Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Guardiola wants Villa

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has asked the club to do everything possible to sign Valencia forward and Spanish international David Villa (27).

Barcelona is trying to lower the asking price of 50 million euro° but Valencia rejects the option of Cáceres and would only want to include Barcelona striker Bojan in the deal (read more here). In the meantime, Barcelona would already have reached a personal agreement with Villa. If the clubs can find a deal, the contract could be signed soon after the Confederations cup.

Valencia regional newspaper Las Provincias claims that Valencia is not interested in Bojan. The club would be hoping that Madrid raises the cash part of their bid because the technical staff would like replace Villa by Real Madrid striker Negredo. Asked if the club is considering other options than Negredo, a Valencia official is quoted as saying: "We don't want to take risks." The paper also claims that Villa prefers to join Barcelona rather than Real Madrid.

Asked about the situation of Villa, Valencia president Manuel Llorente confirmed to journalists that Barcelona has asked for the striker: "At this moment, we don't have any offers on the table. The talks with Real Madrid have been stopped on Saturday and now there are other clubs, like Barcelona, who have asked for the player. He's a Valencia player right now and we're gonna take some time to make the best decision for the club."

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Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

Bayern is willing to sell Ribéry !!!!

Franz Beckenbauer says that they have to accept the millions !!!
I hope he comes to Barça !!!

And Villa .... NO

pep said...

50 million euro =

70 million us dollar
43 million british pound

Ekar said...

lol iniestagooal commented even before pep haha

Barca Brn said...

Villa and say mashcherano is on the way...these are good additions...I trust Gurdiola the guy knows what he's doing!

Marc4barca said...

i see no reason in david villa he is just an upgraded version of eto but won't really change anything from what eto has done.

1- he is shorter
2- he is weaker
3- he slower

but i guess anything is better than eto right now. i still think barca should consider all options and not let real dictate their paste.

Marc4barca said...

when i said upgraded i meant in terms of finishing, beating defenders, passing and control.

NouBarca said...


buj said...

@ NouBarca

You're joking, right??

NouBarca said...

end od sarcasm!!

NouBarca said...

end of sarcasm

Nazriano said...

why guys?! i really like villa. hes gonna be better than ibra coz hes gonna get 70+goals/season. :D

Vj said...

Is Robinho coming on loan?

buj said...

@ Vj

I guess that would be a good move but what if MC backtrack on the agreement next season? Will they got 2 top-rated strikers while we lost maybe 3, Eto, Robinho and Henry.

Unless someone, be it Villa or anybody highly-rated do sign on, I don't know if a loan deal is acceptable.

jazzy said...

lol Nou.. we get your point..haha
but like Kxevin said, and i think about this to, we may still need a plan B, a bus breaker.
but maybe i could be done w/ henry on the no.9 w/ villa wide left i suppose.
I find this report funny. we got a personal agreement w/ him, while he is miles awaaayy.. in Africa.. :p
well maybe its w/ his agent.

NouBarca said...

People are never staisfied. We won two UCL cups with the striker who is one dimensional. We beat two EPL side in both finals, Why hasnt Ibra taken Inter to the final let alone win it. We all want Ibra, okay, how much would he want per week? how much would his transfer fee be? is it 100% certain he would gel straight away with our team? I am not against ibra move but i am just trying to be realistic and cut cost.

Messi108 said...

Superbly said NouBarca !!
I totally agree with u.
And i got the sarcasm part the first time i read it :)

bojan! said...

Masch agent is in Barca.. I hope this is true!! but not for the cost of TOURE (the beast)

the dreamer, mars said...

-------- asenjo ------
--alves puyol marquez abidal
-- ------ toure------
-- xavi ------ iniesta --
-- messi --villa-- robinho--

gks Pinto,Mino,Oier
dfs Henrique, Felipe, Pique, Bruno, Caceres (possible loan)
mdfs Keita, Mascherano, Busquets, Thiago (keita and toure will be in ACN)
cfs Bojan,Gai,Henry,Pedro

WOW !!! visca barca para siempre

Manzo said...

