Monday, 27 April 2009

Pique: "Classical music makes me fall asleep"

Barcelona player Gerard Piqué gave an interview to Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo.

Few players of the squad are as culé like you, who has been feeded by it since you were a baby. How do you transmit that feeling to foreigners?
I can understand that a player from another place plays to win trophies and for his individual prestige. By doing that, he already helps the team. I don't ask a player to feel the colours as if he were from here. I've played in England and I can assure that I couldn't feel the Manchester United shirt like a player from their youth academy can, but it's clear that you should have the sacrifice and the motivation to give everything for the Barça shirt. They sure are aware of what this club means. You don't need many lessons for that. Henry already saw it when arriving at Barça.

Having Messi and Iniesta on the pitch gives one more calmness?
Totally, because you know you have decisive players on both wings and that there's a constant danger.

Three months ago, you told us that the treble was possible. What do you think now?
The fans of Barça should believe in the treble and the players also believe in it, but it shouldn't lead our attention away. One thing is believing it and another thing is acting as if it's already a fact.

You think that the high expectations can be dangerous?
I think that if we don't win the three trophies in the end, there's shouldn't be disappointment because people were hoping for all three. The culés should feel happy no matter what, because of what they have seen and how they did enjoy this season. I think it has been a fantastic season so far and the people should remember that, not the fact that we win the three trophies or not because that's something very complicated. A final is sometimes decided by details. I remember Real Madrid losing a cup final in extre-time back in 2004 and from then on they collapsed while they were playing for the three trophies.

You are the entertainer in the dressing-room and during the trips. You have prepared something special in case you win the treble?
You have to go game by game. When we've won them, we'll think about it. I'm sure that we'll organize something big if we win the trophies.

Which type of music do you listen to to get motivated before the games?
I like all types of music, except for classical music which makes me fall asleep. Music is like everyting in life, sometimes it's better to put on something more relaxed and sometimes you're more lively.

Which bands you like the most?
I like REM, Coldplay and The Killers. There's also a song by Chris Brown that is called "No Air" that I like since my time at Manchester.

If you would have been given the chance to choose your Champions League rival opponent, would you have preferred Liverpool or Chelsea?
Chelsea, because of their way of playing, which could suit us more than that of Liverpool. But when you're in the semi-finals of the Champions League, you're so motivated and so focused that it doesn't really matter whom you're playing against. The team will go for everything, that's obvious. We're aware of the importance of these games and if we're ok and playing like we have been playing the last games, I sincerely think that we can qualify for the final in Rome.

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