Sunday, 21 June 2009

Txiki is holding his summer sleep

*silence, people working*


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A2J said...

Hehehe, while he should be working,hes wonder no new transfer has been completed yet....WAKE UP Txiki!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's waiting for Real M. to buy first class players!?

Wake up and sign Zhirkov and Villa!

Fabiano said...

Thanks to the evil empire, we'll have to wait for transfers until the market has cooled down.

Maybe you guys only became fans during the successful last season. Otherwise you would remember that Barça was in a serious financial crisis only a couple of years ago.

Laporta, Txiki and some other great men of our board saved the club. They know damn well what they are doing. They have their reasons why they don't splash 60 millions on a single player.

Amar said...

well said fabiano.
There was a time when barca would lose its stars because of monetary reasons.
Dont focus on transfers.
We should realise that barca is able to keep all their stars now. Reckless spending will kill the club.
We dont have the luxury of madrid, that is getting money from i dont know where, even when they are in dept.
Laporta and txiki are not irresponsible people.

Anonymous said...

Financial crisis? Of cause there should be, just look at the huge sum of money they gambled last summer, and look at the players we've bought for these succesive three season, how much have we already spent? While how many of these players really stood themselves a spot in the starting 11? Admit it folks, Txiki Begiristain is a complete fucker~!

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