Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Robinho now main option for left wing

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that, because the transfer fee asked for Bayern Munich player Ribéry is too high, Manchester City winger and Brazilian international Robinho (25) is at this moment the most likely option for the left wing (read more here).

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola thinks the player would perfectly fit in his system, the player's salary of between 5 and 6 million euro wouldn't be a problem for the club and Robinho, who reportedly has a clause in his contract that he can leave if his club doesn't qualify for the Champions League, would want to join Barcelona.

Asked about the rumours, Robinho didn't really enter the issue in an interview with the paper: "Barça is a great team and it's always good that they want you, but at this moment I'm only focusing on the Brazilian national team, which is the important thing now."

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Furymaker said...

Good then
Alves Puyol Pique Lahm/Filipe
Xavi Iniesta
Messi Villa Robinho

promote few guys and buy Asenjo
Caceres and bojan on loan
sell etoo , gudjonsen and maybe hleb .
And get backup for Puyol and Marquez cuz they are older and they could easily get injured.

skanjos said...

wow amazing news and by sport. ribery can go to real if we can sign robi.i would prefer silva but robi is fine hehe

Anonymous said...

Furymaker Lahm on the left + Alves on the right in the same starting 11 is a suicide. neither one of the two has strong defensive ability. remember van Bronkhrost and Belleti ?
besides, Mashcerano with Xavi & Iniesta in the middle ? the shortest middle field of the world? in front of them the shortest attack on the content?

NouBarca said...

I wouldnt mind him in my team. People say hes lazy. But in the country of the blind, one eyed man would rule. I mean hes the king pin at city, but when you see Messi, Eto, Iniesta tracking back to help recover the ball, you would join;100%. Look at Henry, I have always love him, but hte last 4 years at Arsenal, he was a "king" and wouldnt really help defend. With Barca, he was the most hardworking striker int he last 2 years, am sure he won back 90% of the ball he lost. Why? He sees the Messis and Eto defending, so hes no lone star.

Ondra said...

Someone said we have 3 non-EU players. What about Robinho? Does he have a passport?

Ondra said...

I think Robinho would be great in terms of marketing. Another "R" in Barcelona.

Ramzi said...

NouBarca, very interesting argument about team impact on player performance/mentality.

I wonder why you dont feel the same about Ibra as well :)

Zeli said...

What about Caceres's nationality? Does he have EU passport? And who are non-Eu players?

buj said...

I don't know about Barca's management and/or business philosophy but I have read - somewhere some "financially-astute" people in the UK said that - RM will recoup up to E124m by getting both CR7 and Kaka and may only "lose" E40m, mainly through merchandise sales and endorsements worldwide over the course of their contract. Thats not including ticket sales and whatever value they have left when they are "resold" to another club later.

Though that may seem like counting your chickens before they hatch, to me, that is a long-term very risky yet workable and even profitable proposition, esp. if they win all sort of trophies. No wonder RM's Perez is a billionaire. Sorry guys he..he..

Now, as I have said on another post, this is where Barca differs with RM or EPL clubs esp. the top 4. FCB, as a marketing force, is almost non-existent in most parts of Asia esp. countries with money to burn, though I admit, I don't know about other places. As one commenter told me, you can buy Barca's jerseys at Nike stores, while there are MU's, Liverpool's and RM's franchised stores selling everything from jerseys, posters, scarves, mugs etc. Barca's have one corner in Nike's stores. Come on, why don't FCB employ someone as regional manager to open franchises over here? They are too slow and indecisive, just as their transfers dealings. They could have exploited the CL 2006 win by doing the above but they didn't and now they seem to have done nothing again.

And yet come transfer season, they are unable to compete. While balancing checkbooks is commendable, FCB should also have some financial/investment plan B, esp. in light of the money flooding into other clubs with their billionaire investors.

