Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Agent Frey dismisses Barcelona interest

Italian television channel Sky claims that Barcelona is interested in Fiorentina goalkeeper Sébastien Frey (29).

Barcelona reportedly could try to include Barcelona central defender and Mexican international Rafael Márquez (30) in a bid for the French goalkeeper, which would make Fiorentina willing to accept an offer. Italian sports paper La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that Barcelona might offer 12 million euro° plus Márquez.

Asked about the rumours linking Frey to Barcelona, the player's agent Carlo Pallavicino has nevertheless said in an interview with Tuscany regional newspaper Il Giornale della Toscana that the goalkeeper will continue at Fiorentina: "You always have that kind of rumours this time of the year, linking players to the big clubs. But I'm willing to bet that Frey, Mutu and Felipe Melo will not leave Firenze. Barcelona? I repeat: Seba won't move."

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pep said...

12 million euro =

16,5 million us dollar
10 million british pound

Manzo said...

Whats it with Barca chasing Average Players? I mean if we gonna chase average players... Why dont we just promote?

TengkuAmir10 said...

Its either asenjo or valdes .this guy is not worth the money.12 mil plus marquez is crazy.if it was 12 mil plus marquez for cech or buffon then that would be OK.

Faisal said...

Get Asenjo

OLALEKAN said...

this is total rubish,its either we renew valdes or get asenjo.PERIOD!. and guys i read somthing in now,the claim xavi torres as signed for malaga.pls is this true?

sashi said...

12 mil + Marquez??? wats wrong wit the administration? txiki n Laporta???

Anonymous said...


Bogman said...

I say it often and I say it again: this is news produced by a paper. A paper! They create rumors to sell numbers. The Marquez + 12M euro is bogus. A straight swap would even be a bad transaction for Barca considering the Asenjo option. But, Frey is a hell of a good keeper and I would love to have him replace Valdes if he does'nt renew and Asenjo is out of reach. I have been following him for many years now, first with Parma and now with Fiorentina and he is a very good alternative. A bit taller than Valdes and still good on one on ones! He is like a slightly less gracious Buffon!

barca4life said...

Reina is an option as well. I dont want frey in any case. Reina or Asenjo.

James said...

It's funny because Fiorentina has been trying really hard to sign Asenjo.

Iniestar said...


FC Barcelona to give younger reserve keepers a chance following Valdes contract talks breakdown:

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