Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Barcelona close to signing Robinho on loan

Catalan television channel TV3 claims that Barcelona could close in the coming hours the loan of Manchester City left winger and Brazilian international Robinho (25).

Robinho would sign for one season with an option to buy the Brazilian next summer.

British tabloid The Daily Mirror claimed this morning that Barcelona was planning to make a 41 million euro° bid for Robinho and that Manchester City is willing to let the player go because of his bad relationship with Manchester City manager Mark Hughes.

Catalan sports paper Sport claimed that Robinho, who doesn't feel comfortable in England, had become Barcelona's main candidate for the left wing position after Bayern Munich repeated that Ribéry is not for sale. Because of the high transfer fee Manchester City would ask for Robinho, Barcelona would be looking at other options, among which a loan deal leaving Barcelona to only pay the player's salary.

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Unknown said...

holly robinho!!he's brazilian!!

James said...

Potential dressing room notwithstanding, this is a cost effective way of addressing our left wing and easing Henry out of the position for his potential departure next year. We can spend our transfer funds on a striker replacement or other areas. Robinho won't be a fan favorite at first though, I suspect. And he will be a gamble for team harmony in the dressing room.

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

Yes Robinho !!!!

He will prove to Real that they made a mistake not trusting him !!!

Whoow: Robinho - Messi - Xavi - Iniesta !!!!!

This will hurt many Real fans!

Visça Barça !!!!

i_love_boobs_and_barca said...

Why would Manchester City let him go?

jazzy said...

i trust pep. he can keep robinhos ego in check.
but like i said before..
if its just a loan, we could always kick his butt out if he messes things up.. lol

Unknown said...

lol nice nickname "i love boobs and barca" me too XD

jazzy said...

city would let him go because:
Reports in both England and Spain have suggested that the 25-year-old has a clause in his contract allowing him to leave if a team in the Champions League make a move for him and Barça have used that.
full article:

i_love_boobs_and_barca said...

So how much do we have to pay? Do we have to pay anything? What would be his wage demands?

LeónDragón said...

think the reason why mancity let him go on loan is that they paid a high prize and don't want lose much money. with robinho at the moment not the paid money worth. should he get better, mancity will have the chance to get some of the lost money back, as they surely think that he won't improve anymore at city.
don't know if i like it, but a good possibility to spend for other positions

jazzy said...

the good thing is we dont have to pay anything, cuz its on loan ;)
it is really cost effective economically,
if he does well we could have an option to buy him.
if he doesnt do well and messes things up, we could kick him back to city.
and i dont think his wage demands would be a problem if the deal goes through. we could pay him well enough, but i think anybody would prefer to get a cut on wage if he gets to play in Barca rather than stay in city. ;)

Jnice said...

There has to be a loan fee, no?

ej said...

it sooooooooo better to sign aguero than villa !!!!!!!

1)have more skill

2)always shines in big games (he won the olympic final wth 2 goals not messi

3)he is much younger
4)villa will be in 2-3 years 30 so we have to replace him and we wont get a ything for hm because of his age but aguero will be then 24-25 and f we wanted to sell hm we will get enough money to buy other superclass player

FCBarca said...

I agree with James...I think there are certainly chemistry issues to consider with Robinho...He's immature as they come...Plus, when has anyone ever seen this diver ever track back and defend?

I don't like it

pep said...

41 million euro =

57 million us dollar
35 million british pound

Anonymous said...


LeónDragón said...

at the moment he wouldn't be an add to the squad, too egoistic as said above.
he has also not only to leave his ego but also his little-child-behaviour behind him and mature.
when he do, he can become very worthy for the team in case of creativity and offensive potencial.
think too, that pep could handle him.
his talent is still standing

jazzy said...

oh yeah Jnice, i forgot about a loan fee..
robinho of course is a gamble in terms of ego. but whatever happens i trust pep.
and bout tracking back and defend, pep will make him learn to do that, cuz the team does that and he should work hard too. like henry did. runs more, and defends.
if robinho doenst cooperates he would get slap back and forth by pep.. ;p

LeónDragón said...

fcbarca...whatever said, i totally agree with you

Anonymous said...

new pele and new maradona in the same team!!!

buj said...

lol.. jazzy. "get slap back n forth". That'll do it.