Robinho loan!!!! Villa might not cum coz as Valencia need cash they most probably gonna go for the highest bidder so dont get your hopes up as for ibra pppsssshhhh... Overated!

jazzy said...

relax Nou.. the Ibra deal has calm down now anyways.. :)
looks like we're going to get robinho..:p
well if its just a loan, we could always kick his but out if he messes things up.. lol
and if Masch comes.. that I would love to see TOURE in a more atacking position (AM or the xavi/rotation) like he plays w/ his NT.

omar said...

goal .com says that robinho is coming to barca on loan one season i wish ribery come not robinho and i think villa wil be better than ibra bec. he played with xavi and iniesta and he will understand them easily and he know all aboul la liga also

Anonymous said...

toure in more atacking position, whaaahaa are you serious jazzy? :PPP

KluivertsBoots said...

Villa is the most ready-made substitute for Eto'o once he goes to the African Nations and most likely away from Barca next summer. He obviously speaks the language, is accustomed to La Liga, and will have an understanding with most of our players right away.

If you are going to spend that kind of money, spend it on a sure thing. Villa is as close as it gets. If Pep wants him, I have no argument whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

maybe yaya is the best DM, but not even close to the best AM :PPP

jazzy said...

yes of course he is not the best AM. but he does play there, in his National team and his old club. its just an option to rotate xavi-iniesta-yaya if one is not available (we've been lucky enough that xavi-iniesta didnt get injured at the same time, but it could happen anytime), and we get mascherano in DM.

jazzy said...

theres to many anonys these days. could you just put a name there? :p

Ramzi said...

@Marc4barca, the guys are treating you harshly regarding Ibra lol

I just finalized the following article, but now I will add a special part for Ibra, just to make you happy again ;)

Anonymous said...

man 50 mio is sooooooooooooooooo much for villa.

hope this is not true. 5 mio more and we can get aguero - a 6.5 years younger world class and skillful striker.

villa is worth 35 mio and that's it.

jazzy said...

here anony:

Anonymous said...

yee i know
hehe ok, next time jazzy :))

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why are ppl so excited about macherano. We have toure, busquets and keita, not to mention marquez for dm. In toure we have the PERFECT dm for this side, distribution, good control, and covers a huge amount of ground which is vital considering the gaps when other teams counter. Why in hell the barca not signing him quicker.

SJP said...

spain vs iraq = iraq 'parking the bus' villa just opened the scoring with header, who needs ibra?!

go get him pep, by far the best options. (now spain's 2nd all time scorer behind raul)

Marc4barca said...

lol @ ramzi.. thank you very much.


sjp, your one of those people who wait for something to happen to run your mouth, villa doesn't score headers regularly and eto scores them sometimes too. no one is a better option than zlatan the best striker in the world. villa and ribery are all madrid dreamers cause they got ronaldo and kaka, i hate fickle people.

spain isn't playing well, i'm not to worried though we winning this confederations cup, bring on brazil and italy. as for robinho i like him and a loan deal is good for both barca and manc.

Marc4barca said...

IBRACADABRA* lol i feel ashamed to have mentioned it wrong before, i dont deserve to be a zlatan fan *tears*

SJP said...

@marc4barca i was only joking mate you need to lighten up abit.

saying that i don't want ibra at barca, you think he is better than torres? come on, he's playing in a weak league and disappears in CL.

Messi108 said...


[i] villa doesn't score headers regularly [/i]
Did u even watched the Confederations Cup game tdy ?
Villa scored from a header.
[i] villa and ribery are all madrid dreamers [/i]
Says Who ??
Villa is better than Ibra anyday !

Marc4barca said...

sjp dont play around dude i might kill you for dissing ibra lol. p.s torres doesn't hold a candle to ibra. watch some videos and be dazzled by the magic.

says villa and ribery

just because villa scored a header today doesn't make him a specialist, when he comes up against the english with players like vidic, terry, carragher, skrtel, alex, ferdinand even from italian teams like inter with cordoba and burdisso and juventus's chillieni and melberg and grygera etc there is no winning of headers from short people against these players. you want to try walking in the ball again. we are vulnerable in a two legged tie when the english look to defend.

villa<<<<<<<< Ibra >>>>>>>torres

lebanese said...

This is nonsense,Marc4barca. Torres is clearly far superior to this Ibra who hasn't done anything on the big stage. Time to realize this, Ibra does not have killer instinct that is so important in today's game. The pathetic serie A is the only place where he can shine.

