Monday, 15 June 2009

Fiorentina interested in Marquez

Italian sports paper La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that Fiorentina is interested in Barcelona central defender and Mexican international Rafael Márquez (30).

The Italian first division club wants to sign an experienced defender and the Mexican defender would be the first name on the list.

Because they aren't able to match the current salary of the player, Fiorentina plans to compensate that by offering Márquez, whose deal with Barcelona expires next summer, a long-term contract.

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Anonymous said...

guys i think we can do following:

try get hguain and robben from m they are good players and rm ae not couting in them . higuain can be wonderful cf .

and f robben ca play as LW he will be wonderful

Mihawk said...

Never ever!

Scano814 said...

I think they are both very good players and I don't doubt their attributes (although I think Robben is a bit overrated and selfish)... but what kind of message would this send out if we replaced our strike force with madrid's leftovers...don't think its a good idea.

Marc4barca said...

you crazy robben would not fit in barcelona cause he is selfish, why he is selfish? cause he can't pass. higuain is a different story, i won't him joining barcelona. we should ask for montolivo in exchange for marquez.

Scano814 said...

robinho on the other hand would be a slightly different scenario and if things fall through with ribery I think this could be an option...he felt underappreciated at RM and he has something to prove to them...sounds like a certain somebody I know...namely Samuel Eto'o

If Robinho could keep his ego in check and realize that he will have to play for the team rather than to outshine messi I think he would be wonderful...I doubt he could do that though

bojan! said...

vargas for marquez or,
melo for marquez is fine to me

Barca nike said...

robben is a very good player but he doesnot like teamwork which is the opposite of barca

ej said...

this some wont like .

Higuain was best CF last season , yes even better than forlan and etoo .

rm suced big last year and he was one of very few reason why barca didnt win laliga 2 Months ealier ....

Bogman said...

We should ask for Frey for Marquez, altough I doubt Marquez wants to leave.

thanhdinh_421 said...

yeah sell marques and even Milito.then get Vidic or bruno Alves.Valdes should be sold out.Swap Frey for marques.That would be cool.Higuain is not enought quality to play for Barca.Just Villa, toress or ibra.RObben iF real sell cheap price for Barca.we can get him..HE will not selfish anymore if he plays for Barca.In Real he is No.1 but not in Barca.HIs only problem is injury prone.IF he not get injury , he really good

said said...

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