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[2008] Deal with Arsenal on Adebayor

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Madrid sports tabloid Marca claims that Barcelona and Arsenal have closed a deal on the transfer of Arsenal forward and Togo international Emmanuel Adebayor (24).

With Barcelona initially offering 25 million euro and Arsenal asking 30 million, the transfer fee would in the end be 27 million euro°.
Arsenal has asked Barcelona not to make the deal public until the club has found a substitute for Adebayor.

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that the negotiations with Arsenal are still ongoing with the highest discretion. Adebayor wants to join Barcelona and the pressure of the player on the English Premier League club could be decisive.

Adebayor would be the absolute favourite of new Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola. Tottenham forward Dimitar Berbatov and Stuttgart forward Mario Gómez would be the alternatives in case the transfer of Adebayor wouldn't go through.

Asked about the rumours linking him with a summer move to Barcelona, Adebayor didn't want to enter the issue in a telephone reaction to Catalan sports paper Sport, who claims Barcelona has made a final offer of 29 million euro: "I don't want to pronounce on anything regarding FC Barcelona. Maybe this could be needed later on, but for now it's not. It's better to wait."

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

27 million euro =
43 million us dollar
22 million british pound

jahjah2001 said...

classic center forward great goal scorer,but is he suited to the barca game?time will tell.

VIVA BARCA!!!!!!!!

tudor said...

I do not like him...I do not want to see him in Barca shirt...he is so selfish player who is looking only on himself....he scores fantastic goals but misses shots that nobody would miss....I hope this is not thrue

Anonymous said...

those rubbish are barca board mad or i am mad. sellin etoo for that price and replacin it with adebayor thats ridiciolous. shit. And by the way when i said that deco is goint to be sold for so cheap people complained, so i guess barca board listened at my idea and they are asking for 20 miillions. thats way to goo.

Visca el barca

Anonymous said...

why to sell eto, he is so fucking good scorer and adebayor is shit but hope that eto will stay

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what they see in this guy. I would much rather see Mario Gomez in the Barca-shirt.

Anonymous said...

For 27m I wll play better than Ade!! THIS IS MADNESS!! Eto'o to be replaced by Ade! Something is wrong here! I dont think that FCB board is doing right choise! I HOPE THIS IS JUST A FALSE STATEMANT!!

Anonymous said...

hey Pep does anybody know roughly what the new Barcelona 08/09 home kit looks like yet....Also is there any word on if we are still trying to get Silva??

Thanks Pep!

Anonymous said...

problems with eto'o? adeboyor is even more selfish..And eto'o is the better player. without messi we would not even play for CL with this squad. disastrous. I don't like guardiola anymore..

pep said...

Home kit: will probably be presented together with the first official presentation of a transfered player next week.

Away kit: will be deep yellow ( look here: )

Silva: the option is apparently dropping back.

Anonymous said...

Barca and AC Milan: Both teams coming off a bad season. Both teams with scouts that would be able to review many hours of any player. Both pick Adebayor as the striker that would give them a better chance of success next season!!

I am interested to know just how much anybody here who critics him has seen actually seen of/know him. Also, how anybody can say that he is 'selfish'? On the field, he plays with one of the best passing teams around, he has an eye for goal and, despite his height, has good pace and techincal ability --All things that Barca wants. Off the field, I have not had any solid proof that he is anything less that a professional.

Kxevin said...

I watched Arsenal a lot last season. Adebayor wins the personality sweepstakes over Eto'o all day. He's just as fast, has a much better first touch and is strong as a bull. His technical abilities are superior to Eto'o as well. He also has a good head, and with the crosses that will be coming the way of a striker in our system, this is good.

Now, I think that the number we paid, if there is in fact a deal, is a bit excessive. But in the context of salaries in general, it's about right.

Every striker in the world misses howlers. Even with the crap feeds Adebayor often got, he was making a lot of his own work and still scoring goals. He'll be exceptional in our system. Recall Kanoute? Adebayor should be better.

As the poster before me said, don't believe everything someone else says, and don't let loyalty or fondness for Eto'o blind you to better options. We're selling Eto'o because he's toxic in our clubhouse. Great striker, very talented, but toxic. That Nou Camp tantrum sealed his exit.

It's a good signing, I think.

one year ago, readers said...

Anonymous said...

I would have to respectfully disagree with my colleagues. First Adebayor is not worth 27-29 million. He doesn't have the kind of skill and quality to deserve such a price. He's off target at least 7/10 times. I don't think there was a player in the EPL last season who had a worse shot to goal scoring ratio than him. As many opportunities as he misses you can be sure that Eto'o would finish at least have of them. The talent gap between him and Eto'o is a world apart! Eto'o is much more precise, while Adebayor closes his eyes and just winds up his right leg and blasts it away as hard as he can hoping it will find the back of the net. And to say Adebayor has pace? he is nowehere near as "smooth" as Eto'o! Ade takes poor angles on balls, as I mentioned before has absolutely no left foot, can't dribble, and most of the time just knocks people over once he gets inside the 18. He has terrible footwork and looks clumsy most of the times. He is not a pretty sight to watch. Trust me once the fans get a taste of Adebayor on the pitch they'll be begging for Eto'o's return! Eto'o's a professional, a sniper, all he needs is one opportunity, one shot, one kill. Adebayor's a butcher, hacking his way, making a mess of it all.