NouBarca said...

For the Ibra followers, how many did he score with his head this past season? I like to know. Thanks.

Messi108 said...

@ NouBarca : U always hit the nail on the head dont u ?
Well said again mate !

Says Ribery and Villa ?
Really ??

And like lebanese said...What ahs ibra done on the big stage ?
ok ! He scored 25 in Seria A. I've watched all the goals and i've seen Seria A defending...No wonder !!
I have nothing more to say.

Ramzi said...

@NouBarca, as many times as Inter skillful wings crossed the ball;)

Who are they again?

Messi108 said...


Maybe so. But that proves nothing !

ZenI said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NouBarca said...

Inter managers must be silly, cos if Ibra can alaways get 10 headers yearly, they ought to have found him a skillful wingers. I say sack mourinho

ZenI said...

Tbh, Ibra scored maybe 2 or 3 headers last season. Even if he's tall, he just doesn't score headers. Imo, Ibra doesn't position himself very good (or at least, it could be better). He passes the ball and makes strange runs and doesn't gett the ball. Villa and Torres position themselves better than Ibra imo.
But sometimes Ibra just goes nuts and creates a goal out of nowhere 'a la' Messi and Kaka. And there are not many players that can do that - keep in mind, he scored 25 this season.

But it's hard to compare Eto'o, Villa, Torres and Ibra. They are different players and are good at different things, but they are all worldclass - the best strikers/forwards you can get atm.

What I don't get is where Pep intends to play Villa and if Eto'o is staying? If Eto'o is leaving we still need another CF or left winger. Cause' Villa could also play on the left wing, his passes are brilliant and he can both set up goals and score them. And Henry should stay at least 1 more season and we could play him in the middle almost as a target man if the buss is parked.

Another thing, this BS about Ribery is driving me crazy. The guy is destined to play for Barca. He is the best option out there. If we get him we don't have to invest much money for the 10/11 season. Just a new CB and maybe 1 backup for a position we need.

Villa, Ribery, Mashcerano (or another CM) and Filipe - that would be great! But would set us back €150 millions - I just don't see that happening. Even if we sell Guddy, Hleb and Eto'o - we still have to pay €80-90 millions?

Ramzi said...

NouBarca, if you think Ibra is more overrated than Mourinho, it means u really hate Ibra.

They bought Quarizma (or whatever his name) and Mancini. Its not Ibra fault that they flopped.

Messi108, exactly! It prove nothing, back and forth.

Noubarca said...

Mourinho has proof. Never lost a home game in over how many games? over 100. Won UCL wiv porto, won 2 EPL with chelsea, before then it was 50 years ago since chelsea won it. since he left, they have lost many many homes games, yet to win the EPl. so Mourinho is not over rated. He has results. I dont 8 Ibra, but i dont like him in Barca.

And would it be Peps fault if Ibra failed at Barca?

thebackseatstrangler said...

i was thinking ibrahimovic scored with his head w/the swedish national team but it was rosenberg right? i'll look into it. it'll give me an excuse to watch his highlight vids again.

irrespective of whether he makes them or not, or my wishes, there's no way we can afford him in this transfer market bubble. i never thought i'd say this but i think we should go for adebayor(gasp). HE can head a fucking ball. but he's got a great shot on him too. i'm sure you can argue he was a one hit wonder & point to his unimpressive season in 08/09 & i probably would have agreed w/you.

BUT, he was out injured for a good couple of stretches last year & he still managed to score 16 goals. remember his goal against villarreal? that's exactly the sort of shit we need. and as for the people saying he wasn't as motivated as he was in 07/08 i'd answer i wouldn't be either, knowing that i had lost my chance @ joining the greatest team in all of europe. i think he'd come a little bit cheaper this time around too.

i think villa is a great striker but just like bojan, he'd operate better in the hole or alongside a true #9 like torres. i won't oppose his signing but it seems strange to me that pep would flip flop on the type of striker he was after(although i did, kind of).

i still say we go after david silva instead of villa. llorente stated in a later interview that he had not labeled any of his players as transferrable or nontransferrable.

Ramzi said...

Noubarca, trapatoni is not a better coach than capello, even though he won more titles.

