Sunday, 14 June 2009

Inter asks Cristiano Ronaldo fee for Ibrahimovic

British newspaper The Times claims that Inter Milan is asking a transfer fee of close to 95 million euro° for Inter Milan forward and Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic (28) (read more here).

Representatives of the player would have met Real Madrid officials earlier this month and have also held talks with Barcelona, after Inter indicated they would be willing to sell Ibrahimovic.

While Barcelona was scared off by the price tag, Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez has reportedly not dropped his interest. Inter are unlikely to get the asking price for the striker who, as the best-paid player in the world until Kaká moved to Real Madrid, also has heavy wage demands, but Madrid could offer a player-plus-cash deal involving Argentinian striker Gonzalo Higuaín.

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pep said...

95 million euro =

130 million us dollar
80 million british pound

Xaviniesta said...

if madrid gets rid of higuain then they are stupider than i thought.

Ondra said...

If Perez bought him for 95, I wouldn't mind. It would be the highway to hell for RM. Imagine that Ego-battle in the dressing room. Kaka would be the referee:)

Anonymous said...

xaviniesta: keep in mind that barcelona could have bought higuain in the summer of 2007 from river for only 10m euros so we were also stupid.

skanjos said...

whats with all the higuain love ,he is not any good too.....

jazzy said...

if he goes to madrid.. i would hate to be in pellegrini's shoes.. handling the ego wars
and anony.. we (barca) is not stupid. thats just the way transfers go.
than madrid is so stupid they keep loaning eto'o than sell him to mallorca. and after that he becomes a legendary striker for the la liga in barca... selling makelele, sacked del bosque..hell i could go on and on.. ;p

inieeeeeeesta said...

Higuain isn't bad, but sure isn't barça quality

Anonymous said...

Silly season… this just smells like a hoax. Why should a british newspaper have that kind of insider information? Someone made up a nice story to fill the paper is all.

Anonymous said...

crap. Milan signed Aly Cissohoko... such a good player... could have been great for our left side :<

Marws said...

Inter is crazy if they think Zlatan is worth that much. NO ONE is worth that much. Messi is the only one who is even close to that. RM has totaly messed up the treansfer window this season.

Personally i think this is just bullshit.

jazzy said...

in the meantime im gonna watch motogp catalunya and hope Jorge Lorenzo w/ the barca crest wins :D

HouseMD said...

Official: Milan sign Aly Cissokho from Porto for 15M, full-back which can play both, right and left. Too bad that Barca didn't get him first. He's only 21 y.o. and everybody compares him with Cafu. Too bad...

jazzy said...

well we still have a lot of options for that position.. especially filipe luis could be a done deal.
im happy that he goes to milan. rather than RM or the EPL. they really need some new players and some youth.
hope italian league can compete more, and the EPL dominance will fade away.

Ondra said...

I think Juve, Inter are rather strenghtning, although inter may still lose som key players who lost motivation.
ACM lost one of the last valuable players - Gourcuff and Kaka. There is Pato, now Cissokho...that's all. No way they could sell some other players for a good price. Maybe Pirlo, but he is old as well.

Imagine if Cissokho or Dzeko didn't convince at all. That would be the end of successfull Milan or the time for new investor. Yes, they sell some Becks and Dinho shirts, but apparently not enough.

Xaviniesta said...

@anonym: lol no, river wouldnt take 10 mil for him remember? plua in 2007 he was just a good prospect nothing more. i'd still prefer what barca did: promote bojan, lose higuain :D

jazzy said...

yes.. they only thing i dont understand w/ milan is why they sold gourcuff.. he could've been an instant replacement for kaka. even if the player wants out, he is still in contract and could play at a starting position.
good thing is juventus bought diego. and i hope ciro ferara will still be there manager next season.

James said...

Bordeaux had a buyout clause in the contract when they loaned Gourcuff. Milan had no choice but to sell because it was agreed to when the loan initiated. They loaned him because they already had Kaka. In the end it didn't work out for them but there wasn't much they could do.

jazzy said...

oh.. i see.. sucks for milan..

Anonymous said...

xaviniesta, we could have gotten higuian for 10m euros, yes. Now he is worth many times that. If you don't buy talented players, you lose out and end up having to pay alot more.

mike said...

