Friday, 19 June 2009

Getafe wants Bojan on loan

Madrid sports tabloid Marca unconfirmedly claims that Getafe is interested in Barcelona forward and Spanish youth internacional Bojan Krkic (18).

Getafe manager Michel reportedly asked his club to move for the Catalan striker and try to sign him on loan.

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Bojan will not leave on loan


Barca nike said...

no way

skanjos said...

marca ........bojan stays he said that a thousand times so did the board.

Áron said...

Thanks, but no thanks.

Anurag said...

yea, and i want to buy a 10 storey house in barcelona complete with attached swimming pool and football ground...doesnt mean ill get it :P :P

Marc4barca said...

yes he needs to go on loan, did you watch the U21 matches he was absolutely poor and he didn't impress me this season too. everyone begs for him to stay for him to get less and less play then his career will falter and he'll end up at a club like xerez. it is already proven in the past that out of all positions CF in the one we never have proper youths for, Barcelona makes defenders, midfielders and wingers but not strikers. he will never make it to me unless he goes on loan in italy and england and spain with a clause that he can't play against barca, real did it with negrado. If anything bojan has to redevelop himself as a LW or CAM like iniesta.

barca4life said...

While bojan was poor yesterday, who did he have on that team with him? What kind of service did he get? Any striker can look ordinary without good service. Messi looked ordinary against liverpool in 06/07 when he was 19. i guess we should loan him out too huh? Barcelona cant make good strikers? before messi we never made the best player in the world so whats your point? man utd arsenal and chelsea were all sniffing around bojan not to mention half of the clubs in europe. So for you to say because he had 2 bad games after a long season that he is going to end up with xerex is silly. Look at the players that were elligible to have played for spain u-21 who are on the senior team : Pique Sergio Ramos Busquets Cesc Silva and mata. Add those players to the spain u-21 and you dont think bojan would have looked better. Who did he have? Adrian lopez who thought he was the 2nd coming of ronaldo only doing stepovers and tricks and jurado who could not cut it at real madrid or atletico madrid

jazzy said...

haha..relax guys.. didnt you read the news??
"Madrid sports tabloid Marca UNCOMFIRMEDLY claims that Getafe is interested..."
no worries here..

Marc4barca said...

ok so let me get this straight... zlatan also has poor service at inter yet everyone said he sucks he is in a team like sweden and everyone expects him to win yet bojan is so different this what i mean by bias barcelona supporters. listen to me, there is no such thing as a youth barcelona CF unless bojan changes to a CAM or trains more in the LW role he is nothing more than garbage ready to be thrown out and if you would read properly you would see i also said he didn't impress me this season too i didn't base it on two matches. Emotions will get you no where i'm looking out for the best for bojan and he will fail if he continues to sit on bench. he will learn by watching messi and others? what bullshit is that if that was true then big clubs loaning out players will be nonexistent, you become better by playing not watching, if it was as simple as watching i would be as good as messi by now and i can tell you now i am no where near messi's skill. xerex was just an example of how bad it can get not that i meant he is destined to go there if you look at giovanni dos santos you would understand what i mean. read up more on football also cause cesc and sergio ramos cannot play on U21 team for two reasons 1. they are too old and 2. they are way too good. if bojan was as great as u are claiming then he should be on spain's national team in south africa. the same pique is there, why is he there? cause he was playing football not warming the bench. it still all comes down to the fact that barca's history proves they buy talented CF not produce them it will be no different with bojan if he continues the way he is.

p.s if i didn't think bojan could be in barca or had potential i would have said sell him not loan him, i just want bojan become a good footballer and not end up like de la pena or sergio garcia, dos santos and recently xavi torres.

James said...

I gotta agree with Marca4barca here. Shocking, I know. Bojan desperately needs to go on loan. Playing as a sub here is seriously derailing his development. Right now he's a fantastic finisher, but only if he's put clean through. He has no idea how to lead the lines. At Barcelona he'll continue to get few minutes and lots of service, this is absolutely detrimental to his development. Bojan needs to learn to bring himself into the game when nobody is setting him up, he needs to learn to contribute in other ways, learn better movement without the ball. If we don't loan him out this season, he'll have another decent but unspectacular year of fine finishing but little else. Better sooner than later in my opinion.

barca4life said...

