Monday, 15 June 2009

Barcelona looking at possible substitutes for Valdes

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that, although the renewal of Barcelona goalkeeper Víctor Valdés is the priority for the club, Barcelona is also looking at other options.

Liverpool goalkeeper and Spanish international José Manuel Reina (26 - picture), Villarreal goalkeeper and Spanish international Diego López (27) and Athletic Bilbao goalkeeper Gorka Iraizoz (28) would be the three names on the list of possible substitutes if Valdés wouldn't renew his contract this summer.

Diego López and Gorka have a buyout clause of respectively 35 and 30 million euro but Barcelona would try to lower those fees. The value of former Barcelona youth player Reina is being estimated at 20 million euro.

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skanjos said...

yay pep is back :).i still dont want valdes to get a huge contract better than iniesta and xavi.he can have a casillas similar contract but not a messi contract.we cant have the hightest paid gk in the world(well if it was buffon....)

FC BARCA said...

For €20 mil Reina isn't a bad option. Im my opinion he's better than Valdes.

Messi108 said...

haha ! Finally something to read here. A day doesnt go b without reading a thread on this blog.
Thank You pep !!

And what abt Asenjo ?
He was supposed to be a priority if valdes doesnt renew.

Marws said...

yey news :D It shouldn't be a big problem keeping Valdes. I don't think Valdes will make much truble. A payraise is fine, but he isn't that good. THe way I see it we need to buy players on the LB,LW,CM and possibly CF. Adding Gk will just make everything much more complicated.

Please Victor don't ask for too much. We all know you love Barca.

NouBarca said...

Reina for 20Mil Euros? are you having a laugh? I like him but thats maybe half of how much pool would ask for

Carles P said...

Reina would by my first choice. IMO he is WAY better than Valdes. Skill wise, they are about even, but Reina just seems to command his area with more certainty/confidence. What is interesting is that he is probably the best keeper of the three mentioned, yet he is the cheaper one.

Anonymous said...

29 mil for Reina?
He's alot better than Valdes AND he can save penalties, something Valdes can't.
But I doubt Liverpool will sell him

Anonymous said...

I started wondering if pep is on a sunny beach drinking a coktail... alreay visited the site more then 10 times looking for my daily barca-fix... :)

LeónDragón said...

reina was also a barca-youth-product, to pay now so much for him seems ridiculous to me, as i think we need the money for other positions.
also think, he's never ever better than valdes, without doubting that he's not good.
many have doubts over valdes, seeing him every game, notice every mistake, but hope we don't need to lose him to make everyone realize how important he is

Barca nike said...

its hard to imagine another Gk instead of valdes people should value his hard work, this season he was fantastic.

bojan! said...

news... finaly, yes :D
Asenjo is better option than Reina but if we can sign Reina for 15-20 than lets bring him

Vj said...

Hooray! Pep is back!! Viva La Pep!!!

I think VV won't leave due to lack of 'serious' offers..

Anonymous said...

Why not Sebastien Frey, we could use marquez in a player + cash deal. Frey is the cheapest at 15 mil euro and probably the best of the bunch. His age (29) is the only downside.

Anonymous said...

buying Reina who is our own youth product for such a high price should never happen. Just like we should not offer alot of money for cesc either if he returns.

Anonymous said...

I know Reina is a great goalkeeper... but shouldnt we pursue younger goal keepers ( asenjo)... This makes more sense 2 me. even if reina is an ex-blaugranista

thanhdinh_421 said...

Reina is better than Valdes.20m is so fine.Diego lopez is ok but 15 m is fine.Other choice is Sebastian Frey ,Swap for Marques not bad idea

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