Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Barcelona president makes new bid for Villa

Several media claim that, while last weekend Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain had been negotiating with Valencia vice-president Javier Gómez, Barcelona president Joan Laporta yesterday contacted Valencia president Manuel Llorente to make a new offer for Valencia forward and Spanish international David Villa (27).

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that, while Valencia is asking 45 million euro°, Barcelona made a bid of 40 million euro° plus the loan of one player who is not Barcelona player Bojan Krkic (18). Barcelona players Martín Cáceres (21), Alexander Hleb (28), Eidur Gudjohnsen (30) or Pedro (21) could be included in the deal. The paper claims that this would be the final bid of Barcelona.

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona has offered 40 million euro° plus Cáceres, while Valencia would be asking a transfer price of 42 million euro° and still tries to include the loan of Bojan. Barcelona would offer Villa a year salary of 5,5 million euro net.

Valencia regional Superdeporte claims that Valencia isn't interested in Cáceres and that they want more cash or another player on loan. The key element could be the loan of Bojan. Valencia regional newspaper Las Provincias claims that Valencia plans to organize a bid race between all interested clubs, including English Premier League teams Chelsea and Manchester United.

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pep said...

40-45 million euro =

55-62 million us dollar
34-38 million british pound

bojan! said...

this is madness! 45 + player for Villa, sure he is a world class but he is 28y.o.! I prefer Ribery!!

Marws said...

Robery would most likely cost over 65 m. Is that a better option?

No way Bojan is leaving. He wants too stay, and he WILL stay.

Marws said...

*Ribery ^^

barcaaaa said...

Forget him. Let's sign Llorente instead and focus on the left wing. Henry can score 30 goals a season when played as a striker, no problem. And Llorente would be a great backup together with Bojan (who can also play on the wings)

LW: Salvio, Henry, Bojan
ST: Henry, Bojan, Llorente

messiiiiiiiiii said...

I like this deal, actually, if we don't pay more than 40. a loan to valencia could be great for bojan. in my opinion, he's not ready to be our number 9 or our main LW, so why not let him spend a year playing every day for a top spanish club? especially if we don't sign ribery or another winger, bojan will come back stronger, seasoned and ready to play every day. i really like bojan on the wing, and though i'd love to see ribery-villa-messi as our front three, henry-villa-messi for a year and then bojan-villa-messi suits me just fine.

LeónDragón said...

think, that it wouldn't be bad to give bojan on loan. know that many now disagree with me, but believe that it could be well after it seems that valencia is very interested and would gave him surely enough playing time. valencia is not malaga or almeria, he could learn much there. what can we lose? nothing, only win when bojan makes the jump there at such a good club. at barca he gets not much time, but at valencia together with silva, mata, etc he could develop very well. when loan, barca should put it in the contract, that they garanty him playing time, like barca did in the past with sergio garcias loan-contract. to hold him, with playing him so little, is a more bad option, as he still has to learn much and needs many play-time to elevate. don't know if this would be right, as many got lost after loan, but maybe a try is worth

skanjos said...

no way bojan stays,he is more valuable than villa in long terms,yes i know its a loan but he will develop better in barca

LeónDragón said...

p.s. but if bojan wants to stay, we should respect that, as he maybe could learn also just as a substitute

Marws said...

Barca has the best offence in the world. If Villa joins it will be more awesome. Who could teach Bojan more than Henry and Messi? Bojan has said many times that he don't want out on loan tis season. We should be able to get Villa without Bojan included.

If we don't get Villa lets do what barcaaaaaa said. Get LLorente, play Henry as CF and lets go for a LW instead.

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

Why Villa ?????????
I dont want Villa !!!!

Anonymous said...

40 mil plus caceres is a great deal for valencia. We valued caceres at roughly 15 mil last summer so 40 plus caceres is 55. Valencia should take that but if they want 42 and bojan on loan we should accept.

Lawrenzo said...

Everyday has it's own stories. Well, wish we would get villa nd close this issue of who will be our cf. Bojan can go on loan. Then he will get more playing time to be better.

Anonymous said...

If Bojan leaves, this should almost sure mean Eto'o will stay.