You dont understand what i said. Perhaps i wasnt clear. England brought their best u-21 squad. Spain did not. Spain sent 7 players that are elligible for the u-21 squad to south africa. Sergio Ramos and Cesc are not too old i checked the ages of the other players in the tournament and there are players who are older than sergio ramos and cesc who are playing in the tournament. players like milner who scored the winner yesterday that are 23.

barcelona do not loan out our best young players name one of our young players from our cantera that we have loaned out in recent history that has come back better? Messi Xavi Iniesta Valdes Puyol Busquets all learned their trade right here without going on loan anywhere.

I am the biggest supporter of zlatan coming here and i never said he was not good. Bojan however is a different type of striker to zlatan. Bojan is a poacher, zlatan is a "power" forward who can barge his way through and is much more skillful. You dont score 1000 goals and yth level without being a poacher.

next you do not learn by watching, but you learn by training with messi henry etoo xavi iniesta, you learn by training with the best, by gettng tips from the best. Messi said ronaldinho was a huge influence on him, giving him advice when he first started to train with the senior team. You cant learn from henry when you are playing with malaga.

Finally gio dos santos was a money hungry good for nothing. He let fame go to his head and didnt want to hear anything from anybody. Bojan wants to stay and has already said he cant wait to learn more from messi.Pep knows his talent. he scored in the cup final and scored crucial goals in the cup for us all year. He brought us 3 crucial points against almeria earlier this year and was on the field pulling defenders out of position when we knocked out chelsea at stamford bridge.

Doesnt it make you wonder in the slightest why all of these BPL teams and all of these teams around europe want bojan if he is so poor? Put bojan for sale for free now and watch as chelsea man utd arsenal liverpool bayern munich inter ac juve and real madrid all scramble madly to get his signature.

jordi said...

People used to be impatient with iniesta too..

James said...

Well I certainly don't think Bojan is poor. I have high hopes for him. Bojan is a different type of striker than Ibrahimovic. But strength is a far more necessary trait for a striker than a midfielder. Even little Messi is only as good as he is because of his low center of gravity and high strength to size ratio. Which is why I don't think Gai can be nearly as good but that's a different subject.

And jordi yes, people were impatient with Iniesta, but he was also 21, 22 at the time and very timid. I can see why people worried. The difference is Iniesta's a midfielder and Bojan is striker. It's easier to be tricky outside the box and be able to send the ball back to your defense if all else fails. In the box all bets are off, it's going to be a lot more physical. I've seen Bojan get pushed off the ball time and again by inferior defenders which is something he's going to have to learn to overcome. That won't happen if he continues to get perfect service and limited minutes here. I guess what I'm saying is in a way he's completely spoiled here. If he never faces adversity then he won't get a chance to overcome it.

Marc4barca said...

B4L you are forgetting one thing messi, iniesta, xavi and puyol had way more playing time and chances than bojan because the cf position is always strong in barca. if u consider some of the players iniesta, xavi, puyol and messi had to compete with most people will succeed.

only sore losers and people looking for excuses make stupid claims such as we didn't have our strongest side. spainU21 is quite good, maybe you should learn some other names beside barca players and still doesn't change the fact that bojan wasn't called up to the team. santi cazorla made it, pique made it, mata made it. it's because the cf position is the toughest to break into, there is no way he can overcome torres, villa and guiza.

your not a bigger zlatan fan than i am. scoring a 1000 goals at youth lvl is hardly an arguing point, if you haven't realized this is the big league now and whatever happenedin the youth lvl is long gone and forgotten.

learn by training with the best? again i mention that if it was that simple we wouldn't have loaned out crosas and henrique. it's not so simple as get advice and training with them. in training you are not asked to run at your best. messi got advice so what? he got better cause he played and each season he got better and better cause was playing more and more. this season is his best cause he didn't get injured. people were impatient about iniesta but since 2006 when iniesta got more chances than usual people started to get used to him especially when he replaced xavi in the cl final and put in a good performance.

