Friday, 22 May 2009

Vidic on top of Barcelona's target list

British sports site Sky Sports claims that Manchester United central defender and Serbian international Nemanja Vidic (27) is on top of Barcelona's transfer target list (reaad more here).

Barcelona would have identified the centre back position as an area of weakness and would like to sign a left-sided centre-half who in the future can grow into playing next to Gerard Pique.

It's unclear if Manchester United would be willing to sell but Barcelona could move for the Serbian defender after the Champions League final next week. With Vidic's wife apparently unsettled in England, Barcelona is hoping to tempt the defender to Spain.

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raidall said...

yeah sounds good but something very strange must happen if he leaves manU.
but in footall everything is possible you never know.

why don't we look for a player who can play like a CB and like a RB cuz we have only alves as a RB. and only he played the most games at the back cuz we don't have a good replacement for him.


Anonymous said...

i don't think he can make it in La Liga as good as he did in EPL.
he is typical EPL CB.

Anonymous said...

why?? why we need another central defender?? this is a joke

Anonymous said...

ther is no logic in this transfer, we have henrique coming back from loan. and millito back from injuri for next season... , so why we would buy another CB. they must get some research on Barcas situation first, then post this kind articals.

per said...

"Barcelona would have identified the centre back position as an area of weakness"What now?!

King said...

Sign Vidic! It would be amazing. Most of Our CB's isen't good enough. Marquez is injured all the time, Puyol is getting older = lacking form some times. Milito = Who know if he'll be the same again. = Pique = King..I would love to see him and Vidic next to eachother oooh...

Aussie Barca Fan said...

I would happily sell Marquez and Milito to buy Vidic. The guy is class. He is excellent in the air and times his tackles well. With Puyol not getting any younger, he will add steel to the defence and form a brilliant partnership with Pique.

peter said...

Ha ha...usual crap!

"Barcelona would have identified the centre back position as an area of weakness and would like to sign a left-sided centre-half who in the future can grow into playing next to Gerard Pique."

Pique, Henrique, Milito, Caceres, Puyol, Marquez plus our Atletic-players.

Even if Milito and someone else leaves we're covered. And this guy is not much younger than Puyol and Marquez.

"Grow into..."
This guys got less future than Henrique and Caceres.

I would love working at a silly paper or site to launch these ridiculous rumours, and getting paid for it!!

Anonymous said...

@ king: "Marquez is injured all the time" when was marquez injured this season! once! and that happened against chelsea!

wanted47 said...

Steven Gerrard: "Nemanja Vidic Is My Player Of The Season"

i think that says it all:-)

HouseMD said...

I agree with Peter.

MBB said...

Hey W47, weren't there english stars quoting that Hleb was the Player of the Season a year ago!!!!
I agree this is a joke, we should never buy this man. Caceres on loan for a couple years, let Puyol fill for Alves and then he and Marquez/Milito can finish up their careers in two years. At that point we'll have henrique, caceres, pique, and botia on the way.

King said...

Vidic to Barcelona would be best transfer of the year!

wanted47 said...

yes i know same as hleb last year..but this guy is different..he is crazy like puyol even sometimes crazier..he jumps into every ball like if it his last tackle..he is a bit stiff but he always give 110%...we must not get him because we have other young defenders..but if we can get him for the right price i will not say no!
but i can`t see fergi letting him was a big mistake for letting pique leave and i`m sure he is regreting it

Ratty88 said...

this is crap. its tabloid stuff to get us to think we need manchester players to be better. no dis to vidic but stay in manchester (trust me he's not going anywhere) and we'll settle with our "weak" defense, pfft what a load of GARBAGE

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