Sunday, 14 June 2009

Manchester United following renewal talks Valdes

British tabloid News of the World claims that Manchester United is again keeping an eye on Barcelona goalkeeper Víctor Valdés (27) because of the difficult renewal negotiations with Barcelona (read more here).

The English champions reportedly monitored Valdés all season but expected his contract to be settled after his performances in the Champions League. United had therefore turned their attentions to Villarreal goalkeeper Diego López but could now refocus on the Catalan goalkeeper whose current contract expires at the end of next season.

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jordy said...

I would like vv to stay put. but if he really holds on to his salary demands he should go.I would pay him no more than 5m a year!
if he doesn"t accept, 30m will do

Barca nike said...

valdes will stay

Barca nike said...

we only need a keeper than can replace pinto after next year because he will be too old although this year he was really good

Iason said...

@ Jordy, who would pay 30m for Valdes??! I wouldn't pay that much for Cech or Reina.

Anonymous said...

they make rm stronger by selling ronaldo to them and now they try to make us weaker by buying eto'o and valdes???

manu sucks

LeónDragón said...

don't believe that this could happen.
but to see him leaving the club would surely disappoint me, as i think that valdes is underestimated.
would show us that there would be a gap without him between the posts
VV forever one of us!!!!!

jordy said...


Who si going to pay him 9m? Even CR7 didn't earn that with man u!

I don't think that Cech or reina are better! We had Reina and VV proved himself better..

I also think he will stay but I hope Laporto doesn't give in to his demands. Tell me why he wants to earn more than messi, iniesta, xavi, henry, eto'o? He's not that important. messi iniesta xavi can't be replaced..

LeónDragón said...

how can anyone believe that valdes wants 9 millions.
that's, for me, totally unlogical, that valdes would ask that sum.
but truth is that there is a difference between both. club and vv

Sune said...

He asked to be put in the same wage bracket as Xavi,Iniesta and Puyol, which is €5m. So no he didn't ask for €9m

Anonymous said...

if his demands are reasonable, renew. otherwise asenjo and moya are capable replacements. valdes has been good this year, but not good enough to make weird wage demands.

barcaboy26 said...

we shuld het ppl from the club to read our posts.......

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