3 crucial points against almeria indeed but when it comes to arguments you have to bring more evidence than just copa matches which messi was the star anyways and one la liga match. which chelsea match were you watching? pulling defenders out of position? sorry but that's all lies bojan was rather poor in that match and who can blame with all those players back there.

i stay by the fact that bojan needs to play more to get better training and advice doesn't make a player, that's just praise to a superior player but you know what let him stay when he continues to sit on the bench and waste time and then end up on a lower team i will be blaming it on fans and laporta for not taking the right direction and hurting this boys career. CF youths just don't make it at barca our history of huge superstar forwards will never be broken he gotta change to LW or CAM. i have high hopes for him and mauro incardi(ARG) though but it's just to hard and with laporta leaving next year it will only get tougher.

barca4life said...

You dont know what you are talking about.

Firstly I'm not making excuses I am stating facts, FACT: SPAIN DID NOT SEND THEIR STRONGEST TEAM. I dont care why or how or about anything else. THAT IS FACT. Secondly i never mentioned bojan making the spanish national team, the spanish national team is the best team in the world right now, any other 18 year olds on it? I thought so.

Thirdly which 17 year old has scored 10 goals in la liga, serie A or BPL? there are none except bojan. Check it out and see. Owen was the closest and he turned 18 a few months into the BPL season, bojan was 17 for the entire season before this one where he scored 10 league goals, its never been done before in one of the big 3 leagues.

Fourthly we didnt loan out henrique because of experience, we loaned out henrique because you can only have 3 players without eu passports in la liga and those 3 were yaya hleb and caceres.

Fifthly if you were to watch the entire copa del rey campaign you would see bojan was the top scorer and on more than 1 occasion messi just came off of the bench at the end of the game.

Sixthly i dont know which match u were watching at stamford brige but if you look closely you would see defenders paying attention to bojan messi pulling other defenders out of postion and iniesta as a result having space.

Finally if playing time is what was needed how come iniesta who played much less games than bojan at age 17 and 18 turned out so well? It is more than playing time that is needed. Name one great barcelona player that was loaned out and came back better for it? NAME ONE. CALL ONE. NAME ONE. CALL ANY ONE. JUST ONE. One player from our cantera that went on loan and came back better in recent history.

jordi said...

Exactly Barca4life, we dont loan out our best youth. Iniesta was "pampered" too but im am certain he learnt a lot more from being on the bench and training with ronaldinho than he would have if he went out on loan. Bojan is 18 years old, so it doesnt make sense to compare him to 22 year old pique. I suppose we should just get rid of him like how madrid got rid of mata and live to regret it when he tears it up. David villa at bojan's age was much worse than bojan currently is. It took villa till 23 to debut for spain, and guess what, bojan has at 18 already and could have gone to the euros at 17. And get this. people used to write off villa as too tiny when he was at sporting and said he was too small to be a striker in the primera. Doesnt that sound familliar? Vila never even scored for the under 21s either. Bojan has scored at all youth levels for spain. He has the potential to be better than david villa. People just need patience.

Marc4barca said...

You are so dumb in many ways it seems impossible to make you understand.

you keep asking me to answer questions when your not even replying to mine correctly. why is pato better than bojan why is playing so well. he is fucking playing all the time.

henrique was loaned out for European experience fool. barca would not have signed a vast experience player knowing they could only have 3 non euro players they are not stupid. if it was so then caceres would of been loaned out not henrique but caceres has played in spain already. it just goes to show how lack of playing time can hurt someone's confidence, caceres was great in recreativo but he came barca and got less play and that lead to him not being as good as he was, why do injured players come back and need time to get back to their best cause they need to play so they can regain their skill, not all need to but most do. cesc, crosas even our current cantera's pedro gai jeffren are all good players and they do not train with messi and henry or get advice. they are all playing. carvalho got injured and now he has lost his spot to alex, alex was thought to be a back up player but when he filled in for carvalho and the coach saw how he played he instantly stole his spot. i can continue proving you wrong but i will stop there.

