Monday, 25 May 2009

Messi: "Guardiola won me over in every aspect"

Barcelona player Lionel Messi gave an interview to Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia.

Did you imagine a year like this?
We were coming from two complicated years and people expected an improvement. We also expected to do better, but to be honest, I think that none of us deep down expected it. We couldn't imagine it.

Do you have time to think about what you've been achieving?
No, we cannot stop. We still have a few Liga matches and, above all, the Champions League final. We can't stop now. When the campaign is finished we will look back.

Playing practically the whole season is your greatest triumph?
Yes, I think so, because I've had two years getting injured, being away from the team for many matches, two or three years without playing in a season, many instances the same. Now being able to play everything is the best.

What do you think changed that allowed that to happen?
I don't know, I don't think there's something. I've always done everything the same. I got injured before because it had to happen.

You haven't taken any special precautions?
No, what I've been doing for the past years I still do with Juanjo (Brau, one of the team's physiotherapists), who has always been by my side. What has changed with this year, opposed to other years, is that I had a good preseason.

Guardiola has said many times that what he wants this season is to feel pleased. Is that something that you believe?
To me, of course. The coach is a special person, who thinks way beyond the playing pitch. The coach thinks much on human aspect. He's someone very close to the player, thinks like them, speaks very detailed to the players, and above all he's very similar and that's why everyone here likes him a lot.

In that sense, Guardiola has won you over?
In every aspect, because for one it's something great for a manager to be very close and to care about a player. He has treated me well since day one.

What is your concept of happiness?
Everything that's happening right now. Training with motivation, feeling good, the team doing well during the year, playing well with spark, and with good results and titles.

Did you hear how people wanted you subbed in the Copa game to protect you?
Yes, but to be honest I always like being on the pitch, even more so a match like that one. I'd rather enter than be subbed.

Are you aware that people are afraid that you'd get injured and couldn't play the final in Rome?
Yes, because people still had fresh in their mind what had happened to Iniesta and they were a bit scared. It's true that the match was a bit intense and we had to be careful, but I'd prefer to worry about being careful on the pitch.

Guardiola says that matches like that are what you make of them. What do you think about that?
He has no problem knowing how I think. In one year he almost knows me perfectly. He has the ability to know us, not just me, but everyone. That's why he knows how to get along great. He has achieved gaining everyone's confidence.

How were you able to beat Athletic's markings, which were very tough from the start?
We know that they wanted to defeat us playing very physical, to try to intimidate us, but that didn't happen for a moment. On the contrary, our team showed much more and proved why they deserve it all.

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this was the first part of this interview. you will be able to read the following part here in the coming days.

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