Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Who are the super-agents?

author: Rory Smith
source: The Daily Telegraph

date: 12 June 2009

Jorge Mendes (picture)
Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent made his name brokering Jose Mourinho’s move from Porto to Chelsea in 2004 and now stands to make around £5 million from the Ronaldo move alone. Mendes now deals only with the very top clubs in Europe.

Pini Zahavi
The former Israeli journalist went on to become football’s first - and some would say still only - true super-agent. He is close to Roman Abramovich and was the first port of call for Manchester City after they became the world’s richest club last year.

Ernesto Bronzetti
The man who AC Milan and Juventus turn to for advice on all of their transfer dealings. Bronzetti was at the heart of Manchester City’s botched move for Kaka in January - on the Italian side - and remains Serie A’s Mr Fix-It of choice.

Gines Carvajal
The man who represents Raul, Iker Casillas and Guti, as well as a host of other players around Spain, is the most powerful agent in a country with more players’ representatives than any other. Carvajal is closely linked with both Madrid clubs and is a friend of Florentino Perez.

Vincenzo Morabito
Closely linked with both AC Milan and Roma, few deals come to fruition in Italy without Morabito’s involvement. He is most usually mentioned in dispatches in connection with Emmanuel Adebayor, the most high-profile client of his FIMO firm.

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kubalafan said...

Carvajal is Valdes' agent. Why the **** did Valdes pick him if he's so close to Real Madrid? Insane.

said said...

i see your blog
i t excleent
i hope you give me your
opinion ok
thank you

Anonymous said...

you still have to work on it...

Anonymous said...

i meen to "said"

TengkuAmir10 said...

SAID.u have to have more creativity on your blog and ur writing is hideous.try to make fcbtransfers an example and ask pep for info.HALA BARCA.

TengkuAmir10 said...

where's seluk??isnt he supposed to be in that list of top agents??i mean he is the best ive ever seen and seluk is so great at 'tricking' clubs than any of these other agents.he should be in this list as the most powerful agent who has a hole in his pocket.

LeónDragón said...

also don't like the fact that a friend of perez is responsible for valdes contract.
reminds me of the trojan horse.
like vv and think he's our best and one of us, but he should hold the ball flat

LeónDragón said...

agree a 100% with kubalafan.
one question, how old were you when kubala played at barca :)

Maxi said...

Said its 'latest' not last n for an english blog ur english needs to be a lot better. but kudos on the brittishisms in 'gun-ho' but also as it is a real madrid blog i cannot really be a fan of it:)

rObReV7 said...

Well, The Barca Blog is better than the Madrid Blog! But im sure you can improve Said. This blog is probably the best out there!

Dan R said...

Laporta is actually here in Israel due to Pini Zehavi's daughter wedding! wish i could sit with him over a cup o' coffee or a beer :D

said said...

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i very happey to hear what you say abouy my blog

i try to do the best

i hope any one have somthing can i do it to improve my blog

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