Friday, 19 June 2009

Quote of the day: Vilanova

In my opinion, Iniesta and Messi are better than Kaká and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Tito Vilanova, Barcelona assistant coach


pep said...


- I hope that Eto'o will stay.

- I would like to sign a winger.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tito Vilanova.

BTW, Pep, I know this is football blog, but maybe you could also write something about our basketball team (It's Barca after all :) ), which yesterday won Spanish league title. Congratulations to Navarro&Co.

2PAC said...

messi is for sure better than ronaldo,but iniesta vs kaka,i dont know i would have to say that they are equal,i mean remember thoose 2 goals kaka scored against man utd,i know that was 2 years ago,but he is still one of the best,on the other hand you have iniesta who is a football genius,he has everything besides shooting and "height" xD...Well know that i think about it INIESTA IS BETTER THAN KAKA

JR said...

Kaka is a better goalscorer, but Iniesta is far better in attacking midfield and the build-up. At this point I don't think there's anyone comparable to Iniesta in that respect.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

It promises to be an amazing season. I think Kaka will be excellent for Madrid while CR7 will be the flop he already is.

Allot of big fish in a small pond in Madrid. Egos are going to bruise. Already they are threatening to send Robben to the reserves unless he leaves. They paid 30 million for him and this is how they treat him after 2 seasons!

What about the rest of the team. Madrid are very good at dividing and isolating their team.

It is a case of the 'Zidanes and Pavons' policy all over!

JR said...

And Robben was also one of the biggest reasons for thet winning streak with a string of excellent performances.

For him it's a shame he's so injury prone, he could have been one of the best in the game by now, such an incredible talent.

R10FCB said...

according to some rumours, madrid are trying to force out robben, sneijder, van nistelrooy, van der vart and heinze. they might not all be correct but the ones i continue to hear from various sites is that robben, v nistelrooy and sneijder might go to tottenham.
we might actually face tottenham in the champions league if they get those players.

Don Luis said...

Messi> C Ron this season
Kaka>Iniesta since day one

Look Iniesta is great player but he is no where near Kaka's level, Kaka has achieved way more on the International and personal level.

Im happy with Iniesta, but Xavi is always underlooked man. Hate that, Xavi is never mentioned among the best, when he is better then any mid out there. Xavi is better then Iniesta, Gerrard, Lampard, Pirlo, Ballack, Riquelme.

Xavi is the best mid to ever play in Barcelona, no doubt about it.

Don Luis said...

@R10FCB: first of all, you really think Tottenham can afford those players?

second of all, you really think those players would want to play in Tottenham? lol

I predict perez will sell the dutchies WAY WAY under their value. Robben is alone worth 30-35M Euro's. Sneijder 20-30M Euros. VDV 15M Euros. Huntelaar 15-25M Euros. Drenthe 5M euros. Nistelrooy 15M Euros.

R10FCB said...

hey i didnt say i think it was going to happen, i just said thats what rumours are saying at the moment. it sounds like madrid are desperatly trying to get rid of robben so who knows what club he will play for next season.

Anurag said...

don luis - im sorry, but after seeing iniesta at his oeak this season and kaka at his peak in 07, i have to completely disagree with you. iniesta beats kaka left right and centre. and messi>>>>>>>>crissy ron.

TengkuAmir10 said...

yeah!!!!thats better

having signing in problems

Marws said...

Ofcourse they are better. In my opinion Iniesta is slightly better than Messi, and Messi is better than both Ronaldo and Kaka

Areign said...

i dont know why you guys line it up like that, i see it like this:

although i do think iniesta is now better than kaka IS not better than he WAS but better than he is. we will see if he recaptures his POTY form at Madrid, i do like him, i hope he does, but i think Iniesta is only going to get better too.

Don Luis said...

What Kaka has done with Milan outweighs Iniesta by miles.

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