Thursday, 18 June 2009

Barcelona interested in Lyon attacker Ederson

Asked about the rumours linking Olympique Lyon attacker Ederson (23) with several European top clubs, the player's agent Antonio Caliendo has said in an interview with Italian television channel Sky that Barcelona has been following the Brazilian:

"It's not a new thing that Inter Milan is interested in Ederson, they were already watching him three years ago. Now he's 23 and he had agood first year with Lyon. He has also been followed by Milan and Barcelona."

Caliendo repeated today that Barcelona has shown interest in the player in an interview with Italian football site Calciomercato: "At this moment there's nothing new but he remains a target for several clubs. Inter knows him inside out but Barcelona is also monitoring him. The asking price? Lyon has paid a lot for the player, so I think they will request at least 20 million euro°."

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Watch a video of Ederson here:


pep said...

20 million euro =

28 million us dollar
17 million british pound

Anonymous said...

it's a joke...I hope

bees said...

LOL.. i think now every agent will name barcelona just for the fun of it. if barcelona is intersted.. than he must be good, right?? ;p

skanjos said...

not good enough.we have scouts and we are monitoring 1000x players that doesnt mean we will sign them all.

LeónDragón said...

another option for lw, that i rate very high could be aston villa's agbonlahor.
very fast and technically strong player.
just an idea, but it shows that there many options out there

hawk_barca_4_life said...

just get zhirkov

Anonymous said...

From Ribery and Villa to Ederson and Abgonlahor ..

Is it a nigthmare ? Will I wake up ?

Abdikarim said...

I am getting frustrated by all this, Barcelona is just to slow in the transfer market, we have lost Villa to Real Madrid, it looks like he will sign for Madrid now, this is getting soo stupid they are not quick enough they need to speed things so they are prepared for the pre- season, just either keep eto’o or tell him to suck out come we need to be in the market quicker

skanjos said...

abdikarim m8 they talked with eto,i think right now they try to find him a club or else we would have heard about a renewal. i think we will have a hard time selling eto mainly because of his wage demands.

eddiethegreat said...

yeah you are right there are actually only few teams in the world who could afford to pay etoo at least nearly what he is asking. i reckon those are chelsea, man. utd., inter and man. city. i would love to see etoo on our team the next season but.. paying him that much as he is asking would be probably unreasonable. as the ideal solution i see etoo goin gto inter and ibra coming to barca. as many of you i would love to see a tall, strong player up front who could use dani´s passes. im just afraid inter is aksing way too much. damn you greed!! :(

Engineer said...

It looks as if Asenjo is heading to Atletico Madrid after he stated that he is fulfilling his commitment he issued earlier this year.

It's over on Marca if you want to dig it up.

Marc4barca said...

leon i like your idea on abonglahor but not as a starter and i am superstitious in way, english players never play well in spain and barca don't have a history with them so that could become problematic.

ederson is brazilian and brazilians do well in barca, good back up for iniesta.

Dan R said...

English don't do well in barca? ehmm LINEKER?! but that indeed was a while ago...

bees said...

ok lets make an assumption.
villa said he only has one decision, and they say its RM. well ok.
then, back then ibra said: i already know where i would play next year.. would it be barca? :p
i know inter is asking really crazy money. but maybe as time goes by, they will lower their price, knowing ibra just dont want to play there anymore. theres still 2months. just relax.
lets make marc4barca happy.. lol

the dreamer said...

if we sell eto'o who is gonna replace him?
ibra- to much money
villa - is going to real
torres- no way
robinho- no way ( 50m)
benzema- 40-50m
i hope pep will find a solution

Anonymous said...

I hope Eto'o will be sold, and we sign Villa. It's obvious he wants to leave for free next year, he wants to retire at Mallorca, but he cost to much for them, so he'll just go for free

Anonymous said...

What about him?

LeónDragón said...

i really think that agbonlahor is very talented. he's for sure, a big player for the future, but no one knows how he would be at barca and it's right about barcas history with english players, although the founders were english.
but there were two fine british players at barca, gary lineker and mark hughes.
also at madrid - mcmanaman.
it was just an idea, but i believe, that, when you look at the whole thing objectively, there are many alternatives out there, the one or other is at the moment not thinking about, but as txiki said, we should do it calmly no matter what madrid does.
pressure wouldn't help us, but a clear head, also it is like said, that at august transfermarket will have it's hottest phase, when clubs who waited to reach high prizes must lower their prizes when no buyers came and they still sitting on their players and their debts

jordy said...

i don't think villa is better than eto'o.

barca4life said...

BREAKING NEWS: VALDES HAS RENEWED HIS CONTRACT TILL 2014 according to Sport and El Mundro deportivo

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