Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Barcelona in pole for Mallorca goalkeeper Moya

Madrid sports tabloid Marca claims that Barcelona is at this moment leading the race for the transfer of Mallorca goalkeeper Miguel Angel Moyá (25) (read more here).

Mallorca, who cannot transfer any players due to a financial dispute with Athletic Bilbao, would like to sign Barcelona wing attacker Pedro (21) on loan and is expected to try to include him in the deal on Moyá if Barcelona makes a formal bid.

Valencia, Atlético Madrid and Villarreal would also be interested in the Spanish goalkeeper.

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mike said...

Buy Asenjo. I saw him yesterday in the u21.Match against Germany. What a great goalkeeper...

sashi said...

for ur info, Asenjo wants to play. not as a backup. so please guys, before saying Asenjo is better chhoice, remember the state of the team and then say.

this guy seems willing but im not sure how gud he is compared to Pinto.

mike said...

Then buy Asenjo and for example loan him out to Valladolid for 1 or 2 years.

HouseMD said...

I agree with mike.

Kalaq said...

or just give the boy play.rotate with valdes.make some good competition on that spot.

Barca nike said...

get him he is very good

Anonymous said...

I thot atletico signed asenjo already?

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