I know I'm rambling but seeing the rise, fall and rise again of Barca fortune saddens me. If we don't start marketing well, all the hard work made on the pitch will only stay there. Modern professional football nowadays is part sport, part entertainment and part business, as the saga with Eto's and VV's situation shows. Without money it's difficult to get the best players needed for certain positions and difficult to retain them when other clubs came knocking on the door.

For anyone directly connected with FCB management, this is a call for you to start doing something. I have one suggestion. Why don't FCB signup for all those exposition cropping up everywhere and promote/exhibit merchandises while at the same time looking for local joint-partners as most businesses in this world do. I hope they do.

bojan! said...

robinho is getting 200k pounds per week! No way we gonna paid so much.. Toure, Caceres, Henrique, Robinho, Keita, Hleb are all foreigners and only 3 can be alowed

Furymaker said...

Lol guys check this out
Messi as a super model :)

btw. Abidal could play on left back too , lahm or filipe as back up :D

Marws said...

Don't like the fact that this dude has played for Real Madrid and Man City. Hate both thoose teams. Don't like his wage eighter, but if he could consider lowering his wage he would be good, if you think about the 5-6m.

But how can he only be worth 5-6 mill euro? Seriously in theese times considering he is only 25 he should be worth much more.

I'm sorry to say this but he is a better option than Ribery, since his price is soooo much better.

sashi said...

buj, i agree to wat u say but tats how the system works at FCB, sadly!

HouseMD said...

@ Marws: you're right, I share your opinion that he's better than Ribery and if the price is right (just like his demands) I say get him.
There's an option to buy him if Robben decides to go to Man City. Robben is eager to go because Kaka and Ronaldo will take his position in the squad (RM asks 20M pounds).

One question, Bolton is preparing 10,2M offer for Veloso. What do you think about him? (I think that Veloso, Meirelles and Moutinho would be good choices for midfield)

Don Luis said...

Rather have Silva. I dont want a Ex-Menrengue playing in barcelona. Sure he is a great player, i rather watch him play w Brazil NT.

Dont like this idea. LW candidates: Bojan,Mata, Capel, Silva, Zhirkov,Van Persie and Ribery (was).

Ondra said...

During his childhood, Robinho always wanted to play for Barcelona. It doesn't make him a better player, but still some + points:)

HouseMD said...


3rd kit! Looks fine

Marws said...

I really think we need to buy a centre mid. Next year Yaya and Keita will be gone alot with their international teams.

Busquets will play DM, but it feels like we need a backup. If we get a CM Xavi could play DM once in while when it's needed, behind Iniesta and whoever we buy.

Havn't seen so much with Moutinho or Veloso, but I agree that both are options. Hernanes is apperantly an option too. Many have spoken about him but I've never seen him.

I do think Moutinho would be better than Veloso. Veloso is a DM right? If we can get Moutinho for a low price we should try.

Marws said...

Haha cool 3rd kit x) But it isn't confirmed yet.

barca4life said...

The rule is only 3 players that dont have an EU passport are allowed on the team. On this barca team, hleb yaya and caceres are those players. If we move caceres on loan for henrique to return and get rid of hleb we would have space for robinho.

SJP said...

still can't see city letting him go after just one year, yes he hasn't exactly set the world on fire but it would be a massive sign of defeat for them. i wonder if this is just some mind games against bayern, saying we have other options to, or if not bayern then ribery. i know i'm biased but i can't see why players would rather go to RM than us, the only answer can be money. not bothered about kaka and ronaldo as we have better players but villa and ribery are players that we want, so if they don't chose money we should, if theprice is rght be able to get them, or one of them.

on the CM what about montevilo frm fiorentina?

barca4life said...

Ok lets weigh the pros and cons


1)LW that can create chances for our striker (probably more creative than henry)

2)Can score goals

3)Links well with dani alves (see last brazil world cup qualifier against paraguay)

4)Is right-footed so can be a mirror image of messi on the left.

5)Very skillful and should fit in nicely up front.