Marc4barca said...

lol looks like anything that stops people from joining barca is an ego, haven't you realized the only ones talking about an ego is few people on this forum, unless pep and laporta come out and say his ego isn't barca material then i suggest you quit bringing up this ego thing.

robinho is a quality player and another thing most people if not everyone complains about the beautiful game being destroyed by defensive football yet everyone wants each and every single forward in barca defend, i admit i dont believe in too much defending i hate that side of the game but it is essential but not every single person has to defend. make a choice everyone defend or one or two people upfront. if you want a defensive team i advise you to go chelsea cause it aint happening in barca.

Unknown said...

i dont think robinho will be good as david villa first we hv to foucus on villa deal first and get his signture then focous on robinho

sashi said...

tracking back, team room issues, blah blah...

guys, just imagine how it was last year. Eto was a main reason for a dressing room split. who would've thought the the LEGEND Henry would ever in his life track back n help the defense? Pep can melt mountains n im sure Robinho isn't too much of a hump too. in Pep i trust!!!!

jazzy said...

agree w/ sashi..
but i dont know, i dont think pep can melt mountains.. maybe hiking over it.. ;)

Hauns said...

It's been already denied on Citys official HP ;-)

Kxevin said...

I agree with Sashi. Did anyone, during Henry's Arsenal years, see him tracking back on defense, making sliding tackles and contesting for possession in midfield? I watched a lot of Henry, and the answer is no. No way in hell. He's a completely different player under Guardiola, because star players do whatever is necessary to achieve the fame they wish, and every player wants to win Champions League.

The Robinho move is potentially a good one. He'll be a good boy for a season, which allows us to let the transfer market calm down in the aftermath of Ronaldo/Kaka. It also gives us a dynamic, goal scoring left wing attacker, keeping Henry and Iniesta fresher.

Does anyone really think that Robinho, on loan, has the muscle to mess up our dressing room? Don't think too long about that one. No. Guardiola would put the smack down so fast, and so hard.

Robinho is a supplicant, in this case. He wants Champions League football. We have it. He wants a shot at winning it all. We have it. If he doesn't work the way he's expected to, he doesn't play.

Ribery isn't moving this year. I don't expect any major moves until after the World Cup year, really.

Robinho has talent galore, just not much work ethic. And if Guardiola fines him 1k Euros for each unnecessary stepover, we'll be able to afford to buy anyone we like after a season with him.

per said...

I don't like it one bit...

James said...

Dismissing chemistry & dressing room issues is shortsighted. Robinho's problems with previous coaches have been well documented, it isn't just fans bringing up the issue for no reason. Barca has had its own share of dressing room problems in the past, to not learn from them or at least take them into account is foolish.

You just have to look at Adriano and Ronaldinho for recent examples where lack of commitment can derail a career and disrupt a team.

jazzy said...

well city already denying it..
ok other news:
CR is making it hard to get for RM.
Aly cissokho deals falls through because of his teeth.
should we buy him and fix his teething problem? ;)
only one of aly or filipe for LB option i guess. zhirkov is the expensive one.

LeónDragón said...

marc4barca, it seems that you don't understand the game of barca, where the ball gets passed fast, with most time one-touches, called tiki taka. for me, when i spoke about his ego or little-child-behaviour, i meant, robinhos style of play by sometimes too much dribblings, where the ball gets lost on the defenders and then start diving. there robinho has to mature. no one doubts on pep, as all hope that if robinho comes, he handles him. he's talented, but that's not all, or how can a man like toni who's without any talent score so many goals. sorry don't want attack you, but you have to think about what said here before pointing fingers on others ego

umessi10 said...

[b] Manchester City Quash Robinho To Barcelona Rumours

FC BARCA said...

Robinho along with Ibra are both the most overrated footballers in the world. I never want to see either of them wearing a Barça shirt.

