Sunday, 15 February 2009

Asenjo, Zhirkov and Silva main transfer targets

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain and Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola have agreed on the three priorities for the next transfer summer.

Independent of the results of this season, the club would want to buy a goalkeeper, a left back defender and a left winger (read more here).

The club want to sign a goalkeeper who can put some more pressure on Víctor Valdés. The number one on the target list would be Real Valladolid goalkeeper and Spanish youth international Sergio Asenjo (19) (read more here). To bring in some more competition for Abidal, CSKA left winger and Russian international Yuri Zhirkov (25) is the first option (read more here).

For the left wing, Valencia left winger and Spanish international David Silva (23) would be the preferred candidate, although also the most expensive one (read more here). If it's not possible to find a renewal deal with Eto'o, Barcelona will also look to sign a centre forward, with Torres, Benzema and Villa being the three names on the list.

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Anonymous said...

please god let the Zhirkov rumor be true

H said...

finally a coach with commen sense in signing players , it's really rare to see.
all those targets are needed , realistic , available and not over priced (not including benzima) .

with all do respect to rijkaard, he had a tendancy to sign players we don't need because of their name : henry when we had 4 forwards including dos santos, milito zambrotta when we had thuram and belletti .
anyway i really wan't to see all those mentioned in barcelona and with eto'o staying with a realistic contract ( not as much as messi ,kaka and ibra )

Anonymous said...

If Zhirkov is signed we dont need silva! That would be total non-sense. Extreme non-sense in fact. When Henrique comes back, Rafa or Pique can be an option on the DM too. This is something that must be considered. All that is needed is a wing player, and someone who can kick free-kicks.

Barca nerd-fan said...

My shortlist:

Asenjo, Ochoa

left back:
Lahm, Belhadj

Left winger:
Ashley Young, Babel, Silva

Other(If needed):
Aguero, Benzema, Villa, Fabregas, Hamsik

Anonymous said...

i kinda agree with barca nerd fan

i think asenjo is a must buy and we should get him ,nuff said there

for the left back position i want lahm,but he would cost us 25mill+ if we dont have that amount we should invest in gareth bale since we already have abidal and he would stay.

on lef wing silva or gourcouf.or play with iniesta there shoo henry and promote gai assulin as rotation(bojan can play there too so no problem,we dont have to be galacticos,we can keep balance with youth players)

if a striker is needed aguero,villa are my picks

and offcourse i am n1 fan of the club bring shunsuke nakamura to barca.he is a left footed beckham with better creativity and is underpriciated by fans and press.i know he is old but he can change games with his free kicks and set pieces and can play a midfield larsson role(also huge sales in japan,think the sales laporta oh the sales hehehehe)

Iason said...

We need Asenjo to challenge Valdes. Silva would be nice but I would prefer a right footed left winger who cuts in the box and shoots and a left footed left back who makes runs and supplies good crosses. When you have a right footed player and a left footed player on one side of the field, everything works out better. And it isn't Lahm and Ribery who have a great understanding of each other, it's Ribery and Ze Roberto who is left footed. I prefer Sylvinho over Abidal because he can cross just as well as Alves and is faster than Abidal but he is aging. My prefered left side is Patrice Evra in defense and Iniesta/Ribery and as much as I hate to admit it.... Cristiano Ronaldo. It's pretty much impossible yo get any of these player though. And Barceona must get Walter Da Silva from Brazil. He played in the un-20 south american championship and was easily the best player their. He is a striker but has really good vision and a typical Brazilian shot. WAAAAAAAAAAAYYY better than Pato and even bojan. No offense to Bojan, he just needs more time. Walter is already world class in my opinion.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Kameni is also available on a free transfer and he is only 24.

Anonymous said...

i have some doubts about zhirkov's defensive qualities. £Maxwell of inter would be a good option. his contract ends in 2010 so inter can't ask for much.Lahm is very good but also very exepensive. as a left wing there a lot of options, Ribery convinced me in the argentina france game. but also gourcuff has great skill + strength and heading abilities wich barça mostly lacks. ribery is a little bit more talented but also more exepensive. Silva lacks some scoring, strengt and he doensn't have the pace of messi or CR7 neither..He's a good player but he's not worth 30million when you have a similar (and better) player like iniesta. Give gai some chances too!
eto'o must stay but not with an overpriced contract. if he goes torres would be my first option, followed by aguero and benzema.

Anonymous said...

Kameni 24? please dont make me laught. He must be 32 minimum.

LB= lham or belhadj

Fwd= Villa(if eto leaves) & pls no Ade.