Guardiola wanted one more top forward, independently from Eto'o going or not. So if Bojan leaves and Villa comes, we don't have any more money for Ribery or Zlatan, so Eto'o would stay.

Anonymous said...

"40 mil plus caceres is a great deal for valencia. We valued caceres at roughly 15 mil last summer so 40 plus caceres is 55." the deal with caceres is also meant as a loan deal!!!

Barca4life said...

This is bull shit! Villa will only go to the team he wants not were Velencia say. Villa has said a number of times he wants to stay in Spain, so Man U & Chlesa are not even in the frame!So Barca get it sorted and stop mucking about what is €2M in €40M just5% and I would say Bojan should go to Valencia and get some playing time under his belt.

Messi108 said...

+100 with Barca4life

I totally agree with you mate.
How many games did Bojan play last season ?
Now with Villa in the team how mnay will he get ?
Get over it guys !! Bojan will get 10 times more play time when he ll be at valencia. And its only 1 year.
Get Villa when u can get him. This is our ONLY and best shot at it.

selectah said...

learning from messi, henry etc in training is nice, but doesn't compensate for the experience bojan would get when playing on a regular basis in la liga. and to include him in a deal for the other teams top striker makes it even more likely that he will get playing time. i would support a villa for cash + bojan loan deal wholeheartedly

Messi108 said...

Exactly mate ! And its not that we get such deals everyday.
Lose Villa now , lose him forever to Real Madrid or maybe even outside of Spain.
Then go behind whom ?
Forlan ? Lloente ? Zlatan ?
Please sign Villa already !

Dolce said...

Barca is so tentative in the transfer market that they wont get anybody if they are not ready to make sacrifices or pay the market price. We are already out of Zlatan race and even if Bayern sells Ribery, its 4-way battle. We cant put price on our success and Bojan aint ready to start regularly. Loaning Bojan could be the only way to get Villa. Soon the EPL teams or RM will try to hijack the Villa deal and Valencia will slap 95 million price tag on him. Eto'o may not be willing to renew but Goal.claimed that:" Samuel Eto'o may not have to leave Camp Nou should Villa sign as both players would be asked to move across the front three and compete for spaces with Lionel Messi and Thierry Henry."

Anonymous said...

5.5 mio euro is 3,5 mio less per season regarding eto'o wage demands. 5 years * 3.5 mio euro = 17.5 mio euro

Marws said...

We have too sell Eto'o. We don't need Eto'o AND Villa. If Eto'o would sign a new contract with Barca we won't buy Villa.

Villa in = Eto'o out

Bojan will get more playing time this season, couse i don't think Villa will play as much as Eto'o. If we sell Eto'o and loan out Bojan we only have Villa upfront, unless if Henry plays CF next season and in that case we need a couple of new players at LW.

BOJAN WANTS TOO STAY. And he is only 18 years old. He has alot of time. I agree that it would be good if Bojan gets more playing time, but I don't like the idea of us letting Bojan go on loan when he doesnät want too go on loan. + We need a backup striker next season, Bojan is the one.

Sune said...

We can't sell Eto'o if he doesn't want to be sold...

Marws said...

omg ofcourse not but we have to try. Eto'o leaving us for free next season would be really bad when we easily can get over 30m for him now.

Messi108 said...

Barca can sign Zhirchov/Mata for the LW and we also got Gai/Pedro as subs. For the CF role we got Henry as sub.
And like Dolce rightly said....Why is Barca not ready to make sacrifices ?
Either pay the bloody money or send Bojan on loan. U cant have it both ways.
Get Villa to Barca for gods sakes.
If we lose on to this one then we sign NOBODY this Summer.
Ribery is impossible. And so is Zlatan.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Where does all this leave Eto'o? Will he sit on the bench for a season, see out his contract and leave on a free?

skanjos said...

at least we are now getting serius transfer rumors,villa,asenjo,robinho instead van persie,mata,malouda .i think if we sign villa,asenjo,robinho and filipe we are good to go for next season .cant wait for the first news with OFFICIAL infront of them"sylvinho doesnt count "hehe i hope for villa/robinho fast

Marws said...

If Eto'o decides too sit next season and wait out his contract loning Bojan out is a good idea, as long as he feels that he wants too.

