Friday, 1 May 2009

Which brand of boots do Barcelona players wear?

FC Barcelona has been sponsored by American sports goods manufacturer, Nike since 1998.

The sponsorship contract due to expire in 2008 was recently extended by 5 years in October 2006. The new deal, valid till 2013 and with the option of another five-year extension, is reportedly worth 150 million euros ($ 189 million) plus bonuses and royalties.

Besides this deal on a club lever, most Barcelona players also have individual contracts and endorsement deals with sports suppliers. The players from Barcelon's first team are listed below under the icon of their corresponding shoe sponsor.

Víctor Valdés
Martín Cáceres
Eric Abidal
Carles Puyol
Rafael Márquez
Gerard Piqué
Dani Alves
Andrés Iniesta
Yaya Touré
Sergi Busquets
Bojan Krkic

Gabriel Milito
Xavi Hernandez
Eidur Gudjohnsen
Lionel Messi

José Manuel Pinto
Seydou Keita
Alexander Hleb
Samuel Eto'o

Thierry Henry


Albert Jorquera

Victor Sánchez

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HouseMD said...

Sylvinho used to wear Nike, but since the beginning of this year he's wearing Mizuno.
There has been a story a month ago that Alves rejected new Nike contract which expires October this year. So, when the new campaign starts, we will see.

P.S. It will be great if Nike push Ribery towards Barcelona.

pep said...

Thanks, House, changed that.

Ramen said...

I thought Pyuol wore Diadoras? I guess that was a while back though.

Marc4barca said...

houseMD - nike can aslo push ribery to manchester so i rather leave them out of it. what is mizuno, i never heard of it.

ilias said...

Don't mess with Samuels Puma's!


Btw, don't the players have a choice to wear the "standard" Barca-shoes? The shiny blue ones that Silvinho, Puyol and Thuram used to wear.

Anyone know what I mean?

ilias said...

I mean these:


groga said...

I think they can basically wear what they want, no?

ilias said...

Of course, butr what I meant to say was that they have the option to wear the official footwear.
Although I haven't seen them come by (the blue shoes) for a long time.

I've noticed Iniesta had some nice flashy yellow shoes in the last few matches or so.
It looks like they're somewhat shaped like futsalshoes which would only be in the benefit of his technical abilities of course. :)

HouseMD said...

Marc4barca: Mizuno is Japanese sports goods company. If you remember, Rivaldo used to wear their boots. Puyol also wore their boots at the start of his career.

In fact, they can push him (Ribery) toward every club Nike endorses, but I don't think they'll push him anywhere if he doesn't express his wish.

Ramzi said...

That Messi Adidas is dangerous on the long term.

Anonymous said...

Messi wore NIKE boots in febrary 2006(vs chesea@SB) didn't he?
i think NIKE made huge mistke.

LéonDrágon said... of barcas best player of all time...the most dangerous left-food...master of free-kicks and wide shots...most powerfull and human force was wearing mizuno...the one and only...RIVALDO!!!!!...mizuno is a japanese shoe...many brazilian players wear them...spanish ezquerro too...

LéonDrágon Noir said... housemd...saw too late that you just said it...was too fast by outing my praise for RIVALDO!!!!!

OLALEKAN said...

why henry on reebok?????????? a company that i dont really like cos of this club they sponsor,(bolton wanderers)of england,i prefer him with nike,the best product for shoes,

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