Sunday, 26 April 2009

Several clubs preparing bid for Barcelona players

Catalan sports weekly paper Gol claims that several European top clubs will try to sign Barcelona players during the summer transfer window.

It is believed that some of the players and their agents will use the interest to ask for a salary rise.

The paper gives an overview of which players are monitored by which clubs:

- Víctor Valdés: AC Milan
- Dani Alves: Chelsea and Manchester City
- Rafael Márquez: several English clubs
- Carles Puyol: AC Milan
- Yaya Touré: Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City
- Andrés Iniesta: Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester City
- Lionel Messi: Juventus
- Thiery Henry: Manchester City and Chelsea
- Samuel Eto'o: Chelsea and Inter Milan

With the buyout fees of the players being unattainable, Barcelona has the last word and is not planning to let one of the above-mentioned go, with the exception of Barcelona attacker and French international Thierry Henry (31). The club would be ready to listen to offers for the striker because this seems the best moment to sell the player and because an exit of Henry would allow them to rejuvenate the squad (read more

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Mihawk said...

Ridiculous list, nothing more to say. I wonder where gol got that from...
Dani, Puyol, Iniesta, Messi? LOL

HouseMD said...

Yes, I must confess it's pretty ridiculous. But some players will certainly be sold. Rejuvenating the squad is great idea.

Hilal said...

What a ludicrous list. None of these players will leave. I dont think any players need to be sold except for Hleb and only to make way for Ribery. Oh and Sylvinho. I dont think much rejuvenation is necessary. Its not like we have an aging team, we have a very young team who I think will be very motivated for at least 2 more years. We need a few smart purchases, Ribery would be perfect because he is so versatile it is almost like buying two players. We also need a left back, pref one who can also play at RB if necessary.

Knives Out said...

I'd personally prefer sticking to Henry. Marquez perhaps we can let go. Sylvinho in any case will be free as we won't be renewing his contract.

Henry can assume the Larsson type role, and he can play either on the wing or as the CF. We can especially make use of him during AFN.

No way in hell should we even consider selling Toure. He is a rock in our midfield.

barca4life said...

I like henry but i look at it this way. If he is happy going back to england and we receive a good fee then all is right. I however think it would be disrespectful to listen to offers if the player does not want to leave. Titi has done very well this season and despite not doing as well last year he still had a pretty decent year. He still has a couple of years like this one left in him i think.

fcbee said...

The list is not ridiculous in that sense that they say that these club could try for these players (but that Barcelona will reject proposals). Which seems rather logical than ridiculous to me...

Henry, don't know. They should talk with him and see if he still have the motivation to do the same effort. He's not getting any younger and he has said he's getting tired.

Anonymous said...

I was yawning while reading through the list until i got to Messi: Juventus... thats when i laughed out loud


jester[HUN] said...

Don't let Alves,Toure,Iniesta and eto'o go
seel keita,hleb,marquez valdez and bring ribery,a defensive midfilder but no afrikan and a lb.

thebackseatstrangler said...

nobody wants Cudjohnsen?

maybe we get rid of him & get someone like hernanes or gourcouff? that would increase the depth in midfield while also allowing iniesta to play in the LW position. i don't know too much about people in the B-team, but i would think that if guardiola had seen somebody whom would have been able to play that role, pep would've promoted him by now?

maybe i'm wrong. what's his face whom plays for the spanish-national team but is brazilian? hleb eventually? silva for LW? would hernanes or gourcouff accept a bench role?


what do you think pepe le pew?

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