6)Possibly cheap because of get out clause at man city and would most likely take a pay cut to come back to a better club

7)Has a point to prove against real madrid and ronaldo in particular who madrid wanted to trade him for

8)Better free kick option than what we have now

9)Can entertain fans with his stepovers and tricks - very fun to watch


1)Complete nutcase (you think etoo is bad wait till this lunatic gets into your dressing room)

2)Could be another ronaldinho i.e. a party boy that is more interested in nightlife after a few years when he has "won it all" with barca.

3)Has never scored more than 15 goals in a season in spain or europe (where are henry's extra 10 goals gonna come from?)

4)Has a habit of returning late from Brazil duty thereby being unfit for the next league game

5)Reportedly smelled of booze before games in the madrid dressing room

6)Has little class - see cockroach celebration at madrid with ronaldo (brazillia one) and julio baptista

7)Has missed some easy goals this year with man city

8)Not very good in the air -could be a problem if we have villa up front too

9)Doesnt track back

10)Could disrupt team harmony and "demand" a transfer if a big offer eventually comes in from italy.

hieifcb said...

How about Guiseppe Rossi for LW?
That guy fights for the ball, great pass, great ball control great shot. The only problem is his heigth. He played incredible yesterday. Came on as a substitute and scored 2 goals! ^^

Barca Brn said...

Hey guys im new here, but im no new barca fan...I wish I bumped into this site earlier because I love the passion shown in the comments I read, so a big thank you to the creators of this blog.

IMO Ribery is the best player we can sign for the LW position, However if he really prefers playing for RM I dont want him anymore. True that he's a great player but I find the idea of him liking madrid hard to swallow. So I would suggest signing Robinho simply because this player has it all. He has the pace, the technique, the pinppoint passes, good crosses, and the fiecful shot(using both his right and left foot). True that he doesn't has the height, but Barcelona's style of football was never a long passsing style, its always a style based on posession, short passes, and wing penetration rathen than crosses (Even Kluivert used to complain of not getting enough crosses) Dont get me wrong here, i would also love to see barcelona sign a player with physical presence too, we do need that someone who can hold on to the ball and distribute it to the wingers especially when playing with english teams so maybe we can go for someone like Toni and Cruz incase Bojan is loaned out.

Stigsby said...


It is true that we're behind Real Madrid in the commercial area, but we're catching up!

As of the latest published numbers, Real Madrid based 129.0 mill euros of their total revenue, meaning 35%. Barcelona based 101.1 mill euros of their total revenue from the commercial area, 33% of their total, in fact not far behind percentage-wise!

The current strategy by Barcelona is paying of, yet it takes time for these kind of strategies. Barcelona is betting heavily on the USA market with its quickly expanding football(soccer) fan base.

If you think it goes to slow you can compare it with the revenue raised 5 years ago with now, in 2005 the total revenue was 169 million euros, in 2008 it was 309 million euros, almost doubling their total revenue! In the mean-time we have payed of our debt, now completely removing it.


I'm considering writing a post with some key numbers over FCB economy, would you guys be interested?

ZenI said...

barca4life, I think you might be right with a lot of your points. Tbh, Robinho seems week mentally (that's my amateur psychologist evaluation =) ), could be another Ronaldinho/Adriano. I didn't like the idea when I first heard it and I still don't like it.

Barca Brn said...


I am really interested of knowing more about FCB financial position especially after the financial crisis

@ ZenI & barca4life

True Robinho's Ego and Immaturity could be a big risk, but since Gurdiola wanted Ibra I think he's up for it (He proved his discipline measure work, look at Eto'o this season), and then again every player come with his risk, at least he is proven in LaLiga. But once again I do agree with what you both said. :D

per said...

I don't like this guy. Hope he stays in City.

buj said...

@ Stigsby

Thanks for that info. As I admitted I don't know much about Barca's finances but what I'm stating is the fact around here (SE Asia).

