Sunday, 31 May 2009

Gudjohnsen could return to the Premier League

Asked about his future, Barcelona attacker and Iceland international Eidur Gudjohnsen told the club's official website that he didn't yet make a decision:

"In football, you never know. It's already usual that people think I will leave in the summer but I'm still here. I didn't yet think or talk about my future, but my intention is to talk with the coach this summer and to listen to what he has to say, what he thinks about me. And then we'll see what will happen."

In an interview with British tabloid The Daily Mirror, Gudjohnsen, whose contract expires in the summer of 2010, said that it's likely he will return to England although he will first discuss his future with Barcelona manager Guardiola: "Of course it would be very easy to move back to England. I'll take the summer to look at the bigger picture and in the end my decision will be based on football reasons, nothing else.

Without blowing my own trumpet, I think returning to England is probably inevitable. There is a lot of interest from the Premier League. I had a great time in England and I know the game inside out. I'm well known in England and enjoyed great success there. People know my experience, know I will adapt easy to the football.

To be part of a club like Barcelona is a privilege. And who knows I might enjoy it for one more year. It's difficult to leave a club like Barcelona. My young boys are playing for the Barcelona academy. My focus stays on the football, though, and it has to be about football. I still have ambition. I still have a lot of football in me.

If the manager tells me next season I will get even less opportunities then I will look for another option. Any player wants minutes on the pitch. In a treblewinning season, though, I have played my part. I know I'm not the most important guy in the squad but to have 70 games and to have played in 30 or 40 of them, I think I have won the treble and contributed as much as anyone."

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per said...

He is so right. I wouldn't mind him staying. Very reliable.

kamikaze kontiki said...

I don't think I want him to stay but he has done a lot more for the team than people realise. People are only now starting to realise the utility of Keita. Guddy too played an understated but slightly different role. As Guardiola noted for the first Derby game he wanted a helper for Xavi to assist with distribution and Guddy was the man he chose.

As far as skills go he has good touch and the ability to protect the ball but he sometimes tries to get the ball forward too early ( Premier League influence)i.e he is too direct.

But the reason he has to go is because we are likely to start both Iniesta and Xavi as many times as possible and we need full time replacements in the event of injury to either of them.

Guddy disapears during the 2nd half of a game. That is not good enough. We need someone who can play the entire game because it is a critical position for us and we need stable cover. Someone who can do at least half the job that Xavi or Iniesta do without himself needing to be replaced midway through the game.

Thanks anyway to Guddy, he is a model professional and from what I can see a very popular member of the team.

And, he is right, he did contribute as much as anyone, he did play a vital part in winning the treble and deserves all 3 medals.

LeónDragón said...

...thanks for comming...god bless you...goodbye...

ElovesBarca said...

Bye Bye ~ Guddy ~

hlebisrubbish said...

how much is he worth?Bye bye Guddy thankyou

KRALINHO said...

get 6m euro and sell him,we need someone better than him next season.

tero said...

Goodbye Guddy hope your boys are better footballers than you

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