Monday, 15 June 2009

Negotiations with Valencia on Villa ongoing

Madrid sports tabloid Marca claims that Barcelona has made a bid of 50 million euro for Valencia forward and Spanish international David Villa (27).

More concrete, the bid of Barcelona would consist of 40 million euro cash plus incentives plus the loan of Barcelona players Martín Cáceres (21) and Bojan Krkic (18).

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona made a bid of 35 million euro while Valencia is asking 45 million euro. Barcelona and Valencia officials reportedly negotiated the whole weekend by phone after the talks between Valencia and Real Madrid were cancelled (read more here).

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Je me'apelle Samuel said...

Is it just me or does any1 else think we should be addressing our height on the front lines... I don't question his skill upfront just that we already have plenty of skill between messi/eto/henry... I would've like to see Dzeko, but thats just me

skanjos said...

noooooo bojan should stay ,give them caceres and pedro or guddy

Marws said...

50 mill? Too much :(
Bojan Krkic OUT ON LOAN?! No way dude.

Villa -> Barca + Barca -> Eto'o :D

Engineer said...

Loaning out Bojan if we're not getting anyone else for the left wing would mean we'd have an even thinner squad than last season.

I don't think we should include him, rather Jeffren or Pedro.. but I suppose they wouldn't be as interested in any of those two.

Marws said...

@My name is Samuel

Dzeko no way. He has shown that he is good in the german league. We need a star-striker if Eto'o leaves. We beat Bayern Munich, one of the best german teams with 4-0 easily.

Engineer said...

Oh, and everyone who's dreaming of Dzeko - you can pretty much forget about that, Milan are in negotiations with him and as far as I know, they are his childhood dream team.

(I'm not sure if this is an un-edited picture, but I believe it is.)

jordy said...

bid that kind of money to liverpool for torres

Je me'apelle Samuel said...

yea no joke... I would swap henry+eto+hleb+guddy+VV+20mil for Torres... how could they say no?

Carrer de Corsega said...

I am not really keen on letting Bojan go. This idea of Bojan being included in the deal is Real Madrid's fault, too. They are distorting and inflating the market in other ways. They are offering Negredo, so Valencia expects Bojan, if anyone is to be loaned out by Barcelona.

But if Bojan is to leave anywhere, I would not mind Valencia at all.

rory said...

why not a loan of bojan? assuming gai's passport gets delivered, let him poach the 20 or 30 games bojan would have played. Or perhaps Pedro. or iniesta moves to LW more and Keita plays more often. or maybe Hleb needed a year to adjust like Henry did.

Instead, if bojan goes to valencia, he gets 50 games @ a quality team playing in la liga. if he's good, he's ours back. if he ain't that good...better to know and have villa than know and not have villa.

Marws said...

We can't let Bojan go! If we let Bojan go we will need another CF. Amagine if Eto'o leavs and Villa comes to Barca. If Villa gets injured, who will play as CF when he is gone? The answer is Bojan and Henry. Thats also why we need another LW, so that Iniesta doesn't have to play as LW whenever Henry is gone.

Also Bojan wants too stay. If we buy Villa Bojan will not be a part of that deal.

Anonymous said...

Iniesta is brilliant on the left wing, and it also gives Yaya the opportunity to play a more advanced role in Iniesta's CM position and Busquets on the DM. I really like it when Yaya gets the chance to use his shooting and technique more.

thanhdinh_421 said...

35 m + caceres = Villa.Villa and Ribery that's what we want.They are the best for Barca.

thanhdinh_421 said...

35 m + caceres = Villa.Villa and Ribery that's what we want.They are the best for Barca.

FCB said...

barca has made a bid for 40Millon £ plus bojan an caseres on loan.
valecia is going to accept.

FCB said...

sorry wrong link.
this is the right one

Athul said...

50Million is beyond what we would pay.That sounds more like a gaylactico buy.

If Valencia doesnt drop the price, we should consider Benzema as well.

jordy said...

like i said he's too expensive for his age. if he still was 25 i would go for it.

Torres is a much better option
and i would like bojan to be his back up.torres is a bit fragile so that means more minutes for bojan. He doesn't 'need' to play ALWAYS like samuel does. he has pace, strength, good header and technically better than samuel. Also a hard worker!
Eto'o, hleb and 20m
30 at most

Eto'o staying is also fine to me :)
he has less qualities than torres or zlatan but samuel has smth wich makes him priceless. he always deliveres on the big moments. If he needs to go, torres otherwise keep him!

Don Luis said...

For Valencia its a win win. Having Caceres will improve their defense a lot. Bojan on attack will be great. Silva+ Krkric+ Mata.

But Laporta better not include a buy option...
If Bojan plays really good, we might see him in Africa with La Furia Roja!

Oh plus they getting European Football....

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