now answer me this how much was bojan playing when he scored those 10 goals i goddamn thought so, he was playing all the time cause eto was injured and how many players start great but end up failing after think about it's more than just having a good first season it's about maintaining that tempo and he can't if he is benched all the time. your using useless statistics, players like granero, diego capel, javi martinez, sisi, xisco, sergio sanchez and torrejon are excellent players spain U21 team is more than good enough and if bojan is so great he should be on the spanish national team he was their before why isn't he there now simple less play to prove himself, didn't even get a sec in cl final. next thing is that bojan did not open space for iniesta's goal chelsea made a mistake crowding the penalty area and not marking out players like they were doing earlier and it was down to essien missing the clearance that allowed the goal, there is nothing more annoying than a idiot making stupid claims to support his argument. all i hear is name one name one. well i'll do the same thing, name one cantera product that had made it in too barcelona CF position NAME ONE. CALL ONE. NAME ONE. CALL ANY FUCKING ONE. JUST ONE. pique went manchester and got no play came back to barca and was a revelation and alex regrets letting him go.

just to let you that once again you are wrong cause messi is the top scorer in copa del rey not bojan. messi did more than came off the bench he started 1 match against espanyol and atletico and then the final. you have failed against me bojan can't continue on like this and you know it, get off the ps3 and study the game more. bojan can only get better if he plays more and i don't see it happening this season which is why he needs to go on loan or end up like sergio garcia jumping from club to club getting relegated.

Marc4barca said...

jordi i don't remember anyone saying those things about bojan i surely didn't. why doesn't it make sense to compare him with pique players can be compared to anyone no matter the age. don't compare us to madrid there isn't a line in my post that says we should sell bojan i said loan out with a clause that he can't play against barca and the reason mata became so good is because he left madrid mata, granero etc all failed in madrid and were sold off. potential is great but making good use of it is the hard part. people are different so i don't see what villa problems growing into the game have to do with bojan. if it was like that, that people say you can't make it and you do then people who say u will make means that bojan is destined to fail cause everyone has high hopes for him. patience is good in some cases but it is not always the right path. making quick decisions are help alot too. i'm sure barca paid for messi injections they didn't wait to see if he was good enough to join barca, they just did and it turned out well but if you feel bojan should stay and bench and listen to messi and henry tell him about football so be it i'm tired of arguing now.

barca4life said...

Marc4barca you are the biggest clown on this blog. You cannot call 1 barcelona player that has left on loan and and returned better, you cannot name another striker that has scored 10 goals in la liga at age 17 and if you looked at the champions league semi final you would see that bojan did indeed play and was inside the penalty area drawing a defender when iniesta shot the ball. DID WE LOAN PIQUE or are you just thick in the head. I SAID NAME ONE PLAYER FROM OUR CANTERA THAT WE LOANED THAT HAS COME BACK BETTER? You cant name any. And since you cant name any you resort to obscene language name calling and general ridiculous behaviour. If it was up to me i would ban you from posting here.

barca4life said...

You want to talk about pato? How many goals did pato score in all competitions when he was 18? 9, how many goals did bojan score in all competitions when he was 18? 10. So what the fuck are you talking about? Who was the best player in the world that barca produced before messi? None nobody zilch zip zero. We produced messi. So because we never produced a cf before we will never prodcuce one? We have a system of nuturing our talent. See iniesta xavi messi guardiola valdes puyol sergi, not loaning them out. You cant name one barca star player that has left on loan and come back better. Unless you want to loan bojan to man utd or arsenal lol, i dont see how loaning him will get him any better.

MBB said...

With 35m to spend this year there is no way the names that Insider is quoting can be realistically sought. Bojan must be a player that willo be tossed in to reduce a major transfer fee. Since I have read Valencia is not interested then why noy ATM in a deal with Aguero. The loan would be WITH the option to buy. Theoretically the tranfer fee for Aguero would be much lower and I thought I read he would be open to an ATM move. But again that could be just rumors Ive read. There have been a few of those this year!!!!!

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