Saturday, 28 March 2009

Busquets: "I didn't expect this"

Barcelona player Sergio Busquets gave an interview to the club's official media.

A year ago, you were playing in the third division against Manlleu and Banyoles with Barça B. Now you are preparing to face sides like Bayern Munich. How would you define this change?
Yes, my life has changed, but all I can do is get used to it. You have to work hard and train every day and try to get better and win a regular place in the first team, which is what everybody dreams of doing one day. I didn’t expect this, but you just have to get used to it, work hard and try to get better and better.

Is it very different to what you imagined it would be like?
You can imagine a bit what it is like because you’ve seen it on TV. But when you are here you soon get used to the way that it is no longer you watching TV, but others watching you on TV. It’s different, but it’s nice.

What do you think about Bayern as the opposition in the Champions League quarter finals?
They are a very difficult team, they were the best team in the first round. We expect a very hard game against a very strong team with players up front that can score lots of goals.

As well as their form, Bayern is a classic of European football. What memories do have of that club?
Since I was a kid, I remember Oliver Kahn and many other famous players that I’m familiar with after playing with the console. They have always had famous players. Neither can I forget 1999 when they played Manchester in that final with the incredible finish.

That’s the Champions League, but the team is also top of the league and into the Copa del Rey final. Which competition would you be most excited about winning?
It’s my first year in the first team and I’m excited about winning any title as I have never won any of them. I’d like all three, but I appreciate that that’s difficult. There is still some time to go before we can ask whether we’ll win one, two or three.

How do you deal with putting Barça aside and focusing instead on two games for Spain against Turkey?
You get used to it. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from the team. You forget a bit about those three competitions and that takes some of the pressure off. That’s good but sometimes it’s also hard to go back to your club and play against teams that don’t have internationals, because they are better prepared, and have had two weeks rest. We’ll only have three days before the game with Valladolid, and that’s a bit difficult.

You played for Guardiola last season in Barça B. Now you’re together in the first team. Has he changed much, Does he work the same way as he used to with the reserves?
The boss is just the same. Last year he worked the same way as he does now. Of course the situation is very different, because here it’s more intense, there’s more pressure, but he’s the same person and the way he runs training sessions and games is the same, it’s the same Guardiola as last year in the third division.

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