Marc4barca said...

oh i thought you meant off field issues, can't argue about his child like behaviour on the pitch but let's not forget this guy is a brazilian he knows all about the 4-3-3 and the one touch passes and i dont really see robinho diving where did you get that one from and even so danile alves is a complete diver but he strives in barca, let's face it, it's not like barca is that team that never dives it's basically become part of the game, i hate it but there is nothing we can do about it. i aint pointing fingers on others ego i'm trying to defend them. i defend zlatan and even ronaldo(ask kamikaze) i see no reason not to defend robinho also. in my mind ego's win trophies, if you don't believe me look at ronaldo and zlatan for example when was the last time they failed to win something and don't worry it aint attacking me it is purely opinion base argument.

sashii u must have some special powers cause when i defended zlatan and said if henry could change from what he was at arsenal because of pep then so could zlatan but everyone disagreed and continued to hate on zlatan, either that or everyone here is just that biased towards certain players.

it would be cool if pep made a topic "BARCA and how you came to supporting the team" i would love to figure out how everyone came to supporting this wonderful team.

buj said...

I agree with Marc4Barca suggestion. To answer him......

I guess what draws me to Barca back then was a dislike for RM mostly. In truth not RM per se but more RM supporters. Just like I hate MU loud mouth supporters, so do RM supporters back then, circa 90's. And they still do.

Over time I began to know the players. Back then Guardiola was still a player, I forgot who the manager was. Luis Enrique was one of my fav tho when Rivaldo came he was my main man - minus his snobbish behaviour ofcourse. I may have some facts wrong here as it was some time ago.

What I love about Barca as opposed to EPL teams back then was it's "total football??" where every player plays his part whether the team was attacking or defending. That makes for fluid movements and it is much much better now under Pep.

So thats a short description of how I became a blaugrana.

pep said...

We'll have it later. Remind me, Marc, cause I probably will forget it!

LeónDragón said...

some facts
brazil ever, since his whole existing, play 4-2-2-2. that means offensive full-backs, 2 dm, 2om and two strikers.
bout robinho, got my information by watching football.
but cule, as i said, don't want to attack you. have my opinion and you yours, but i think, you're wrong with your opinion bout egos.
egos win matches, but a team the league-title.
if cristiano (i don't call him ron...because there's only one) wouldn't have changed his attitude, he wouldn't have won nothing, but maybe manu. as zlatan won nothing big also.
think it's good from you to defend some, but you can't change another man's opinion, cause some might feel more informed than you.
to buj, there's no one greater than them two...luis enrique, rivaldo legends...remember often the time with our brazilian offensive with RIVALDO, giovanni and sonny anderson.
guardiolas manager was cruyff, with whom he won 1992 the cl as a youngster

Kxevin said...

Marc4Barca, we had a lot of fun with that one over at The Offside, with some interesting answers about how Blaugrana love began.

Plus Pep got to poke fun at my French language skills.

buj said...

And I just remembered it was the "phenomenon" Ronaldo who dribbles past 5 Athletico Madrid's players (if I'm not mistaken) that just pulls me to this team. That goal gets so much news air time that I bet it may have just created a lot of new barca followers back then.

Yeah, I guess that's how I became hooked.

Sorry Pep. Once I start, I can't stop, so........

LeónDragón said...

marc4barca, sorry, when i'm a little aggresive with my talk today. don't take it personal, as i think, that you very football-educated, as you proved often in the past, except of your pretendings.

today is not my day...:(

i take the red card now and i'm out.

everybody in the game, stay the same

ZenI said...

If we can't get Ribery or Silva, Robinho is a good choice. Maybe even better than Silva?
And this loan deal would be perfect since I don't trust Robinho. But it's not like I don't trust his skills, but his motivation and dedication. After 1 season we can evaluate and see if he's worth the investment. From all the Brazilians in Europe right now - it's only Alves, Maicon and Kaka that are doing good. Just look at Fabiano, Adriano, Ronaldinho, Elano etc. for some reason I don't want more Brazilians in Barca atm. Time will tell...

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