I think Cissocko for 15m would have been a great buy for barca. What a shame.

sashi said...

sick Inter! get lost wit ur Ibra. and Lorenzo in 2nd behind Rossi!!!

refter said...

If Kaka is worth 70, you cannot expect Inter to ask 60 or something for Ibra who has been a lot beter than Kaka recently. It's just Madrid that messed up the market.

jazzy said...

yes he is talented. but the question is.. where would he be if we buy him? it would be hard for him to compete w/ messi, etoo, henry, bojan, iniesta. we just didnt need him. and in 2007 we still have ronaldinho.
and remember 2007 he is still too young for the liga and we already have a lot of youth in our team. we cant gamble w/ this kind of young talent, same as we havent really make a move for keirrison although we all know he is a great talent.
where as in madrid he got the opportunity to play in first team cuz their strikers sucks and RvN was injured.
you said:
If you don't buy talented players, you lose out and end up having to pay alot more.
but we already have a handfull of young talent in our cantera we dont need to buy them. its not like FM where we go buy all the young talents and sack everybody thats is in their last years. in reality is these "young talents" is not yet tested and it would be a huge gamble to buy them.

same as cissoko. i think what barca and pep want is someone who has liga experience. thats why we are trying to get filipe luis.

HouseMD said...

@ mike: absolutely. This price is not high especially because of his age and talent. I think he would've been better signing than Filipe Luis.

Agree with you sashi. Inter will act just like the other clubs. They'll try to get as much as they can from the spenders like Perez.

jazzy said...

btw.. lorenzo's 1st again!!! come on!!

Anonymous said...

jazzy, higuain is a different type from what we already have. He is quite big and good in the air. He is different from Bojan, so they complement eachother. There is no doubt that Higuian would have been a great bargain for us for 10m euros. He was 20 years old in 2007, and you say that is too young for la liga? Keirrison is a limited player who only is good for tap-ins.

Remember we bought caceres for 16m who had la liga experience, and it didnt turn out too good. Hleb has turned into a big disappointment, he was tested in the EPL. So as you can see, there is a huge gamble with buying "tested" players as well. The important thing isn't la liga experience or whether they are "tested", that just adds unnecesary euros to the price, the important thing is whether they fit in Barcelona, regardless of where they played before. But we seem to go for

Anonymous said...

But we seem to go for players we think are "safe", when in reality they are far from "safe".

Jazzy said...

good points there anony.
but in higuains case.. imo we just dont need him, as he would be a back up player, and wouldnt be as big as he was in madrid.
for a young player prospect, we already been there done that in the joan gaspart era where we bought quaresma, giovanni, riquelme, simao. and that didnt work well.
maybe i just dont like to look in the past, and rather look to the future.
so all in all i think we all should agree whatever the transfer is, it will always be a gamble especially in this crazy transfer season. :)

jazzy said...

wow.. WHAT A RACE!
... damnit.. well at least YAMAHA wins. congrats to Rossi.

jazzy said...

crazy stuff there from rossi and lorenzo!
and the standings are all the same on points for lorenzo, rossi, and stoner..
this year is going to great!

jazzy said...

sorry for the GP rant. im posting while watching the race.
ok back on topic..

rObReV7 said...

Haha, Jazzy! That race ending was awesommeee! Shame to see Lorenzo second in the last turn, but credit to Rossi!

As for transfers, im just waiting and seeing who barca are going to get. I cant really influence the decision, but my main man would be Ribery for 40 mill max!

FC BARCA said...

Inter is high off their ass if they think Zlatan is worth €95 mil. He's the most overpriced, overrated footballer in the world.

Anonymous said...

@anonym: river plate refused to sell for 10M, madrid had to up their offer to 13M. link me if you have better facts about the deal, thanks.


(too lazy to sign in)

Anonymous said...

jazzy: man u bought Ronaldo from Sporting for 12m euros, Milan bought Kaka for 7m euros, the list goes on and on about big clubs buying great young talents. Do you really want us to refuse to do it and instead go for proven players like Hleb, Belletti, Gudjohnsen, Caceres, Milito etc?

barca4life said...

