Sunday, 21 June 2009

Liverpool rejects first bid for Mascherano

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona has made Liverpool a few days ago a 20 million euro° bid for Liverpool defensive midfielder and Argentine international Javier Mascherano (25) through the player's agent Walter Tamer but that the English club has rejected the offer.

Tamer would then have raised the bid to 20 million euro plus the loan or the transfer of a Barcelona player who can leave the club but Liverpool doesn't seem willing to consider the offer unless more important players are offered.

Asked about the rumours linking Mascherano with a move to Barcelona, Federico Vitali, another agent of the player, said in an interview with Catalan radio station Ona FM that there aren't direct negotiations between the two clubs at this moment: "Barcelona is of course interested in Javier Mascherano but until Barcelona start talking with Liverpool, no progress will be made. It's clear that Mascherano wants to play at Barcelona, every Argentinian player would want that."

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Liverpool asks 40 million euro° plus the loan of Barcelona forward Bojan (18). British tabloid The Daily Mail claims that Liverpool wants to let the player go for a fee of at least 41,5 million euro°, while Barcelona would be ready to offer 24 million euro° plus Bojan. Sport claims that a loan of Bojan is not an option. British newspaper The Times claims that Mascherano is valued at 36 million euro°.

British tabloid The Daily Mirror on the other hand claims that Liverpool manager Rafael Benítez has made it clear that Mascherano will not be allowed to leave at any price and that the coach will now call a summet with the player's agent to insist that the Argentinian midfielder must honour the three years left on his contract.

Spanish radio station Cadena Ser meanwhile claims that Real Madrid made an 30 to 35 million euro° bid for Mascherano. Catalan radio station RAC 1 claims, based upon sources from the entourage of the player, that Madrid didn't yet make a formal offer. The Times claims that Madrid is prepared to pay 45 million euro° for Mascherano and Liverpool right back Arbeloa and that Benítez is close to conceding defeat in his attempts to keep he Argentinian.

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pep said...

20 million euro =

23 million us dollar
17 million british pound

30 million euro =

42 million us dollar
25 million british pound

45 million euro =

63 million us dollar
38 million british pound

L10 said...

25m euros should be the limit! or we can sign Moutinho,Veloso, Hamsik, Hernanes..

per said...

40 mil + Bojan on loan is ridicuolus.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope Toure' resigns soon,can't afford to lose him.Mascherano on the other hand is not a necessity for me,Busquets is more than capable,he has proved that every time he played.

JR said...

every paper has a different story, so it's pretty clear to me that this is all guess work.

hadi said...

I still don't know why barca is going to sign mascherano! especially for 40m euro!!!! we have keita, toure, bosquets and all of them is great... I think barca should sign Villa, Ribery/Robinho, Zhirkov and Bruno Alves before lose them to other clubs... I think barca is not that active in the transfer market this summer...I know its too much time remains of transfer period but we still didn't sell hleb, gudjohnsen, eto'o and we even don't know who will be our next CF (Villa, Ibra or Someone else), LB (Abidal, Zhirkov or Filipe), LWF (Henry, Robinho, Ribery)...I hope everything turns out well...

Dolce said...

Barca doesnt really need Mascherano so its unnecessary to pay overprice for him. It would be wiser to spend that 40 million on Cesc, if possible. I think that Barca should prioritize their transfer market activity and spend big on a winger(Robinho, Aguero or Ribery) and try to renew Eto'os contract even if he demands 10 million per season. If Villa or Zlatan dont arrive, I dont think that selling Eto'o would improve Barca in any way. Since when we have wanted to weaken the team? Its obvious that RM wants to shock Barca by chasing the same players and therefore inflate the prices. If Barca offers 20 million for a player, one day later RM announces that they are ready to pay 25 million and in that way they can make sure that Barca wont get that player without paying €30M. The only top player whom Barca can court without RM´s intervention is Robinho, at least for now. Without Calderon´s exit something like this would have never happened and at first RM´s elections were supposed to be in July...

buj said...

I guess I have to repeat this. Is RM interest for real or are they just trying to jack-up the prices of any players that interest Barca or any of their direct CL rivals?

Do they really still have the funds to do any big-money transfers before selling any of their current players?

Anonymous said...

if im not mistaken they got more money from here:
and still they can sell a few players and have another 30-50mil.
and even before this, after they bid CR,the rumors are that they still have around 100mil more to spend..
do the math.. ;)

buj said...

Thanks for that bro. Let me do the maths.

In bank 90mil + New loan 76.6mil (not 766mil as per article)= 166.6mil - (CR + Kaka = 160 mil) = 6.6 mil (nett)

Even if they offload half their current squad, the most they can get is 1 or 2 new players in (at the kind of prices they're talking about i.e Villa upwards of 45mil, while only selling Ruud VN for 1.5mil, come on!!). Are they planning on bringing in their reserve players to fill in the gap?

Unless the sales of players start happening, to me they're just BS'ing, murkying the transfer.

Anonymous said...

ok.. here you go buj.. a good read bout how perez got all that money.. and i think he still have a lot more to spend:
read the 3rd page..
we know where he got the money from, but we can only predict how much..its almost limitless..its pretty depressing.. :(
but then again you should read this:
perez is a great businessman, but he is crazy. we are talking a bout a man who is willing to sell casillas.. to buy buffon..(back then)..
either way, he is getting what he wants right now w/ no bargaining.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me are because Real Madrid and Manchester City has a lot of money they think people are going to pay excessive prices for players that have not even been nominated for prestigious awards or there clubs haven't won any trophies and think they can overprice players.In my opinion Mascherano is only worth tops between 20-26 million;i know i could be wrong but players a getting too much overpriced.

buj said...

Thanks again. Let me get this right the first time. All the fig. here are estimates in euros.

Rm is 500mil in debt. Getting credit is supposed to be hard nowadays. Minus the 160mil for Kaka+CR, they're supposed to be penniless yet still talking of paying over-the-market price for players. hmmm??

So they have the 1bil mediapro deal as collateral, minus the 500mil debt and the new 76mil loan, do you think banks will cont. giving them loans? For a deal that payable down the years, as stated by the article. I'm not so sure in this current economic climate.

Even tho Perez is a billionaire, I thought Spanish league rule forbids billionaire club presidents from putting own money into teams, unlike EPL club "owners".

I've read about "Kaka+CR" value in the long run but that's still money "to be" earned while they're already 500mil in the red.

I don't know I think Perez is bluffing unless they have been manipulating their finances all these years that they have funds (taxable) that the govt. don't know exist. I think they just want to inflate prices so nobody can get the players Perez intends to get, be it now or next transfer season.

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