While I understand the difficulties expanding into any new market with all its regulations, laws and all, I was hoping Barca would capitalise on it's triplete esp. the CL 2009 win and accelerate that expansion and not rest on its laurels. Keep hyping our achievements by bombarding TV audiences as MU did in '99. Infact I hate MU fans for that but then I saw all these teenagers i.e. new fanbase, wanting to have MU jerseys, posters etc. Multiply that with the number of countries where MU is omnipresent and imagine the revenue generated.

Guess what? While we Barca fans cheered our hearts out a month after our CL 2009 win, the people around me barely even mention it anymore past a few days after that, given the fact that they mostly support EPL big 4.

If Barca want a fast-track expansion plan for the myriad of countries in Asia, why don't they elect someone or one company that has an omnipresent reach and come up with a deal. I'm no businessman but for me the best way to generate exposure is to get ESPN Asia as our broadcaster (or mouthpiece or whatever) as they are on almost every satelite/cable programs it seems. As FCB already have a deal with Nike and they are well-known everywhere, get advice from them on how to get into these market or FCB can just ride on their coattails i.e put up a shop where ever Nike set up shops.

And that's my 2 cents.

Ramzi said...

@ Stigsby

You better write it!

Marws said...

@ Stigsby

Yeah that would be interesting. Talk too pep about it. Everyone would like too read it ;)

insideknowledge said...

hello fellow cules sorry i have been unable to post on here for such a long time as we have all been very busy at the club! to clear up a few points we are just starting to market our brand is se asia it will take come time as these markets are never easy to penetrate we are focusing at the moment on the north american market as theres huge potential to establish a grand base of revenue for the club there is a huge hispanic population in the states that we are looking to tap into as well as the non hispanic market and the potential is really huge also we are looking at possibly in the future playing the spanish super cup or copa del rey final in america these ideas are just in the earliest stage possible but this would market the barca brand throughout north america the club personally has just struck terms with fox sports to show more barca games and barca tv, sandrusco has pledged to tackle the se asian market if he gets elected as he has powerful connections with nike, we have a strong fan base in japan. we are looking at a number of possibilities robinho is a player pep would like very much he has a clause in his contract for €25m euros cos city did not qualify for the champions league, villa we are in talks with still he is very keen, ibrahimovic is asking too much money sum €18m per season which is way out of our budget, ribery has indicated he would like to come but also he likes madrid, apologies if this post is all over the place but we are very busy.

buj said...

Nice to hear from you again insideknowledge. Hell indeed it was you that I was hoping to get thru to. As per your earlier comments, it seems you are the right person who can influence Barca decision-makers, at least inform them. Thanks and amen for that update.

Anonymous said...

Stigsby, would be really interested in the finances at the club.

It seems that no-one has mentioned the crucial reason why FCB(all laliga clubs) will never be as big as EPL in Asia.
The timings due to late kickoffs. How can staying up till 3/4am ever be a mainstream market, compared with 7-11pm games of EPL. Sure replays are possible, but then again alot of people want ot watch live and bet in Asia, football is huge betting.

buj said...

@ Anony, Stigby & insideknowledge

Yes, about the timings, that's true. In fact, I have once written an email addressed to FC Barcelona's official website requesting they talk with Spanish League organisers about changing matchday kick-off times. I guess coming from one of Barca's small market, it can not be entertained just yet but maybe in the future I hope they can accomodate us.

Imagine my timezone is the same as Beijing, with its millions of people who could be La Liga followers if the kick-off times is the same as EPL, which has a large following. Even Japan, which has a big Barca fan base is GMT+9, meaning most of the time matches starts at 3 to 5am.

I know Spain is a much hotter country than England in the summer, I guess I can accept Spain's 6pm matches, which is around 1am here. Better still if they can start around 4 or 5pm.

etoto said...

The question is... how much is he gonna cost? From last year's performance, hopefully we can get him for around 25 mil (30 at most)

Btw, if real is gonna sell Higuain (probably not) we should give it a try!!

Administration Memo said...

Insideknowledge, Laporta here. Dont forget our dinner tonight with Pep. We will discuss the affiliation agreement with Real Madrid. Perez may show up as well if he finished his work at the restaurant early.

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