Friday, 19 June 2009

Talks in Portugal on Bruno Alves

Portuguese sports paper Record claims that a representative of Barcelona was in Porto yesterday to hold talks on the transfer of Porto central defender and Portuguese international Bruno Alves (27).

Bruno Alves, who was on holiday in the Algarve region in the south of Portugal, would have decided to return to the city of Porto, in the north of the country, where he is expected to arrive today.

Porto would be organizing a bid race for the defender who will certainly leave the club this summer. The club reportedly received several offers but is waiting for a bid of at least 25 million euro° to close the deal. Barcelona would be leading the race while Chelsea is also said to be seriously interested.

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pep said...

25 million euro =

35 million us dollar
21 million british pound

Anonymous said...

horrific price!

fcbee said...

If you have only 30-35 to spend, it would be crazy to go that far for a player you don't really need. Then I would rather take the "risk" of promoting Botia or even Muniesa.

KluivertsBoots said...

Anything over 20m is too much for a center back unless it is one of the true elites or possibly a great young prospect.

We could get somebody like Christian Zapata for less.

skanjos said...

27 year old cb for 25mil while we have only 30mil to spend.... madness ,promoting muniesa or botia is a better choice

sashi said...

pathetic! i hope the news in the papers are total rumours!

R10FCB said...

25 mill? as i hear more and more about these rumours i start to think the whole stories about barca only having 30 mill is a cover up. i seriously cant see barca blowing their whole transfer budget on one player, let alone a defender.
who knows we might actually make a 70 mill bid for ibra or ribery out of nowhere and surprise everyone. i hope.

James said...

If we make a 70m bid for Ibra or Ribery that's the day I stop supporting Barcelona. It's not because I'm against the philosophy of spending money, but wasting money like that would be the first step to the decline of our club. Anyone who's followed Laporta's era at Barcelona knows it was fiscal responsibility that pulled us out of the abyss that was the Gaspart era. These 70 million prices are just rubbish coming from agents and you have little reason to believe it. I'd be very surprised if any other player cost 45 million or more this transfer window. That is...not counting Madrid who are liable to make any bizarre bid.

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