Thursday, 18 June 2009

Valencia rejects offers for Mata

Spanish television channel La Sexta claims that Barcelona made Valencia a bid of 50 million euro° plus the loan of Barcelona players Bojan (18) and Cáceres (21).

But this bid reportedly wasn't only for Valencia forward and Spanish international David Villa (27), but also for Valencia left wing attacker and Spanish international Juan Manuel Mata (21). Valencia would have rejected the offer.

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona has picked up the option of signing Mata for the left wing and could already have made a bid of 20 million euro° for the Spaniard.

Valencia regional sports paper Superdeporte claims that Barcelona has contacted both Valencia and the player's entourage but that Valncei made clear that Mata is not for sale. Valencia would meanwhile have reached yesterday a pre-agreement with the player's father and agent about a contract renewaL

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pep said...

50 million euro =

70 million us dollar
43 million british pound

20 million euro =

28 million us dollar
17 million british pound

Shayan said...

Im impressed by him.
Lets hope this is wrong news.

Justin said...

it would be amazing if this deal can go through as Bojan and Caceres can gain more first team experience as well as getting a very talented Spanish player.

Barca would get all the benefit at the end of the day:)

Anonymous said...

That's probably why it was rejected, Justin... :)))

Anonymous said...

we don't need him, if we get him,
i prefer gai get some chance.

Bogman said...

There seems to be a lot of talk about Gai this season. But he has'nt had a very good season this year due to injuries and weak physique. I hope that he gets a chans to play with the first team next season, but he should not be the one to count on if we get injuries. He has to develope gently and with care, otherwise we will have a new dos Santos-case on our hands. I only hope he realise that he is going to be a great player for Barca if he only have a little patience. And on the proposed turned down offer för Villa + Mata. It is not strange that Valencia turned such a bad deal down. Villa alone is worth that kind of deal.

Barca Brn said...

I am really getting pissed with the offers Barcelona are making because they are literally crazy!
Mata is an excellent player and Villa too and I think they are spot on to target them. However 50 million euros is a very incompetitive offer. Remember Man Utd paid 50 million for Nani and Anderson a couple of years ago two undeveloped players. For me Villa alone is worth at least 45 million Euros, and Mata is at least 20 mil. The board had a meeting today and I hope that they will act quickly and secure those two players since other clubs have the money and will compete and inflate the prices even more!

lawrenzo loves barca said...

hey guys i want to believe that Txiki will make another bench player signing.All the talk of Villa and Robinho are pure rumours that cannot be substantiated,
secondly i think the board are beginning to get complacent else players like Guddy,Hleb would have been offloaded, any news concerning madrid targets look more realistic, i just read on that we have only 35mil Pounds to spend.WE need to find backups for some positions because the season is a long one.I feel so scared of madrid now cos there are four players i hope they never get else we may never beat them again (Villa,Ribery,Maicon and Clichy) we need to strengthen,after all we will begin next season as defending champions and not "Champions" the two are never the same.Finally,it's about time Eto'o left because he won't be at his best next season after all.

Justin said...

I think other young players can see they can actually be a first team player if they are good enough, ie Bojan and Busqust. It is just the matter of time.

The other side of the arguement is Fabregas who won nothing with Arsenal but European Championship and Pique is brought back with success. Difficult decisions...

Can also look at dos Santos, Merida and the one playing for Juventus now (can't remember his name). They are totally stuggling.

I reckon the best thing to do is to stay at Barca. At the end, Barca will make the best decision for them, as we did for Xavi Torres.

Anonymous said...
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lawrenzo said...

just one of those rumours,pure chaff that cannot be substantiated,My dear Pep,i think you should take a break cos barca will sign a bench player i believe,Laporta and Txiki are only interested in criticising madrid without strengthening,i am soooo sad.

skanjos said...

i was not a huge fan of mata this year,but he is an excelent prospect and i see a little iniesta in him.if we can buy him then it will be a great transfer for the club.

Marc4barca said...

justin you would think bu now you would be accustomed to barca's way of doing things in the market lol. it's laporta we are talking about this guy is super cautious. if it was sandra rossell whatever his name is he would of splashed that eto and 40 mil for zlatan in a heart beat and the 55mil for ribery and he said he will be going for kaka when he runs for president too bad that chance is gone, i wonder what names he will use to sway fans.

As for mata i really don't like the fact we are going after real madrid youth players and mata still hasn't proven anything. 1yr isn't enough to convince me and valencia didn't even make it to champions league, i prefer to keep henry this year and buy zhirkov as back up and then buy a winger next year if when the market has calmed down.

Marws said...

Henry staying is a must. No way he will leave. At first I wasn't very happy with the idea of buying an old madridista, but Mata is a great player. I once saw him when he was playing with Spain, and I honestly thought he was Iniesta. It took me like 5 min before I realised that it wasn't Andres. This guy has quality and can grow alot in Barca.

Although he isn't my first option on the LW I would love too see him sign for Barca.

Marws said...

Btw Zhirkov doesn't want to be a backup. Thats the problem with him. I don't know how it is with Mata, but I don't think he would mind sitting on the bench now and then.

Dolce said...

Its getting obvious that Barca wont sign any top names this summer because they are not ready to spend. Something is very wrong if Barca can spend only 30 million on new players without selling anybody. RM is now about to hijack Villa and Ribery deals because Barca is too stingy. I wouldnt be surprised if we offload Eto'o and then we just try to replace him with some cheap b-class striker. Laporta is too cautious in transfer market and it could be a good thing that he and his minions will leave Camp Nou next year. We cant just sign lowly back- up players if we want to succeed in the future. What comes to the current squad, only Messi, Iniesta, Bojan and maybe Alves will stay at the club after 2012-13 season. The less we invest this year, the more we have to spend next year. If we dont keep improving our team, in the long run it will be hard to match RM who is ready to spend in order to get success

Marc4barca said...

well that's what most people say laporta is lacking, the will to spend and laziness in the transfer market and he is lucky to have been in this era where we have so many talented youths or we would of been another arsenal and because he is in this era with talented youths there is no need to spend 50mil on a player. If ribery and villa want to change their mind and go madrid(just like i said they would) because they have tons of moeny which i believe they don't have and two former ballon d'or winners then by all means let them go. there is no room for fickle people such as those at barcelona. there are a lot of players out their that we can make into a ribery and villa. you think ronaldinho and eto and alves were that big of a star before they came barcelona. We will sign a big star but we won't be pressured into spending such excessive fees. real are being constantly harassed about the situation and now that will lead to many investigations on why banks are loaning madrid so much money and how madrid are going to manage so many world class players. also as proven in the past world class players dont stay at barca for long, does ronaldo maradona and figo ring a bell. we have to be careful who we sign now cause we have made many bad signings in the past.

barca4life said...

BREAKING NEWS: VALDES HAS RENEWED HIS CONTRACT TILL 2014 according to Sport and El Mundro deportivo

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