Friday, 19 June 2009

Internet voting could be allowed for 2010 elections

Spanish news agency EFE reports that Barcelona's board will propose to the next General Assembly to change the club's by laws.

The board wants to enable the socios to take part in the presidential elections by voting through the internet. If adopted, the internet vote will already be implented for nect year's elections.

Another proposal is to change the duration of a presidential term to a period of six years, with one possible re-election (read more

The current duration of four years had to be adapted to the new Catalan legislation about sports clubs and associations that says that presidential terms should be between six and eight years. Barcelona unsuccesfully tried to negotiate an exception with the Catalan government.

Read more:
Presidential term could be extended to six years


hieifcb said...

so even I can vote for them? =P

Fabiano said...

Only if you are a socio (member).

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