Saturday, 20 June 2009

Poll Result: Favourite Real Madrid Dutchman

This is the result of this blog's Real Madrid is reportedly putting their Dutch players for sale. Which one would you like to see at Barcelona? poll:

1. None 30%
2. Robben 23%
3. Sneijder 21%
4. Huntelaar 8%
5. Van Nistelrooij 7%
6. Van der Vaart 7%
7. Drenthe 3%


2PAC said...

why does drentje only have 3%,i mean we could use a left beck,and we dont need sneijder,huntelar,rvn,vdv
i think that drebthe would be nice

downcast97 said...

FCB do not need players from Real Madrid. besides all the Dutchmen are not suitable for barca style. Drenthe is a half player

Ono said...

I don't agree that Dutch players are not suitable for Barca style. They are all technicly phenomenal (especially the ones from Ajax academy) do they would have no problem adapting to our style.
As I said, buying vdVaart would be a good move considering that we have a tough season ahead and Xaxi and Iniesta will need some rest.

Areign said...

rofl downcast wtf?? you do realize that until recently barcelona was holland in spain. our style is based on the dutch it was given to us by THE dutchman and there had always been dutch players on the team until recently. i for one think that a dutch player would be phenomenal, but were shopping at the wrong store here. we need a left winger and a dutch winger would be perfect, but robben has too much injury+ego . persie would be good though imo.

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