Sigh for the last time, WE DO NOT NEED TO BUY YOUNG TALENT. Our youth academy is the hottest thing in european football. Cesc Merida Iago Thiago Reina Xavi iniesta Messi Busquets Bojan Gai Valdes Pique Muniesa Puyol Arteta Luis Garcia Sergio Garcia Guiza Luque and we have a whole host of other young talent.

All we need are established players to add to our young talent. We buy ronaldo and do what, bench messi? We buy pato and throw away bojan? Why so we can run after him like we are with cesc now? All we need are established players like giuly and etoo to fill the positions that our own players cannot.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely not, barca4life. What you are describing is the Perez policy in his first period.

You are accusing barcelona of ruining cesc? Ridiculous.

What's next, you are recommending buying Luca Toni, old washed up player, because of Bojan?

I am sure that you barca4life would have refused to buy Silva for 5m euros 2 years ago because you were afraid it might be bad for Gio dos Santos. It is good to have a great youth academy but don't let it go to your head.

Anonymous#2 said...

B4l never said anything about ruining the youth players, but giving them the idea that by the time they get older, they still wont be able to play in our first team and it makes them want to move to other clubs. We never said crap older players like Luca Toni, but players that are great and can teach the youth while playing for us for a few years until the youth get older. Players like David Villa. Of course, not even half the youth players will be big stars in the future but you have to give them all a chance. If we bought Silva, we might not have bought Henry and who knows what would happen after that.

jazzy said...

ooommm..oommm.. (kxevin said this is good to relax ;p)
your points are about other clubs. and if you read my post again, we already been there, done that. but it didnt work.
and its not easy to buy for barca, cuz not everybody cant fit w/ the system. hell, maybe kaka's style wouldnt even fit our style if we were to buy him. he's like riquelme, needs space and the team to rotate around him. and thats not what we need.
and the point that barca4life is trying to make is we already have that youth depth in our canteras, that it would be crazy to buy other youth in there 20s and hamper our youth progress.
an example of this is when we bought giuly, and replace him w/ messi when he is ready. okay, just like you said bout ronaldo, IF we had bought CR wouldnt that hamper messi progress??

you want to point the good youth transfers on other clubs. i could give you the bad ones.
our riquelme, giovanni, simao, quaresma.
valencia: maduro, banega
RM: gago, drenthe
Arsenal: not all of them are potential and maybe you want us to be like them. but we already have our youth so i dont see the need to buy one.
they are all regarded as good prospect for the future but look at them now..
its different if we are now trying to buy the likes of david silva and mata, cause we can SEE that they are mature enough to play.
and remember, players mature differently.
we couldnt gamble w/ a 20 year old if he was going to be good when he is 25, 28 like toni.

and i stressed again:
we dont (really) need to buy youth players because it would hamper our canteras future.

its one thing if you buy youth talent. its another when you want to buy all the youth prospect in the world, and waiting for them to be great, be our players, or get a good bargain.. (ala arsenal).

and if it makes you happy.
we ARE buying-taking great youth talents.. in our canteras. players like gai, bojan, messi, icardi, INIESTA, gael etock, and many others arent in barcelona from birth. we bought them. from all over the world. satisfied??

sorry for the long post..
ooommm....ooommm... ;)

Anonymous said...

No, we can not give all youth players a chance in the first team, constantly believing that all our youth are going to turn out to be Messi or Iniesta. They will not, and so we should not deliberately slip some of the greatest players just because they aren't close to 30 years old.

If we bought Silva, at least we would have seen the difference in class between him and dos Santos, who was supposed to be the new Ronaldinho.

barca4life said...

And what will you say if gai turns out to be better than silva in 3 years time?

jazzy said...

ala arsenal i believe.
try all the prospect youth player from all over the world.
and sell them if he is not good enough for us..
like you said:
No, we can not give all BOUGHT youth players a chance in the first team.
players mature differently. nobody will ever now if silva is going to be greater than dos santos, he couldve been a flop. its just the same, we couldve bought every one of the youth players you are suggesting and gamble wether or not they mature well enough. same as our canteras. whats the difference??
the difference is that we bought them as oppose to nurture them..