If we don't buy a midfielder for next season keeping Hleb will be important. Many of you want to sell him but he can play both on the wing and as CM. When yaya and Keita are gone we need all of the CMs we need.

Kxevin said...

Well, if you believe the rumors (though some will say this is more of my "unhealthy" anti-Eto'o bias), he already has a deal with AC Milan that is contingent upon his leaving on a free. So by presenting absurd salary demands, he makes sure that we can't sell him, then off he goes next summer.

I don't believe media nonsense, but I sure would love to know what the heck is going on.

If Villa comes and Eto'o stays, given the reality of the front line situation, Krkic gets almost ZERO minutes. He would in Valencia, in a real system, rather than Malaga or some such nonsense, and we'll be able to find out if he can really play as a striker in the Liga.

Sounds like a win-win, to me.

ej said...

Guys let me tell you my opinion.

Barca should spend this season again 50 M some will ask why should we spend so much after winning teble here are the answers :

1)We Barca have now the Opportunity , to write history in the world , we can be the first team that win CL 2 times in a raw and i really thn we can do it if we sign only 3 players !!!
so in 100 year when somebodyfrom china ask which team won CL 2 times in a raw for first time answer will be barca (so we have really much to win)

2)The CL Final will be at madrid if we win it even after 300 years in madrid they ill remember that they spend 300 M Euro and saw Barca winning CL in there own stadium :))))

3)somenbody forget that signing new players bring us money too not only costs and beeing the best team in europe is much more value than 50 M euro!!!

4)after winnning trible we really should have enough money to spend 50 M

5)when you win trible , you face some poblems like some players want very high wage cause of succes
so we need some new faces ...

what i suggest :
IN: Aguero , Robinho or Tevez , Asenjo.

OUT: Etoo , Hleb , Gudi , VV

Why Aguero: this guy is a star in big games , always when there was a big game for atletic where they finished 4-3 winning or 3-2 he was awesome , he is fast technical and a hero kind of guy .

Why Robinho :
Ok maybe i would prefer ribery too , but ibery will cost us much more than rbinho woh has a clause that say f Mcity doesnt qualify fo cl he can leave .
he s very talented but need a tuff coach and i guess pep will be able to manage him.

Why Tevez(if robihno didnt come)

he is the most loved player by the fans .
he is fighting he is talented
(3 times southamerican playe of the year) and if he comes you will always want him to stay , only problem he cost us more than robnho but less than ribery
and if we get hm we will have the 3 FW from argentina and the MF from Spain :))


Robinho(Tev) -- Aguero -- Messi





ej said...

continue :
loan out bojan (Atl.Mad)


Henry: can sub Robnho and tevez will be playing a lot dot worry

Keita: as a MF

Gai: as a LW or L MF

Busquets: as DMF

Marquez: CB

Henrique : CB , LB

Sylvinho : bing the guy back give him 1 year contract he is the cheapest way for a sub with so much experience and his wage wont be high

so aguero + robinho + Asenjo
only for 50 M how why ???

it like this :
<--> means cover costs doesnt necessary mean swap players

Hleb + 30M <----->Hleb

some will ask one sec 2 Mf players out no replacment:

answer or we pay 10 M fo 2 Mf Players who will only be a cover or pomote gai and a MF from atletic

jordy said...

for 45m we should get someone younger.
like torres we need more his type than villa. eto'o,hleb and some money for torres or 45m or eto'o and 25 m!

Aguero is a good option too..
tevez? the man can't score, he scored 4 goals this year. i don't want him!

chris said...

jordy is completely wrong. Aguero would be a disaster as he is a midget!

Anonymous said...

ej - your plan calls for a squad of 18 players and 'promote a MF from atletic'.

ManU had a squad of 22 this year who played significant time in the league. Not including their reserve team call ups like Macheda, Tosic, Welbeck, Campbell, Gibson who could all fill in.

Madrid had a squad of 23 or so and still had to buy the Diarra, Huntelaar in January just to cover injuries.

We need a squad of 22 or 23, the likes of Gai, Thiago, Muniesa can only be fringe players outside the first 22, 23 full first team players. That means we need to add at least 3-4 more players than we're losing. Since we're going to lose Guddy and maybe Hleb, we should be signing 5 players not including Eto'o and Valdes replacements.

kalaq said...

