Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Agent Mascherano in Barcelona for transfer talks

Football site Goal claims that Walter Tamer, the agent of Liverpool defensive midfielder and Argentine international Javier Mascherano (25), has travelled to Barcelona earlier today.

Tamer would meet with Barcelona officials at the club's Camp Nou offices this afternoon to hold talks on a transfer of the Argentinian.

Mascherano's wish to move to Barcelona could have helped to convince Liverpool to give the player's representatives the authorization to start talking with Barcelona (read more here). No fee has reportedly been agreed upon although the site claims that a swap deal including Barcelona defensive midfielder and Ivorian international Yaya Touré (26) might be an option.

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skanjos said...

if we are to go for a liverpool midfielder i would prefer xabi alonso

fcbee said...

Why we need another DM??? Toure, Busquets, Keita, and others are more than enough. Ok, Toure's manager should change his tone but Barça should also offer him a decent renewal. We have other priorities. We have little money apparently so think twice before you spend. No centre-back and no DM!!!

Mihawk said...

Mascherano is a great player, one of the best defensive midfielders in the world, probably even the best.
He'd be an awesome transfer.

skanjos said...

fcebee dont forget that yaya hasnt still signed a new contract and there is african cup also,we will have only busqets then. dont forget that we will have an open spot for a midfielder if guddy leaves ,and keita isnt a we need one more midfielder ,i would prefer a creative one like silva but mascherano will do fine

fcbee said...

I also like Mascherano but we just don't need him now. And another thing: he can only play one position in our system, DM. He can't play higher like Keita or Busquets, or centre-back like Toure. Don't like this.

Mihawk said...

We need at least one new player in the midfield, Toure and Keita will have to play at the African Cup of Nations, so Busquets would be the only defensive midfielder left for quite some weeks and behind Iniesta and Xavi, we will only have Gudjohnsen and Hleb (if they stay), that's not good enough for such a long time.
We'll probably promote Thiago, but what, if Xavi or Iniesta receive injuries?
Mascherano would be ideal, he could rotate with Toure and both will have enough games, expect about 60-70 games next season!
And I don't think he will be in Busquets' way. That guy will move up to central midfield, like Pep, Xavi or Iniesta did.
With Toure and Mascherano as defensive midfielders, Xavi, Iniesta, Keita and Thiago in central midfield and Busquets who can play both positions we have a real strong midfield both and can sell either Gudjohnsen or Hleb.

fcbee said...

Plus (last remark): another little player so another one who cannot help at set pieces.

groga said...

Marquez can also play as DM, Piqué too, Xavi and Iniesta were raised there, so that's no point. You don't buy a new player because of a three-weeks tournament.

FC BARCA said...

RENEW YAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The players Barça is chasing are garbage, we just won the treble. Barça can do much better.

Mihawk said...

The Cup will last about a month, remember, that the players will have to leave about 2 weeks earlier, due to preperation and they'll have to recover after that.
Xavi and Iniesta won't play in defensive midfield anymore, nor will Pique, you can bet on that.
Marquez could probably, but I very much doubt, that Pep will let him play there.
Face it, we need new players in the midfield or we don't have the quantity for such a season. There's not only the African Cup, due to the World Cup, the season will end earlier, so the schedule will be tighter and we have to compete in the league, the copa and the champions league as well as in that club world cup thing.

omar said...

i dont think we need him i think u can try and get fabergas
i think the have to get a rb backup for alves may be srna and munisea promted and get feilpe or zhrkiov as lb and fabergas as he can play in the mid.and iniesta can be the back up for henry and get mata and get villa as replcement for eto'o if eto'o leaves and asjeno s it will be
alves-pique-puyol-zhrikov or felipe
toure -xavi-iniesta
messi-villa-henry(wish ribery bt i dont think so)
fabergas-mata replcement for iniesta and henry mata will have an perfect future and busquest can cover kitea and toure when they go african cup and sell one eto'o only if we have to sell him keep eto'o is better

fcbee said...

"Xavi and Iniesta won't play in defensive midfield anymore, nor will Pique, you can bet on that."

You would probably also have bet that Touré would never play centre back in CL final. Busquets will be the man and then you have the other four mentioned guys to take over.

We might need a new player in midfield but that shouldn't be a DM, more a guy who can play alongside Xavi. We have already so much potential DMs, it's crazy.

omar said...

buy also valdes if he want to leave

omar said...

sorry selll hehe

lebanese said...

fcbee: Keita is not a DM, however Yaya can play both DM and CM. Yaya played CM and AM before he went to Barcelona, and he also plays in this position on the national team!

Marc4barca said...

i do back pep in whatever he does but i am wondering why we are making the squad shorter and getting rid of one of the few best attacking defensive midfielders in the world. i really hope yaya renews cause as kamikaze said in some other post, mascherano is a holding midfielder and that's all he is, no passing, no shot and no height(not in those exact words but you get what he is saying) yaya is special, mascherano is not and i do believe most of these DMs are good cause they have support in their 4-4-2 midfield, defending in midfield in a 4-3-3 especially in barca is alot harder.

eddiethegreat said...

i like mascherano as a player a lot, but i dont see the point of bringing another short guy to the squad. plus swap with yaya?! one of few really tall and strong guys on the team. do we really want to compete with premier league teams or with 16 years old kids..? :-/

Soha_TZ said...

I just read that barca has in this moment only 30-35 milions available for transfers, so all this rumours about barca paying 40-50 milions for one player are just false. I am really intrested how we are going to buy players, especially after this what madrid has done to transfer market. Also, I think mascherano wuold be great for us, but I would also renew yaya.

ZenI said...

Toure and Mascerano cam play DM, and Busquets would rotate with Iniesta and Xavi on CM. Also Iniesta could rotate on the wings? But I agree with many of you guys (and girls), I don't see the point in buying on of the best DMs in the world (De Rossi, Essien and Yaya being the other ones) just because Yaya is going away for 5 weeks. Many other teams will also lose some players to the ANC.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Mascherano is a very good player. He would not be Argentina Captain if he wasn't. But am I the only person he is calling for Javi Martinez???

He is the player we should buy to cover the midfield. He will cost between 10-15 million euros and I think he has the potential to be just as good as Cesc.

Mark my words this guy is going to be a regular Spain starter within the next 2-3 years. He is going to be to a big club for little money and will be worth 30 million in a couple of years.

We really should buy Asenjo and Martinez if we want to keep ahead of other big clubs. These guys will be the cornerstone of the Spanish national team in years to come!

Anurag said...

well, aussie, javi martinez is not yet proven. and if we want to get players for the future or something, we can just sit and promote, no?

masch is a fantastic player and a really smart signing. he can play DM as well as cover for xavi or iniesta, coz those two are not going to start every game.

btw, why is all the talk about lahm dead?

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