Friday, 19 June 2009

Deadline for Toure renewal next week

Asked about the contract renewal of Barcelona defensive midfielder and Ivorian international Yaya Touré (26) (read more here), the player's agent Dmitri Seluk has repeated in an interview with Catalan radio station Ona FM that the coming week is decisive:

"Barça is optimistic about resolving this case and I think we're on the verge of being able to sign a deal. But it's clear that next week is the deadline: then a new deal wil be signed or not signed. There are a lot of clubs interested in Touré but none of them interests us... He can in fact only play for eight teams, three in Italy, three in England and two in Spain."

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skanjos said...

wow thats a bold move for his agent to say that the player can play in real.....if we gave valdes 6million pounds a year i dont think we will have a problem with toure

RUMS said...

He mean that toure can only play for the best.

However much we dislike Real , Real is without a doubt one of the strongest around.

Of course, i dont see how toure cant sign anything since he is easily one of the best , if not the best around.

the dreamer said...

sign him for god sake

buj said...

I'm sure in the end he'll get 4-5mil as do Xavi last year as we won't be able to get any worthwhile replacement this time around, thanks to Perez. And so do I think with Eto'o.

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