LF= since Arshavin is gone, buy Silva

Anonymous said...

no way can you compare walter to pato right now. walter doesnt even play reguraly for his brazilian club and pato atleast recently has been starting and scoring for milan!
for me, as much as i would love to have ribery here, iniesta on the left is almost as good as ribery is. ribery may be slightly better than iniesta, but why pay 30+ million euros for someone who isnt that much different to iniesta? we should have iniesta full time on the left next year and maybe get gourcuff to play the guddy role. and please no more gareth bale ideas! he is not worthy to play for barca.

Anonymous said...

Ribery and Iniesta are equal in everything except shooting and speed. Ribery is probably as fast as Messi and has a shot that can challenge anyones but Iniesta has better vision and better ball control (not dribbling). Put Ribery on the wing and Iniesta back in midfield or don't buy Ribery and try our luck with Hleb. Sometimes late in a game, Hleb will take Eto'o off and Henry will move to striker with Messi in the other wing. That is when played he plays his best football for FC Barcelona this season. He gives really nice passes and doesn't lose the ball as much and you can tell that he has a good understanding with Henry. If he can improve and build understanding like that with Eto'o next season, we may not need to spend big money on Silva or Ribery.

Anonymous said...

i wanna iniesta concentrate on mid-field role.
so we need to get quality left winger player like ribery or silva.
ribery is currently best option,but
he costs too much.
i agree with jordy, gourcuff would be interesting candidate for our left wing.
we've got quality player from league 1 like ronny,marquez,giuly,yaya...

Anonymous said...

kameni is 25 this year..

memo said...

Kameni is 24 you idiot

and for fucks sake will people stop thinking ochoa is good enough for Barça!

Anonymous said...

OMG.. Not you again Memo. Where have you been? Missed you "name-calling" and you agree Kameni is 24 or 25 then you need a trip to my continent. I know more than you do; @ least as far as African football is concerned. If you act more matured, and dont spit your dummy, i would give you my reasons for saying i know more than you

Tohar Investment Limited said...

i think the zhirkov option is very good and asenjo will be greatly a good inclusion,but i think we dont need silva,we already have iniesta,henry and hleb.pls lets go for zhirkov and asenjo.

memo said...

sure thing douchebag

Anonymous said...

sod off memo Kameni is 24. 25 this yr..why do you even bother commenting just to start a macho fight. Grow up fuck off and be a blaugranna not as you so rightly put it a 'douchebag

Anonymous said...

memo is such a sad fella. I wonder what is day to day life is like? pretty boring and filled with strife i guess

Anonymous said...

alves puyol milito abidal
toure yaya
xavi iniesta
messi c.ronaldo
(or pato)

memo said...

wow, i didnt think you were actually so pathetic that you would post two anonymous comments to make it look like other nerds follow what you post. nice try douche, actually no. i take that back, youre pathetic.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I would never do that, low-life-loser. I am man enough. I am still waiting for you to pick up you dummy and I would give you my reasons. I missed your silly ways. lol.... till fade

Ramen said...

We should go for Llorente or Guiza instead of Villa and Aguero. IMO, Bojan is good enough to start.

memo said...

kameni is 32? yeah we get it. youre an idiot.

Anonymous said...

we? u are alone loser. Cant you see nobodys is with you.
kameni is well known. You need to ask questions to learn what you dont really know.
Your international passport can carry anything. Xavi, R10, John terry, Keita, Yobo, julius aghahowa all played Nigeria 99, why are the africans no longer that important to thier teams? they are older than the european folks. Its harder breaking to limelight in african football, so when you do at 25years old, you claim 18 or 17, otherwise no club would invest in you. thats some 8-9 years hidden. So when they reach 25years, officially, they are already 32. thats my point. kanu nwakwo is 31 i guess. I know him very very well. He is 40yrs old. But all you are intrested in is calling people names. You need help mate

memo said...

blah blah blah. im alone? thats funny, all i see is your "anonymous" postings saying the same thing as you. didnt bother reading you post except something about "mate", so suffice it to say that no one read your pathetic attemt to redeem your stupid ass about kameni being 32. you are an idiot. and dont call me mate! your sorry pathetic ass only has "anonymous" mates. mate? do you even know what the fuck a mate is? get a fucking dictionary and figure it out "mate"!

Anonymous said...

alves henrique pique maxwell

xavi gourcuff iniesta

messi villa keirrison

puyol getting old ,replace with hehrique. zhirkov followed by chelsea get maxwell for 8mil from inter 'trade eto`o for gourcuff and 15mil from milan because yaya wants to go to arsenal ,with that money buy keirrison from palmerias and what money gathered from off-loading players not needed use to fund the purchasing of david villa of valencia and then you would have 1 awesome first 11

hieifcb said...

Gourcuff plays AM right? or can he play DM too?

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