Anonymous said...

When did we buy simao? 10 years ago? so we should not buy young players from Portugal anymore because some player 10 years ago turned out to be bad for us when our club was in a mess? Didn't we buy Alfonso? Or the French Petit, Cristanval and Dutruel? Been there, done that, so we shouldn't buy Spanish or French players anymore? This is ridiculous.

And we didn't buy these players you talk about in our cantera. Bojan is even born in Barcelona.

What we should care about is whether or not the players fit in our system or not, and if you are old enough you are good enough. The best youth players will always get their chance. But we should not have illusions about our youth system either.

jazzy said...

hell, if you are a tottenham fan you would be really GREATFULL that you bought one of the biggest talent from barcelona. dos Santos.
and look where he is now..

jazzy said...

ok my mistake about bojan. i'll accept that. can you accept yours?
and i know we didnt buy them. we lure them in when they were teenagers. i just say buy to shorten things up. but the point is as the same as you make. we do get our youth talent not only from our canteras..

Anonymous said...

Yes, gai will turn out to be the next maradona, he is already 18 and hasn't shown anything even on the B team. Messi and Iniesta were lightyears ahead of Gai at that stage. Please, show some neutrality when assessing our players.

jazzy said...

and since when did i say we shouldnt buy players from portugal, spain, and france?
gai is from israel.
gael etock from cameroon.
MESSI and icardi from argentina.
its great to have YOUTH TALENT from all over the world.

jazzy said...

what would you say barca4life to say to him..and others? want to comment?
im lost for words..
i guess i'll just agree to disagree..

barca4life said...

Nobody says gai will be the next maradona, but how do you know messi and iniesta were light years ahead of him? Where was iniesta at age 18? And messi? You people have short memories. I'm sure you would have said who is messi when he first came into the team. You wanted us to buy ronaldo back then right? ribery and every other big name or passing fad that comes and goes. We have seen what our youth system produces. Quality.

Every club in europe wants xavi messi iniesta and when they thought bojan was available over 20 clubs wanted him. When sergi had problems renewing earlier this year ac milan arsenal real madrid and many top teams were after him. But you want to throw him away and buy felipe melo no? You wanted ribery instead of messi right? Lets throw away our talent. Look at how arsenal is laughing at us with cesc. He could have been ours. throw him away and buy an expensive replacement. You want to buy so much go follow perez and his money.

jazzy said...

well thats not really what he said. he just saying he wants barca to buy ALL of the players he thinks is quality youth talents considering we don't really have that in our youth system, and make them our first team players.
and i disagree w/ that.
fair enough.

jazzy said...

and i didnt mean to pick on you b4l.
im just fed up.
we are having a debate w/ an anony. a guy who wouldnt even want to be recognized.
this transfer season is really making people coming to this blog and say crazy things..
no hard feelings. :)

Xaviniesta said...

lol jazzy, i'm almost sorry i made that comment about higuain.

@ anonym: our youngsters are always preferred and thats how we are. but i get your point and its always good to take stock of talents coming from elsewhere but then our cantera system is really integral to the blaugrana culture, i mean how many times have we heard laporta and co speak of identity and continuity and our footballing philosophy etc? our recruitment policies are all tied up together with our ideals which why is we cant just sign any young talent, we need ppl that have been "nurtured" the barca way (to borrow from jazzy), guys like messi xavi iniesta etc who ate lived and breathed our passing game since they were teens (remember what xavi once said? its football the only way he knows how to play it)..and our kids go into the academy (some "lured" like messi) hoping someday if they're good enough they could play for the 1st team -maybe thats even part of the contract esp with our foreign recuits, who knows.. its a good setup cos when they come up the ranks they need very little integration + we pay no hefty sums for them cos they're ours in the 1st place and in terms of quality lol its so obvious, i dont even wanna go there, its enough to say our cantera is the envy of europe for a reason.

hieifcb said...

actually my opinion about Messi:
he wasnt "lured" into the academy. He had the hormone thingie and we were so nice to help him. Im so happy Barca made tht decision. Both for us and Messi. Who knows wht would have happened to the poor guy if we didnt pay for him. Gotta luv barca =D

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