Mourinho had quality, but he is not a special one. Let me remind you (and u r an EPL follower) it was a period when most of the big names were passing thru transition period. It wasnt a coincidence that the final of the CL between Monaco and porto. So Monaco coach was the second best that season? If monaco won back then, Dechamp would have been chelsea coach instead in a period where chelsea had a scary squad while the other big EPL teams were in a big mess.

Beside parking a bus against Man Utd in CL semi final with porto and winning the game, thanx for Macarthey free kick. Everything else came naturally to him.

Even Mancini was more successfull with Inter than Mou...

If Ibra flop at barcelona pep will carry a part of the responsibility of course.But my point was a respond on "if ibra had a head, inter would have bought wingers". Inter tried to buy wings but they failed.

NouBarca said...

I give up. You have so many ways of defending this. lol.

The team that win is crowned best, and the coach takes his place too, coincincidence or not.

Why was Canavaro voted Balan dor? Italy won the WC!!

Ramzi said...

But I think Pirlo deserved it more. Just for the record :P

Marc4barca said...

if everytime someone parked the bus and get results means they are a spectacular manager then most managers are great. it shows that the yr in which porto won the cl was a very strange year if monaco and porto was in final or alot of luck but porto was not that bad of a side. if it was all mourinho that won cl then why hasn't he done it with chelsea and inter. two coaches after him has done better in cl than he did avram grant made it to the final and guus made it too semis both beating liverpool on their way there, when did mourinho beat liver in cl again?? oh right never!! mourinho never builds a sqaud he takes them and put them to defend, look at who they signed for inter, to me that was all a total waste of money and if it wasn't for ibra then mourinho would have no trophies this year. now look at who he wants to sign deco and carvalho. who in their right mind will sign deco who has failed to perform at the highest lvl in 3yrs(turning 32 this yr) and carvalho who has lost his spot to alex. burdisso and cordoba are better than carvalho. he has signed diego milito and motta and i still can't understand these two signings, these are not signings you make if you want to win cl, he could waited a little longer and consider his options, the transfer season isn't going to end anytime soon.

on there was a question whether eto and zlatan would succeed if they swapped and most said(authors on that eto will most likely not perform at inter cause he doesn't have a iniesta or xavi or messi to support him, while most said zlatan would become a great player in barcelona. there was 1 that said iniesta+xavi+messi+zlatan+daniel avles= bus breaker. to me zlatan can play the LF anytime he wants and has that berbatov like ability to hold up the ball when needed and he can definitely cross it better than eto. i can use sevilla as an excuse as well, how many headers have they scored since daniel alves left the team. they have been absolutely poor cause they have no great crosser of the ball. simple as that no support equals no goals this is why i feel eto is so eager to stay that he would go through so much to stop clubs from buying him and laporta said he is strange. so tell me now do you expect zlatan to score against the english with those sort of player behind him against the defensive football, even barca have trouble and inter are no where near barca in term of players worth and skill. so let's take the man who carries a team on his back and put him in a team where he doesn't have to do all the work, no!! not just a team the best passing team in the history of football and what do you get?? one more thing just think how hard it would be to mark messi and zlatan, it almost seems impossible to mark them both without giving away so much space in other areas i think we might see a new line of defensive football of 4 in between the post and 5 in the penalty area and 1 just below the half way line.

thebackseatstrangler said...

3/25 of ibrahimovic's goals were headers last year.

NouBarca said...

lol.. you have done a good job. But dont be suprised Eto might score more if he went to Inter cos there nobody else to score. Just tell me he cant

Ramzi said...

Well, even with all the scoring players at Barcelona, he is still getting more scoring opportunities per game than any other goal scorer in the world, and more than he will get anywhere else. Tell me this is not true ;)

Iason said...

Buy Ibra or David Villa. Either way, Eto'o will have to go. We can afford it. I would prefer he stays though. But doesn't anyone agree with me when I say that BOJAN should be our LW starter next season? In the last few games that he played there, He has been good enough to be our starter. And he wont just be a Winger than never scores. If he plays as much as Messi, he will score +20 goals a season and at least 10 assists. Forget Ribery or Villa for our LW, Bojan is the man! Bojan has speed, technique, great passing and vision and a stinging shot that will only get better with the years. Plus, he already has better finishing than Eto'o

Iason said...


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