Kxevin said...

You betcha.

Kxevin said...

Something else: Adebayor had 30 goals in 48 appearances for Arsenal last season, with a shots to goals ratio almost the same as one C. Ronaldo.

Without question, if there is a deal, he is overpriced. But terrible footwork and clumsy inside the 18-yard-box? Speaking as one who watched almost every Arsenal match that was televised last season....that one just doesn't hold up.

You'd have to believe that the same team that has signed and nurtured such quality has suddenly gone off its rocker and decided to sign a shite EPL hack. It's fine to be a fan of Eto'o. We all are. Any Barca lover is. But Adebayor is the goods. In an offense that can get Gudjohnsen goals, Adebayor will be a deity.

V-Lo said...

I myself am content with Hleb and Adebayor coming to Barca,
I do believe that Adebayor is the best choice for the limited
shortlist of strikers available, being in England, and watching
Adebayor a fair bit, he seems agile, has height, quick feet and
I think will be a big hit, he has huge intensity, and if injury
free, I am nearly positive that Adebayor will hit 20 goals if not more.

Barcelona's weaknesses in options came up against Man Utd, in that
when Barca run out of ways to break defenses poetically, they find it hard to scrape goals through set pieces or headers, Adebayor is
one step in correcting this.

one year ago, readers said...

Anonymous said...

My intent wasn't to make the comparison with Eto'o with the preference that he should remain with Barcelona. Rather I was offering my opinion that I don't see how Adebayor could be consider a BETTER alternative to Eto'o. Sure he may bring an added element and different demention to the table. But can one honestly say that by replacing Adebayor for Eto'o (soley based on performance on the pitch) that is an upgrade for the club? I just don't see it. That's just my own personal opinion. Nothing personal against Adebayor he's a fine player.

Anonymous said...

You're being idiotic if you think we shouldn't cash in on Eto'o. Jesus, injury-prone, childish and not good for the team.

Adebayor will bring the aerial ability we need for the crossing game Pep will invoke. He was excellent last year, even though him and his young team tired toward the end. He's a better choice than Berb and bloody Gomez is not gonna be that good at all. Get over it, Eto'o should go, and need a big scorer in.

Adebayor could be it, despite an INEVITABLE over-pricing, do you think that the top striker are found in the bargain bins at Woolies, or what? I'd be more concerned if they wanted to let him go cheaply, he's obviously valued by a very good team in Arsenal, and a wise coach like Wenger.

Kxevin said...

I'll take that, Anonymous no. 14. I think that Adebayor is an upgrade mostly because of his proven ability to score against Premiership sides. If we're going to return to European glory, it seems that we're going to need that.

What makes Adebayor an upgrade for me is his size, strength and better control at the first touch.

But who knows?

Anonymous said...

Who's being idiotic?!...I NEVER said Barcelona should hold onto Eto'o! Where in my comments have I said that?! All I said is that I QUESTIONED wether Adebayor would be a suitable upgrade for Eto'o! I also think Eto'o should leave, he's certainly run his course with the club. Some of you seem to think Adebayor will fill in just fine. That's great! Everyone's entitled to their opinions. I seem to think otherwise and I hope Adebayor proves me wrong. I mean it's like if you have a dissenting view or opinion on here everyone's out to cut your balls off!

Kxevin said...

Hey, I don't want anyone's testicles. I have my own. Sorry if I offended.

Anonymous said...

When bringing in a new coach with a new system, you shouldnt think in terms of whether Ade is an "upgrade" over Eto'o. Think of it as we have to get rid of Eto'o because of his toxicity to the Barca team attitude, and consider that Adebayor is wonderfully skilled on the ball and brings in qualities Pep is looking for in his #9. Few strikers have the touch and ability to crack it as a Barca striker (Henry being an example of someone who can't), so getting someone like Adebayor who has those qualities is a no-brainer awesome move for us. COME ON BARCA!

Anonymous said...

I live in London, my house mate is an Arsenal fan. So, I watch adebayor alot. He is ok. I wldnt call him "proven striker" he has had just one good season!! Samuel has had so not saying dnt sell Samuel, but replacing him with Ade is "rude" Ade slapped his team mate, cos he thinks hes a bigger boy. So Ade is no Saint. He has attitude as well and by the time he has established himself like Samuel, who knows, might slap Pep Guardiola himself! Berbetov has had 2 good seasons, so he proven and post no.22 said henry cant do it the barca way, bring ade and play him on the left wing and lets all watch him do it the barca way.. Titi is a centre dnt judge him for frank's fault. Ade is jst an "ok striker"

NouBarca said...

The last post was mine. Now you all have to thank me for advicing pep.G. Henry had a wow season, so did Sammu. Ade had his typical season. HAHAHHAHa

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