if that's the only way to avoid that disaster coming to our club, which'll be shameful. :DDD

Anonymous said...


V-Lo said...

Hmm, I dont know, I dont think Ronaldo would be a diva at Barcelona, I mean isnt the ultimate compliment if he is leaving Man Utd and setting up Real just to play for Barca, I think it could be the ultimate gesture. Having said that, I must admit the price puts me off, but...isnt anyone slightly dreaming of what a Messi/Ronaldo tandem could do? Talk about the Harlem Globe Trotters of football.

Kxevin said...

No. Blaugrana Gods, Hell no. He's never shown in a big match, and I don't think Barcelona (the city, I mean) is big enough to contain his ego. He would be destructive in the clubhouse, and able to be marked into invisibility on the pitch. Zambrotta shut him down, fer chrissakes.

Please. Someone tell me this is a joke.

Maybe this is to make the Adebayor signing suddenly seem more palatable? Ye gods!

Anonymous said...

to be honest how likely is this to happen...?

Anonymous said...

No way! This stupid guy should stay at Man united, and bring them to the Football League Championship (english second division league).

Anonymous said...

Guys!have u seen an incredible, brilliant play by Russian's Andrey Arshavin (#10)...That's who we need in Barca instead of Hleb, also left wing lateral Yuri Zhirkov reminds me Zambrotta with his stamina...Please FCB buyArshavin, it'd be great addition..he just won uefa cup with his team Zenit St.Peterburg

Anonymous said...

I seriously don't want to see Ronaldo at Barça. I think he is probably the best player in the world at the moment and a good professional at that, but I don't think he would understand the tradition and importance of the club. If we pay that much money for a player, he should really be willing to come to Barcelona and understand the meaning of Barça being "més que un club". In Barcelona, no player should ever be bigger than the club, that's also why we're offloading Ronaldinho, so hell, I don't want a player who considers joining Madrid and would only go to us for the money.

Anonymous said...

Keep this piece of maggot at the english military football academy (Man U). Barca is no place for playboys and show offs. Buy Arshvin or villa at much less.They would be better investments for Barca than this overrated rascal.You are better off keeping Et'oo; with some motivation, he can deliver just like before.

GrandeMessi said...

No thanks to Ronaldo. We need players who plays for the team NOT for them self.

Anonymous said...

So...What brings up this unrealistic move of 2008?

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