We need a bigger squad for next season.Loaning bojan will just shrink the squad.
I think its better for bojan to stay.

ej said...

anony ,

we can get 2-3 players more for 5 M EUro for player and this still will be enough with the 50-55 M euro limit ...

Anonymous said...

Its a good deal for Valencia,but a terrible deal for Barca.Bojan and Caceres are players we need to keep in the system.
I believe the road to victory next season is to change as little as possible of the current squad.They are fantastic and the edge we will have over Madrid is we already have a team with players who understand themselves very well.
Hleb is exceptionally good and we will not realise his potential if he's sold of in a hurry.
I will advice we sign four more players of high quality and maintain all the players in the squad right now.
Asenjo cannot replace Valdes,he kept us in the Champions league several times last year and he understands how Barca plays better than any other Keeper.Asenjo could be an addition.
Eto'o's contract should be renewed,he will pick up where he left last season and give us even more goals.That to me is a striker when you need him.
We need to bring Cesc,Villa and a left back in and we are ready for next season.
Enjoy the learning curve,and let the squad improve together.New players will always need a lot of time to settle.

Anonymous said...

Good in theory, not so much in practice.

After 2006 we stood pat and everyone became complacent. Small changes are always necessary to keep the competitive edge in the squad.

I would like your suggestions to happen but...

Valdes is asking for an unrealistic contract, and will be difficult to renew.

Asenjo cannot be an addition, he would only sign if he has a chance to be the first choice keeper.

Eto'o doesn't want to renew unless he gets a huge raise because he wants to get a bigger contract from another club next year when his contract runs out. We can't offer him a big raise because he already makes second highest in the club just below Messi.

This is why we're chasing Villa and Asenjo, not because we want change for the sake of change. It's out of necessity.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with your opinion of change,I will suggest changes should be minimal or you will lose the dynamics.
Its more expensive to buy a new player than it is to renew a current players contract.Even new players want bigger salaries;which is why they are movinganyway.
However,if we need to address those two positions,Julius Ceaser of Inter milan is the best goal keeper in the world and would fit well into our style.
To replace Eto,I suggest we swap him for Robinho(who can also play on the left)and still buy Villa as our Attack still needs an extra strong man anyway.I would not like to see either of Bojan or Caceres going to Valencia,even on loan,we have too many matches to play this season.Its best to pay cash to bridge the gap.Besides they will only improve playing with the best.Believe me they will get enough playing time.

jazzy said...

hey guys..
bruno saltor just joined Valencia..
too bad.. i thought he was free and that we got him. we could use him as a back up.
well, anyways, good luck to him.

buj said...

I agree with Jordy. Torres is a better option if Valencia insist on E45m. I've read that MU is offering L'pool 40m Pound for him tho it's a long shot as I'm sure they'll refuse.

But then again, even if L'pool want to sell him I'm sure the bid will rise as he's wanted everywhere.

Engineer said...

RIBÉRY IS FOR SALE! According to El Mundo Deportivo the Bayern Munich board of directors met yesterday and discussed the issue, it seems that they do not want a player that feels he is 'forced' to stay, disrupting the harmony of the dressing room.

Here's the link to the article, translated and ready to be read


LeónDragón said...

aguero a midget...like maradona, romario and many more were. it's not on height, but quality

jazzy said...

well, sorry my bad bout bruno.

jordy said...

Aguero is small but very strong. and if you would have seen his goals, the boy can head! he jumps high. I would make an exception for aguero because he has exceptional skills, still young and i think he can replace henry on the wing too. he and messi will damage nations in de WC 2010. hopefully they link up before the tournament.

ribery for sale,yes 55m. that's aguero's buy - out clause.. but I think we could talk to atletico and loan out caceres.maybe the might be interested in hleb too because they had some problems on the right wing!

OLALEKAN said...

this is a good news,only if its true,but i think barca should just tell them that we can pay more than fourty million plus a play for free(guddy)or the loan of hleb if they dont want caceres,but if they can collect caceres then let him go for loan.but pls dont include bojan in ANY deal,pls.pls what news do we have about eto'o,is he not leaving again?

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