Saturday, 16 May 2009

Bojan linked with loan move to Deportivo and Betis

Asked about the rumours linking Barcelona forward and Spanish youth international Bojan Brkic with a loan move to Deportivo La Coruña (read more here), Deportivo manager Miguel Angel Lotina has said at a press conference that the club has talked with Barcelona but that a loan move of Bojan is unlikely:

"We've been talking with Barça about some players, like we did with Valencia, with Atlético Madrid and with Real Madrid. There are now some names on the table. We had some good experiences with loaning players from big teams and we're gonna try to repeat it by signing other players who are getting few chances at big clubs. I nevertheles can't confirm the rumour about Bojan because Barcelona surely will want to keep him."

Sevilla regional sports paper Estadio Deportivo meanwhile claims that Betis Sevilla is also interested in loaning Bojan next season, although it seems difficult to compete with all the others club that are wanting to sign the Catalan striker during the summer transfer window.

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Àlex said...

I would prefer if he stays and be test on the left.

raidall said...

loan him out to betis sevilla cuz it is a team that is strong but i prefer to loan him out for a english club cuz that is a league where he can grow very fast.

please buy keirrison barca he is gonna be a good back up for the cf of us. don't let him slip away to another club.

eto'o must leave cuz he already achieved what he wanted in spain. i don't want him to leave like ronny. and on my behalf i thank him for his incredible work and his history that he made in barca.
i would say go eto'o, go for a next adventure cuz you deserve it, barca will always remember you.

get zlatan please don't let him go to madrid just like we let ribery slip away to madrid (that's what i read today) but don't pay him higher than messi he must improve first and i know he's gonna make it.

henry>manc city

guddy and hleb>bayern
trini capel + hernanes>barca


and i think we should go for drenthe cuz i have faith in him.
and a strong backup for alves someone like bruno alves.

this is how i see barca next year cuz if real madrid gets the players they want it's gonna hard for us to compete with them.

zidane has already said that it's hurting him to see barca play such good football so they are gonna do everything to smack us.



skanjos said...

like depor manager says it will be very difficult to loan bojan ,he is a part of this team and he will stay for alot of years to come.a player that can be loaned is pedro or gai (we need only one of them for next year)i think we should give gai a chance pedro already proved he can be a valuable player but he needs matches in his feet(loan him to ajax for a year perfect team for him)and see how gai feels the pressure with the A team :)

Marc4barca said...

@raidall - we did't let ribery slip away, nothing is finalized yet, he prefers barcelona over real. why would we loan bojan to get keirreson it doesn't make any sense, what would happen when bojan comes back?? we going to make him a third choice striker?? keiresson is good but if you want our youths get a chance then signing young players won't help. i totally agree with getting zlatan as everyone already know lol. drenthe?? u serious about that cause any flop in madrid surely isn't joining barca, only people we should be interested in at real is casillas, oh and henry isn't going anywhere neither as silva cause we will get ribery. zidane can talk all he wants but there is no smacking of the barca next year, the year after or 3 years from now, this is the dream team pt2 we gotta do the same or better which is winning 4 consecutive la liga titles and 1 cl.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Given the numerous occasions when Bojan has publicly stated he does not want to leave, if we have any faith in the kid we shouldn't loan him out. He does not want to go despite his limited opportunities and Barça should not betray his trust.

Anonymous said...

I'm somewhat inclined to think that fighting for a place on a team is actually a great way to develop as a player, as long as the player is mature enough to understand not playing (something Bojan seems quite capable of doing).

Also, practice sessions are important, and getting to practice with Barcelona, playing with world class players, and continuing to play our style of football may be the best thing for Bojan.

I'm not sure about loaning players to the EPL. Defenders, sure. It's a good place for defenders to learn their trade. But unless they're going to Arsenal, our offensive players will be learning a style of play that's pretty different from ours. Not sure that's super productive. Better to loan out to Spanish teams, who are better technically and keep the ball on the floor more.

Oh, and has Dos Santos developed pretty fast over in England (can't actually say the EPL, right?

Alexandre-Pato said...

well pep i am sorry if i have copied your post coz i didn;t knew that this post was from you. Barca and Milan are my favourite clubs. so i get their news from "" and "". well and i think you should ask them why they share your posts with us. and me being a barca fan living in the middle east. internet is the only way to know about your club from one or other website and share it with fellow snooker fans.
thnx for understanding,
Alexandre-Pato from oleole

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