Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Barcelona plans few changes in the summer

Catalan newspaper El Periódico claims that Barcelona will make few transfers during the coming summer transfer window.

A serious reshuffle is the squad is expected for the summer of 2010, when the contracts of several players and the coaches expire and presidential elections will be held.

The preparations of next season already started a couple of months ago but all negotiations have now been stopped until the end of the season. Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola and Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain have agreed on the basic principle of continuity. The starting point would be to sign one player for each line.

Barcelona goalkeeper Albert Jorquera (30) would want to leave because he lost his place as second goalkeeper to Pinto. Because there's still some uncertainty about the renewal of Barcelona goalkeeper Víctor Valdés (27), Barcelona is working on several options with a different profile. Valladolid goalkeeper and Spanish youth international Sergio Asenjo (19) could be on the list.

With the contract of Barcelona left back defender Sylvinho (35) expiring, Barcelona is looking for a player who can replace him. The return of Brazilian central defender Henrique (22 - picture), who was signed last summer and who is playing on loan with German club Bayer Leverkusen this season, is being considered (read more

Barcelona also plans to buy two attacking players. Bayern Munich attacker and French international Franck Ribéry (26) is high on the list. If Barcelona forward Samuel Eto'o (28), whose contract expires at the end of next season, would leave, Barcelona will look for a new striker.

With Lyon forward Karim Benzema (21) having expressed his wish to stay in France for at elast one more year (read more here), Barcelona is now looking at several options, that include Valencia forward David Villa (27), Liverpool forward Fernando Torres (25) and Arsenal forward Emmanuel Adebayor (25).

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Anonymous said...

Benzema is 19? He is 22.

HouseMD said...

All the players which contracts expire in the summer of 2010. will renew mostly because of Barca's success this year. No-one wants to abandon the winning team. Of course, it would be insane to change the best attacking trio in the history. Although, there's one "problem" called African Cup. And the question is who should replace Eto'o??
Buying Villa (for example) would resolve this situation. But in that case Eto'o will be no longer needed!! Why? Simply because they're playing same position and it would be stupid to force one of them playing position they can't. Anyway what will Barca get if they buy Villa. Nothing. This player has same abilities as Eto'o and same age too. So, why should Barca pay him 40M and sell Eto'o for 25M?? Here's my opinion on buying some players.

GK: de Gea (bench role), Asenjo (loan)

Defense: I wouldn't change much except LB: Adriano (Sevilla), Zhirkov, Vargas (Fiorentina) - all of them attacking full-backs

Midfield: Jesus Navas, and the long term option (as the successor of Xavi) CESC

Attack: Ribery
Benitez won't sell Torres, and Adebayor - 2 words: wasting money

jester[HUN] said...

Hey guys I have seen a picture of succer madrid The "next" team
maicon pepe s.ramos filipe
fabregas l.diarra kaka
c.ronaldo benzema robben
what do you think

here is the link:

my opinion buy 4 players:
CM:??? but it's needed becouse toure and keita is going to african cup
and that's all
we don't need gudijonsen,hleb,pinto,jorquera,sylvinho,milito

JR said...

Benzema is indeed not 19, but he isn't 22 either. It's 21.

pep said...

One point for JR...

Anonymous said...

I think that Rolando from FC Porto would be the perfect candidate for our left wing back. Right age, wouldn't be as expensive as zhirkov etc. And with the incoming of Henrique I think our defensive line would be allright.

I'm very impressed of Yohann Gourcuff. He should absolutely be one of our priorities. And Fernando (DM), another young Porto player (1987) who has shown what he is capable of in the CL. He was very god against Man U and would be a great target (wouldn't mind some benchwarming) for our beloved Club.

In the front Villa, Silva or Ribery should only be brought in if Henry or Eto'o leaves.


Anonymous said...

Nothing is needed except a player with a great shot. A player who can actually score from free kicks. Why dont people here see that we need something we miss? We miss a player who can head the ball, and we miss a player with a great shot. This is the truth, so we should look at players who can give us that.

Anonymous said...

Rolando is not a left wing back, but a tall central defender.

Jay said...

GK: Keep Valdes, and bring in Asenjo so he gets competition
D: Get rid of milito, and sylvinho, and brin in a central defender with paste and clichy
M: Bring in Moutinho, and geet rid of gudjohnsen and hleb
A: Sell eto'o and Henry if good prices, and if so buy, silva or ribery for henry, and villa for eto'o
send gai on loan, bring jeffren to the first team

Anonymous said...

GK: keep valdes and get sergio asenjo
D: sell sylvinho and get maxwell from inter as a left back
M: sell guddy and get a central midfielder who can play also DM
A: keep etoo and henry, and also get silva

Marc4barca said...

GK- Asenjo or madanda
LB- Vargas or adriano
CB- bring back henrique(he can play right back)
LCM- hernanes or moutinho
LW- ribery and promote gai
CF- Zlatan or villa(if eto'o goes, i think he should leave)

Marc4barca said...

oops forgot to chosse who is going and might be going

GK- Joquera
CB- Milito
LB- Sylvinyo
CM- Gudijohsen and hleb
CF- Eto

SJP said...

asenjo is a definite, also cheap.

for left back the porto guy did look quite good but i only saw him in that one match so don't know, should get maxwell, as again is cheap, or the young talent from almeria

don't think we need to buy a CM, if we plan to keep keita, would be much better to look for a season long loan and give busquets more games

for LW sell henry only if we get a good price, if henry is going to leave then make ribery priority, if henry stays promote Gai so he can learn from a master

CF resign etoo, he's better than villa and knows the club, system etc. if etoo wants to leave then villa would be best replacement, although i would love to see aguero at barca.

Søren Mortensen said...

Barca next season, hopefully...


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