Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Quiz Time: Give Sashi A Hand

guys, I am preparing a quiz in my company with sports as the theme and I wanted to dedicate a couple of questions to Barca :)

so can anyone help me out with two questions which are really tough and are near impossible to google? thanx guys.

even though they are google-able, let it be hard. thanx again, sashi.


inieeeeeeeeeeesta said...

what incident did happen that caused maradona to leave barça?

(cup final against bilbao)

sashi said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... PEP..... u are amazing man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u soooooooo much!!!!!!!!

Maxi said...

What was the purchase of Johan Crjiff labeled under for the goverment so expensive a buy was he.

(Ans a pice of agriculteral machinery)

sashi said...

am plannning to make it 10 questions for BARCA... :) thanx a lot guys.

Amir said...

wowwwwwwwww pep very impressive!!

groga said...

Not really a hard one, but still: which two players bought Barcelona from Juventus in 2006?

(Thuram and Zambrotta)

JC said...

Which Barca player scored the 33rd league goal this season?

groga said...

Which two players joined Barcelona for free in 2005?

(van bommel and ezquerro)

groga said...

Who is the last Dutch player who played for Barcelona?

(van bronckhorst)

Sid said...

Whio scroed the 100th goal this season?

Richard Richard said...

Which Croatian club decided not to take an anonymous young Brazilian player, and who later had a dream career in Barça? And which player was it?

(Dinamo Zagreb decided not to sign Rivaldo) :)

fcbee said...

Give the four names of the players who scored for Barcelona in the three champions league finals the club has won until this very moment.

Koeman, Eto'o (twice), Belletti, Messi

Ondra said...

What was the most expensive buy of Barcelona ever? Marc Overmars (Arsenal - FC Barcelona)
Relatively easily googlable, but if you put Dinho, Maradona and Rivaldo together as possibilities...

groga said...

How many former youth players started the last CL final?

(7: Valdes, Puyol, Pique, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi)

They can google the line-up easily but then they still don't know who's a former youth player, to google all that would cost them more time... ;)

Bram said...

Sashi, I hope your colleagues don't find the link to this blog when googeling. They'll have all the answers straight away :)

Sune said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sune said...

What was the name of the hotel in which the player revolt against president Nuñez took place in 1988?

(answer Hesperia)

NouBarca said...

this is more than just a blog. I am impressed!!!

Q-Who did Thierry Henry name as the best player for Barca when we beat Arsenal in 2206 final?

A- Larson!!!

he was answering questions after the game, he said R10 was nothing special..lol

Ben said...

What Barcelona coach guided Barca to the most victories at Santiago Bernabeu against Real Madrid and how many ? Rijkard, twice.

SJP said...

Who, and what nationality was the founder of barcelona?

What was name of Barca's previous stadium?

Amar said...

who scored the 5000th goal for fc barcelona?

(the next ballon d'or)

skanjos said...

one is the best question: what label was the whiskey that barca fans threw to figo in classico heehee

SimonP said...

Joan Gamper, Swiss, Cortes.

How many swedish players have represented Barcelona?

(2, Patrik Andersson, Henrik Larsson)

Snyde said...

You work for PT?

How about some tips for CAT?? :D

LeónDragón said...

who scored the most goals at one game for barca?
(kubala, 7 goals)(nearly impossible to find)
why blaugrana and fcb?
(gamper in memory of fc basel)
who promised 30 goals and scored the 30th at the last game?
who's alltime-leading-goalscorer?and how many?
(alcantara, 356)
for what prize was maradona bought?
(8 million dollars)
who wanted maradona to stay and gave him a blanco-cheque to put a number on it?
which player who also played for barca was never booked by the ref?
who was first president of barca and who captain?
(pres. walter wild, cap. gamper)
where did barca played their first games ever?
(Velódromo de la Bonanova)
which barca president was executed by francos regime?
(josep sunyol)
what was the name of the first fanclub and when?
(penya, 1944)
what's the name of the first spanish stadium with floodlight?
(barcelonas 2nd stadium - La Escopidora)
...would tell you more, but can't find my barca-book

another ones...
why are the colors of boca juniors blue-yellow?
(the founders couldn't find a compromise of the colors, so they decided to go to the port and wait for the first ship and take the colors from it's flag...it was a ship from sweden)
which english player,who's today an actor, released a video with his badest fouls and had the nickname the butcher?
(vinnie jones, known from "snatch",etc.)
etc,etc,etc...hope it's a little useful, could give you so many, but get tired from tipping, have fun!!!

LeónDragón said...

why had rijkaard the nickname "lama" as a player?
(for spitting on völler during a wc)
why wanted van gaal, in a nike spot, some players (figo,guardiola,davids,thuram,
bierhoff,etc.) to steal a ball?
("because it's rounder", as he says in the clip)
who's first contract with barca was signed on a table napkin, after he improved at a probational-training?

kamikaze kontiki said...

Why are Barça fans called cules ?
(An old favourite, probably available on wiki)

Which was the first official team in Catalunya ?
Palamos CF (1898

What was Barça founder Joan Gamper's original name ?
Hans Gamper

Socio Member No 108 000 is ?
The Pope

hieifcb said...

I swear i left a comment! where the hell did it go? :S

now i have to think again what i said? i had like 4 questions.

Q: Which player signed for Barca in the 1950s never played one single game and then went to Madrid?
A: Alfredo Di Stefano

dnt remember other questions.. sorry

Iniestar said...


Minor correction, I think Joan Gamper's first name was actually Hans-Max. Catalan wikipedia confirms...;)

sashi said...

lol bram :) and guys, dont forget to put the answer for ur question too :D

sashi said...

great response guys! thanx a lot to alll of u n especiallly to PEP. im waiting for Pep to reply something but he isn't :( am almost like a fan waiting for his celebrity to reply something :D

Anurag said...

who scored barcelona's 5000th goal of all time?

ans - lio

Marc4barca said...

which barcelona fan on pep's blog always get predictions wrong?


kamikaze kontiki said...

thanks for the correction Iniestar

Leóndragón said...

why is dinho's nickname "gaucho"?
(that's the nickname of the people from porto alegre, where dinho was born and raised)

Ba-Beka said...

Who replaced Ronaldos (9) , after he left for Inter ?

Meho Kodro from Tenerife ...

sashi said...

lol M4B :)

Anonymous said...

is that your photo on the main page?

Knives Out said...

Really liked the questions put in by Kami.. really neat stuff. Loved the one about the Pope.

pep said...

What do you want me to say, Sashi? Any suggestions?

And I refuse to be a celebrity!!!

P.S. Let me know if I should delete this post when you think there's a danger your quiz guys could google this page like Bram said.

sashi said...

ya sure Pep. but i don want u to delete this :( let it be in the archives. in my memory or something :) and tats definitely NOT ME :)

and i wanted u to say something :) this was enuf :)

pep said...

You're welcome. And no deleting!

Oh yeah, to set the record straight: that's not Sashi on the pic but his father. Sashi is the latest member of a well-known and respected family of quizmasters.

kamikaze kontiki said...

You are kidding ?

Really ?

Where are you based Sashi ?

sashi said...

he he :) Pep is really gud at making a joke sound serious :) and tat photo has nothing to do wit me :) im from India, working in Hyderabad.

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